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  1. Hi All I read somewhere here on the Auris Forum that there was no way to mute your music, well this might be old news but I discovered that if you press and hold the MODE button on the steering wheel, that mutes the sound. Phil
  2. Mr hybrid

    My Auris

    Inside and outside
  3. yes I will, so far so good...
  4. Hi Brothers and Sisters As I have mentioned I have bought a new Auris Hybrid, my question is I'm currently achieving 53mpg, can I expect that to improve over time? Thank you Phil
  5. Hello I've just bought a 2018 Auris Excel Hybrid, I had a Yaris hybrid before that. Regards Phil
  6. Hi I am a new proud owner of a Yaris 'excel' hybrid 2015, which I've had for just 2 days! I've driven hybrids before but never a 'full' version. Mr Hybrid
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