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  1. Have a Get a in and a few :meet: Soft drinks for the lite-weights Fancy dress theme: HAVE A GREAT DAY
  2. Interesting but would like to see the countless out-takes........... And there is something about the cans...........They look weighted and some of them may even be tethered on fishing wires............
  3. No doubt some dumb-***** will think they can put a supra engine in it or similar..................
  4. Ah, SOD the car...............boring tings!!! I wanna hear what the FGalklands are like? What ya do, what goes down there ete etc???
  5. You can simply call them all GT's but they all had Fuel Injected engines hence the GT-i bit.
  6. Much as we all adore the Yaris and Aygo............... Put the Supercar pix up - NOW!
  7. It is a stock head unit - have the same one in my car - It should play anything though - it's not a TDK thing. Might be worth upgrading if you wish. Get the alarm looked at - it shouldn't be doing that.
  8. FANTASTIC CAR mate. It's actually CHILLI RED - the only Red Toyota do for the Gen 7
  9. SUPRA = FANTASTIC AUTO = See this I cannot comment on as for one the only time I have ever driven an auto is reversing my Dad's car from the drive and that doesn't really count. Personally I can't imagine having to get used to not using my left hand on the gears all the time or moving my left foot on and off the clutch all the time. Must be a funny feeling getting used to it but hey I'd love to try an Auto with that sort of power - YES SIREEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  10. gordypix

    For Sale

    Anyone want these: CHUCK D - FIGHT THE POWER RAP, RACE & REALITY By Chuck D with Yusuf Jah. Foreword by SPIKE LEE Although you may think this is an autobiography it is more a collection of Chuck's personal philosophies. Spike Lee says: "His basic credo - there's right & wrong, good & evil, god & the devil - which side are you on? Consistent with the hard-hitting sounds of a Public Enemy jam, Chuck D addresses contemporary topics in an equally bold, brave and straightforward way - addressing controversial and popular issues including the role and responsibility of athletes, entertainers and celebrities; gangster-rap and the current state of rap music; education, community and economic development; black-jewish relationships." HARDBACK Edition of Chuck D's book. Given to me by Chuck D's manager at a Chuck D Gig in London. Never Read, so in perfect Condition. BUY-IT-NOW for £10 - FREE POSTAGE TO THE UK. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BLUNT - B-Boy Design T-Shirt Size - Large (Although it is designed for a snug fit) New & NEVER worn T-Shirt with a motif on the chest showing cartoon style Breakdance character. Large BLUNT Logo on Left Sleeve. BUY-IT-NOW Price of £10 - FREE POSTAGE TO THE UK. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VISIONS OF GOLF A book created by the ALLSPORT Agency who were the biggest Sports Agency in the World at the time and are now still the biggest as part of the GETTY family of imaging. This is a fantastic collection of GOLF photography from the best in the game of the best in the game. Published 1994 and personally given to me by the ALLSPORT Agency who I used to work alongside. EXCELLANT Condition - hardly touched as I had 2 copies. £15 including UK POSTAGE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PM me if you have any questions or for my paypal address if you wish to buy. Gordy.
  11. I photographed Shadow at Wembley Arena on Sept 9th 1997.
  12. £45 an hour - What the heck are you moaning for???????? London rates are £85 for Toyota and £105 for Lexus per hour.............
  13. It's only a game......... Did it affect my life? = NO! So ipso facto - I don't care. Of course it's nice to see your Birth country do well in anything like this, but it's not the end of the world.
  14. 1. Not sure if all dealers can deal with TRD but some certainly may have a contact - but the usual places are specialists like ENVY or FENSPORT or WHIFBITZ 2. They will come in standard un-finished form ready to be painted. 3. NO IDEA! For TRD try ENVY site (look in their forum on this site)
  15. Isn't Hills of Stortford nearer to you now???
  16. GAP Insurance is a policy that covers the difference between the value of a car if it is invloved in a mishap and the value of it when it was purchased. For example, someone hits you and are written off - their insurance company will only pay the current value of the car but if you have GAP then GAP will re-imburse you for the difference between that price and what you paid for it so you can then go and replace it with the same £££ you paid for it - probably allowing more for your money.
  17. 1. What wheel? 2. What discount? 3. GO GOLD HERE AND QUALIFY FOR DISCOUNTS!
  18. I'm NOT bothered Les..................... Can't make it this year due to work. Huge festival calls................
  19. He was on my doorstep also. I'm just down the road from J26. Incidentally the nearest dealer to him would have been HILLS of Bishop Stortford who are a great bunch. Hope all is sorted soon.
  20. I love the English when the Sun comes out............. TOO HOT! TOO HOT! The hottest it has ever been recorded in the UK is about 38.1 Celcius (100.2F). But when I was in Botswana last year, the Sun was behind clouds and it was still over 115 degrees. Nearly fainted more than once.............. But it is a totally different heat altogether. You don't sweat there like you do here, just rapidly de-hydrate and burn if the sun is out.
  21. Can anyone tell me where the bonnet release is????????? I always use my Main Toyota dealer for the Gen 7 - I have known them for years and they do a great job. I get nioce discounts through them too - and they sold me my Gen 5 nine years ago so to have me come back to them for another says something about how well they perform. But yeah, prices can make me groan at times but then I am qualified to put petrol in the tank and air in the tyres and the rest I'll happily let someone else tinker with.
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