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  1. I believe there is two set of beepers. One at the front of the car and one at the rear which might explain why it sounds quieter
  2. It’ll probably have softer suspension and a less efficient engine. I’d love to hear about the difference
  3. When I first got my 2.0 in the summer the engine would rarely charge the battery and the battery would stay at 3-4 bars. I originally thought there was a fault with the car as my current Prius and the Auris Hybrid I had before would always charge to 2 bars below maximum when the engine is on. Now that it’s become colder things have become more interesting. The engine stays on more now and as a result the battery charges much more and I quite often see 2-3 below maximum. Sometimes the engine will stay on at 1000rpm, drives on electric only and it won’t charge the battery so I’m guessing this is for cabin heat or to heat engine components. Sometimes though the engine will stay at 1400ish rpm, and this is when the battery charges.
  4. Look to the lower right hand side assuming it’s a RHD model and you’ll find a switch that activates the auto high beam function
  5. I believe that the adaptive high beam function is only for certain markets and not the UK. Just for reference it’s completely different to the auto high beam function Im not sure how the beam pattern changes but I think it’s the same set up as the Prius Plug-in which strangely does have it in the UK
  6. Anyone notice if the battery charges on the motorway? On a long drive at 70mph I’m barely getting 50 mpg. Does this sound normal?
  7. Hi, I’ve fitted a Blackvue dashcan to my Corolla as it’s discreet and doesn’t need to be removed every time you leave the car. The fuse I use is the 12v cigarette lighter as it’ll only remain live when the ignition is on. The diagram is under the fuse box cover.
  8. It’s some type of electronic system but I’m sure someone will be along shortly with a more technical answer. Just imagine though it were run by the engine it would never switch off especially in really hot climates.
  9. Thank you for your response. I have driven for almost an hour on the motorway and it doesn’t recharge the battery at all and it stays at the same level it were before I joined the motorway. Usually I join with just 3-4 bars and when I exit the motorway it’s exactly the same. Is this unusual?
  10. Hi Sundodger, welcome to the 2.0 Corolla world. Just a quick question I asked a few weeks ago: does you battery charge via the engine when driving on the motorway or does it stay about the same? I know the battery will usually go up to two bars below maximum but mine doesn’t appear to charge at all except for when braking.
  11. I’m having a problem with a iPhone X using Spotify via the Bluetooth connection. I have the JBL sound upgrade and I’m finding the tweeters (windscreen pillar) are switching on and off at random when playing music from Spotify. This is noticeable by the higher frequencies of the music appearing and disappearing at random for a few seconds many times a minute. This happens both when the car is stationary or driving. Anyone else found this?
  12. No I haven’t but I have sometimes found they seem to be a bit slow in reacting. For example I would pull up alongside a obstacle but they only go off once I start moving again away from the obstacle?
  13. Hi, I have the 2.0 Excel with the JBL sound upgrade and have noticed a potential problem with the sound when sending music from my phone using Spotify via Bluetooth. What I found is that the tweeters (located in the windscreen frame) appears to switch on and off at random resulting in a uneven sound? This can be heard as the trebles of the sound disappear then cut back in at random whether parked up or driving. Has anyone else noticed this? I can’t seem to find the issue using DAB or FM but the sound is more compressed when using these sources so may be harder to notice.
  14. Yes mine acts like you explained except it doesn’t charge on the motorway at all. Maybe the 2.0 is different, anyone?
  15. Thanks for the reply AndrueC. I had a Prius and Auris before and both of them would charge the battery on a motorway to two bars below full which is fine. The 2.0 however never appears to charge it at all, even after an hour of motorway work. Is this unusual? My MPG is around 50-60 which seems ok but it’s seems to work a lot different to the 1.8 Prius and Auris