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  1. No I haven’t but I have sometimes found they seem to be a bit slow in reacting. For example I would pull up alongside a obstacle but they only go off once I start moving again away from the obstacle?
  2. Hi, I have the 2.0 Excel with the JBL sound upgrade and have noticed a potential problem with the sound when sending music from my phone using Spotify via Bluetooth. What I found is that the tweeters (located in the windscreen frame) appears to switch on and off at random resulting in a uneven sound? This can be heard as the trebles of the sound disappear then cut back in at random whether parked up or driving. Has anyone else noticed this? I can’t seem to find the issue using DAB or FM but the sound is more compressed when using these sources so may be harder to notice.
  3. Yes mine acts like you explained except it doesn’t charge on the motorway at all. Maybe the 2.0 is different, anyone?
  4. Thanks for the reply AndrueC. I had a Prius and Auris before and both of them would charge the battery on a motorway to two bars below full which is fine. The 2.0 however never appears to charge it at all, even after an hour of motorway work. Is this unusual? My MPG is around 50-60 which seems ok but it’s seems to work a lot different to the 1.8 Prius and Auris
  5. I’ve noticed that the 2.0 engine rarely charges the battery though regen braking is quite quick at recharging. Have other people found this? I can spend half an hour on the motorway and the battery doesn’t charge at all
  6. Ahh of course I didnt think that through. The fuse for the dome lights will be permanently on and it’s a “timer” between the fuse and lights which prevent the battery from going flat etc. The best way is to connect it directly to the dome lights then run the wire along the top of the windscreen/headlining then down the door seals into the footwells. I hid my wires in the same way when installing my dash cam
  7. I’m guessing you mean the 2019 Corolla? The fuse box is under the glovebox on RHD cars. I have hooked up a dash cam setup to my car and I use the 12v accessory fuse. Look at the fuse box cover and you’ll see a diagram. I think it’s the very top or bottom fuse. The reason I used this fuse is that it switches on and off with the ignition.
  8. Totally agree. I think the public will move towards plug-in hybrids then ultimately hydrogen. Yes there is a market for full EVs but I can’t see it being the most popular choice
  9. Absolutely right. It doesn’t matter how small, light or power dense the batteries become, it’ll still need the same amount of power to move almost 2 tons of car for 400 miles which will then need to be recharged again quickly. Therefore like I’ve said before, hydrogen is the only sensible solution for the masses.
  10. It works by sensing resistance on the steering wheel.
  11. Hi, a couple of weeks ago I picked up a Corolla 2.0 Excel and I have noticed something different about the EV battery setup. In a Prius and Auris 1.8 the battery will charge on the motorway until it’s 2 bars from top which is “full”. However the 2.0 Corolla doesn’t seem to charge at all once it’s got to just 3 bars full even though it says it providing energy to the battery. It I have noticed it’s much quicker to recover energy when braking though. My MPG is between 50-60 which seems about right but I just want to know if anyone else has noticed this?
  12. Also the Prius has different hybrid software. For example I don’t believe the Yaris or Auris can go above 40mph on electric only whereas the Prius and Corolla can switch its engine off
  13. Like bewA said it’ll probably appear in the refresh. I reckon maybe 2021-22 on the Excel models in addition to standard leather seats so people who have it on finance will have a reason to upgrade to the newest model.
  14. Greg is right, 2.8 bar is far too high. That would certainly make the car feel unstable at speed and make the steering feel super light
  15. Bear with me here..... Do you remember compact fluorescent bulbs we had back in the 90s and 00s. They were ok but had lots of drawbacks like they take a while to “warm up”, they were quite large, full of mercury and it was very difficult to use a dimmer with them. They were introduced as they were “more environmentally friendly” using old technology. Basically quite a few drawbacks and they weren’t particularly popular. Then in 2010s the world was properly introduced to LEDs. These bulbs can easily replace traditional bulbs, were available in many colours, used less energy and lasted much longer. The only drawbacks was the high price though now they’re much more popular the price has plummeted and they’re absolutely everywhere. My point is that if the world was offered a genuine alternative to a traditionally powered car that could travel at least 300 miles per “tank” and only took 5 mins to fill up again the market would absolutely explode within 5 years.