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  1. Again.. bump. Anyone? I have to say coming from TalkFord, this forum is really dead. There’s no where near enough activity to provide helpful (so far, from my opinion). How many active members are there? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks everyone for your help. My next question is what’s the difference between the B9008 and the B9010 units? They look visually identical, but are both compatible with a 2008 Corolla Verso SR? Also where would the stock CD changer be located? Under the passenger seat or somewhere in the boot? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Can anyone help identify the shape of these plugs and what they’re likely to be for? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Anyone able to give me an idea what these are for? They are actually more behind the climate control space, but look like they are part of the stereo loom. They weren’t connected to anything when I removed the standard head unit, and couldn’t see anywhere they would fit. What are they likely to be for? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yes I would imagine so, however I Was hoping someone might be able to tell me exactly what both plugs are for/do.
  6. I have a SR model (1.8 petrol), and have the multidisc changer and climate control. I've found some extra plugs in the stereo loom, and wonder if anyone knows what they're for?
  7. Hi, I have a 2008 Corolla Verso. In my old Mondeo I could lock just the rear windows, leaving the front passenger one free to operate. However, I notice in the Corolla that the window lock affects the front passenger also, leaving the drivers window the only that can be operated. Can this be changed so the lock button only affects the rear windows?
  8. Yes seriously, I would strongly recommend AGAINST using Adblocker. They're awful tools, ruin a site's SEO and just are nasty. And i'm certainly not going to use a completely different web browser just for viewing one site. If there's any possibility of having a much nicer browsing experience from the site itself, natively, then that's the best thing to do. Of course the best thing would be to not display ads at all.
  9. Hi guys, I used to be a lifelong member (I guess I still am then) of TalkFord.com, by which all ads on the site were removed, providing a much nicer browsing experience. I'm looking at buying a membership for this site, but I saw it says 'less and fewer ads'. Does it not remove them completely? I would only really be interested in this. I'm a web developer myself so if I can help contribute to the site at all, I'd be happy to (I did this for TF).
  10. After being a Ford enthusiast for 7 years, my wife and I now have a 2008 Toyota Corolla Verso to accommodate our two young children, and extra adults if needed. I have a couple of questions already I'd like to ask, but looking down the list of forum categories, I couldn't find a 'Corolla Verso' thread, only 'Corolla' and the new 'Verso'. Can someone explain which would be the best category for me to post in please?