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  1. You do realise that the traction battery will not charge, if required, when the gear selector is in N. I believe the owners manual discourages placing the car in N when stationary. Placing the car into P will still allow the engine to charge the battery. When the engine is charging the battery and the car is stationary move the gear selector to N and you’ll hear the difference.
  2. Toyota to share hybrid vehicle secrets for free https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47799998
  3. Done. My average MPG is around 65 and low 70s when warm
  4. The reason is that Prius cars are generally used in town where the speed is much lower. I suspect most Prius owners are taxi drivers or drivers who live within the congestion zone.
  5. Just a 2019 Prius Excel. I had to have the Excel but could only get the 17 inch wheels. Apparently the current Prius isn’t being built anymore and Toyota are preparing the (new) 2019 model with the larger touch screen etc but no date has been set for delivery.
  6. Opps of course. Mine is the 17inch not the 16 I quoted above. I tried to get the 15 inch wheels but there wasn’t any available. I find the Gen 4 is around 10% more economical, often more, than the Auris Hybrid I had before.
  7. This from my 2019 Prius with 16 inch wheels
  8. What wheels have you got? 15 or 16 inch?
  9. Personally I like the integration of the Toyota version. The interface is a little dated but driving around cities I find it very good. I personally don’t like thought of a bracket and wires (it’s a bit 2000s) However £700 is a fat load of money. Maybe the dealer could do you a deal and if you have it on finance it may be only a few quid extra per month
  10. Note the missing towing attachment cover. This would instantly put me off buying it as it’s very likely to have broken down at some point.
  11. It sounds like a warped brake disc to me. I haven’t noticed any vibration in the Auris Hybrid.
  12. I used the seat heater fuse which only becomes live when the ignition is on. At first I tried to use the fuse for the cigarette lighter but for some reason that was live all the time. Like Bob said, you can’t clip the white cover back on but it’s no problem at all.
  13. I think it’s also important to remember that there is many CPUs and sensors managing the hybrid system taking into account things like battery maintenance, air, battery and oil temperatures. Without knowing the parameters and programming it might be difficult to decide if there is a problem or not. It would be better if the system gave the user a little more information for people who wants it.
  14. I’ve not seen any interior pictures yet unless I’ve just missed them. For me the interior is important as that’s where you’ll spend most of your time.