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  1. I’m personally a bit miffed about the the new Mazda looking exactly the same as the Yaris. If Mazda want to use the platform, which is fine, at least change the bumpers, lights or something so it has its own identity. The 2014-2022 Aygo also uses the same platform as the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 but look different and have different equipment levels etc yet they are built in the same factory. A totally different car to most eyes but by doing this they can also appeal to different customers.
  2. When I had an Aygo a few years I did a little experiment. I parked on a slight hill, put the car into D and pull the handbrake slightly till the dashboard light came on and the car rolled back. Moving the handbrake down so the light went off and the car started to creep forward. I found the same with the footbrake though it’s harder to replicate.
  3. When the car is creeping in 1st it slips the clutch so therefore overheats. In heavy stop-start traffic It’s best to wait for a big-ish gap then press the accelerator. Also try putting it into gear ‘1’ if it keeps trying to change to 2nd and this will also reduce pressure on the clutch. I know this makes for somewhat jerky progress but helps keep the clutch cool. Having your handbrake or footbrake on in D I believe disengages the clutch.
  4. I have a dash cam piggybacked into ‘P/OUTLET NO.1 (15A)
  5. All my brand new Toyotas came with mats included. Once I had the protection pack and ended up with both the rubber mats fitted and the original mats in the boot. Also 10 miles sounds a tiny bit high for a brand new car. Mine only had about 2-3 miles on them. I’d fire an email to Toyota and complain about your experience
  6. I got this the other day in my Prius Plug-in. The best thing was the main traction battery was completely flat and the a/c was on for the entire 2.5 hour drive of mainly country lanes I tend to accelerate quite hard out of junctions/roundabouts etc but I brake gently to maximise energy back to the battery.
  7. North Wales SXS keep up the good work on YouTube. You’ve answered a lot of good questions about the Yaris https://youtube.com/c/paul01071968
  8. Excellent work again Grompix. It’s quite disappointing that the top of the range Excel model doesn’t have a wireless charging mat or the footwell LEDs you install on your previous post. Does the standard USB connection still charge the phone when using relatively power hungry applications like Apple or Google maps? I have been looking at wireless dongles for connecting my phone without having to plug in every time.
  9. Went for a drive in a 2021 Yaris Dynamic today and the seats are so much better than Design I drove a few weeks ago. I found the (non adjustable) lumber support of the seat wasn’t pushing into my lower spine as much which was causing me a lot of discomfort. Has anyone noticed this?
  10. What issues were you having with the climate control? Forgive me if I missed it from a previous post.
  11. Keep up the good work Grompix! Are you going to do the door handles next? I’m curious how easy that could be
  12. I found Platinum Toyota in Bath and RGG Toyota Bradford are particularly good.
  13. Mine has now arrive in Grimsby, UK. It seems to take a week then from factory to Grimsby
  14. I would love to mention the very good, good and even ‘adaquate’ dealers that I’ve experienced however like you suggested that would be a start of another topic 😁
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