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  1. Cjohnston1982

    Sat Nav installed by Toyota or use a TomTom (orphone!)

    Personally I like the integration of the Toyota version. The interface is a little dated but driving around cities I find it very good. I personally don’t like thought of a bracket and wires (it’s a bit 2000s) However £700 is a fat load of money. Maybe the dealer could do you a deal and if you have it on finance it may be only a few quid extra per month
  2. Cjohnston1982

    Possible Purchase

    Note the missing towing attachment cover. This would instantly put me off buying it as it’s very likely to have broken down at some point.
  3. Cjohnston1982

    2015 auris hybrid, vibration on break?

    It sounds like a warped brake disc to me. I haven’t noticed any vibration in the Auris Hybrid.
  4. Cjohnston1982

    dashcam wiring issue

    I used the seat heater fuse which only becomes live when the ignition is on. At first I tried to use the fuse for the cigarette lighter but for some reason that was live all the time. Like Bob said, you can’t clip the white cover back on but it’s no problem at all.
  5. Cjohnston1982

    Car wont go into EV mode when stopped

    I think it’s also important to remember that there is many CPUs and sensors managing the hybrid system taking into account things like battery maintenance, air, battery and oil temperatures. Without knowing the parameters and programming it might be difficult to decide if there is a problem or not. It would be better if the system gave the user a little more information for people who wants it.
  6. Cjohnston1982

    News about New Corolla HSD 2018/19 release in Europe ?

    I’ve not seen any interior pictures yet unless I’ve just missed them. For me the interior is important as that’s where you’ll spend most of your time.
  7. Cjohnston1982

    Hybrid system seems offline

    Do you use the a/c when it’s hot as the cooler air could help cool the battery? Just a thought I had.
  8. Cjohnston1982

    Auto gearbox

    I disagree with that. It is not wearing the clutch like holding the car on the hill using the clutch and engine revs.
  9. Cjohnston1982

    Auto gearbox

    My Aygo x-shift disengages the clutch whenever the car is stationary and the footbrake and/or handbrake is applied, maybe older models are the same. When I first got the car I’d always put the car into N for every single pause (following advise on forums) but would find sometimes it wouldn’t go back into D for a few seconds (flashing N) which can be unsettling in a line of traffic. The best way to test if the clutch disengages is to stop on a very slight uphill section with the car in D. Take your foot of the brake with the handbrake off and the car should stay where it is or slowly creep forward. Now gently lift the handbrake till the handbrake light comes on but not enough to stop and the car should roll back. If it does then the clutch is disengaged and you don’t need to select N every time for short periods. Finally never use the accelerator to hold the car on a hill. You’ll burn out the clutch out very quickly.
  10. Cjohnston1982

    radiator fan on max when a/c is on

    Yeah that’s normal. Most cars have a least two speeds for the engine/aircon fan. I wouldn’t worry
  11. Cjohnston1982

    Hard wiring a dash cam

    It’s all quite easy to be honest. Just double check the fuses is only live when the ignition is on as my fuse for the cigarette lighter was live all the time even if the socket itself wasn’t(?!) And don’t tuck wires in front of any side airbags
  12. Cjohnston1982

    Long stops in traffic- Best practice

    Getting back to the topic if you don’t mind. The engine will not charge the traction battery if the transmission is set to N. If the battery becomes too low an message will appear on the screen asking the driver to put the car into D or P I believe. If this is not done then the traction battery will become discharged to a point that it may become damaged. Secondly, the traction battery is not used to start the car up. It uses a 12v battery much like a normal car. I had a Nissan Leaf and that had a 12v battery to ‘start’ the car. If this becomes flat the car won’t start even if the traction battery is full.
  13. Cjohnston1982

    Long stops in traffic- Best practice

    Ok then maybe I should have mentioned I only do this at night in the city where it’s almost daylight with all the street lamps on. I would imagine most junctions that have traffic lights would be lit anyway and besides I’ll end up being blinded by the traffic light itself 🙂 I have more to say about knocking on car window, especially if it’s dark but we need to return to the topic.
  14. Cjohnston1982

    Long stops in traffic- Best practice

    The Aygo X-shift (semi-auto) deactivates the clutch when the handbrake is on, I really don’t understand why the Hybrid doesn’t do the same when the manual handbrake is used rather than leaving the electric motor to ‘fight’ with the handbrake. Anyway the Toyota handbook should have been clearer in what to do in stationary traffic and the implications of leaving the car on in N mode. Basically I use the foodbrake when at traffic lights and use the P button for longer waits.
  15. Cjohnston1982

    Long stops in traffic- Best practice

    Selecting N in a Toyota hybrid whilst stationary will slowly deplete the drive battery and wastes energy if the engine is on as the battery won’t be charged at all. It does state something about this in the manual. If the battery gets low you should get a message telling you to engage P mode so the battery can be recharged. If it gets too low it can damage the battery though this is rare. Stupidly if the manual parking brake is applied the electric motor will continue to push against it rather than deactivating. The best practise if waiting for a longish period is probably to engage P mode and maybe the manual handbrake as well.