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  1. Thanks all for your feedback. Local garage (trusted but not main dealer) after looking said that dealership were being 'keen' on them needing to be replaced and suggested they'd be fine for a good while yet! That said sounds like I'll be lucky to get to 30k! Doesn't sound unheard of at that sort of mileage and have checked there is no binding so will just get them changed in a few months........ or before if they feel/sound any different.
  2. We have a 17 plate 1.8 petrol manual avensis tourer. After 19.5k miles I've been told that the rear pads and discs need replacing (my dealership is pretty straight with these things so I believe it to be the case). Is this the normal rate of wear? I appreciate that driving styles differ etc but it seems quite early (owned cars previously that easily did 50k+ before needing replacement). The car is driven sedately on rural roads for commute with only 2 junctions to stop at and relatively low speeds most of the way, TBH we barely use the brakes most of the journey. We let the EPB auto release which I've heard doesn't help brakes, can it make this much of a difference to wear/longevity? Also the brakes have always been pretty poor, have had to push pedal hard to get them to work since new. Front pads and discs have plenty of life left apparently which also seems unusual. Really just asking for other peoples experiences. Should we release EPB manually etc? Is there anything dealership should check when replacements are put on or is this just something we should expect?
  3. Try both for yourself. My 1.6 14 plate tourer will do 51mpg on a steady run. 47mpg if driven very gently and 41mpg when driven hard. Brilliant car and no problems at all to date. After testing a hybrid decided I wanted a manual although undoubtedly the hybrid would have been more efficient- and more expensive to buy. Found 1.33 lacked power for fast rural driving. 1.2 in tourer form is no more efficient according to honestjohn realmpg figures than 1.6 and I prefer the older 1.6 in terms of smoothness and power delivery (and when I bought 1.2 reliability was unknown as only just introduced). You could probably argue the case for any of the engines depending on budget, driving style, personal preferences, what type of driving you will do. With the mileage you'll be doing try them for yourself and see which suits rather than worrying about a few mpg extra......
  4. Had this debate myself and went for the Goodyear Efficient Grips a couple of months back. Really happy with them, quieter than the Michelin Primacys that were on it before, much better grip and also 3mpg better consumption than the Michelins despite the colder weather. 1.8 petrol was 38mpg now 41mpg - used for commuting on same journey every day so fairly fair indicator. Would thoroughly recommend them....... although don't know about wear though yet!
  5. I have owned 2x 1.6 manual auris tourers both icon spec. Very under rated cars. No problems mechanically and drive brilliantly (not as dull as people make out)! Usually keep a car for 3yrs but have had current one since new for nearly 5yrs and planning to keep it as drives like new still (40k on it). Prefer driving it to our newer avensis and has much better mpg (although avensis has other advantages in terms of space, comfort and spec). Do miss cruise control but not enough to retrofit it! Both mine were/are 2014 icon models one owned from new the other bought at 8months and sold at 2 yrs. The one I've had since new drives so much better than the 2nd one we bought (and then sold). MPG of one I still have is brilliant and brim to brim will beat the combined mpg figure quoted by Toyota on mixed rural/A road driving (don't do urban!). In summer high 40s is easily achievable and on a run at 60mph will do 50+mpg easily enough - lower in winter obviously. Other one that we sold never did better than about 40mpg on the same journeys. Would like satnav, cruise and better headlights (have had the replacement units fitted but not a lot better) but the best car I've ever owned without a doubt in terms of just going! For info I know they are used as taxi's but leg room behind me (6ft) is virtually non existent and no where near as good as avensis.
  6. Willss

    Toyota Warranty

    Everyone's experiences and expectations will be different regarding car reliability and value of warranty. Wear and tear obviously not covered and pads/discs are very much dependent on how you drive. My 2014 Yaris (non hybrid) did nearly 40k before selling it without needing new discs. My auris tourer only 28k but that's probably because I don't drive it as nicely as I should!!! Toyota have provided the best warranty care/cover on my cars over last 6-7 years of any manufacturer I have ever owned. Things replaced proactively, potential problems corrected before they go wrong, things covered by warranty long after I expected them to 'worm' their way out. Would have no hesitation recommending Toyota in terms of after sale care although I appreciate my dealership may be one of the better/more supportive ones. Maybe some things that have gone wrong on my cars shouldn't have done in an ideal world. However, the fact Toyota have held their hands up and put them right gives me faith in the company - when compared with many others. Also, many of the parts will likely be exactly the same on other makes anyway, will they be as/any more supportive?!
  7. I didn't buy the 1.2T a couple of years ago as was concerned about reliability of what was a new engine. Also didn't find it as smooth as the older 1.6 or the 1.8 of in the avensis - but I suspect I'd get used to it and smoother after a while. However, not seen any particular issues raised about reliability of the engine 3-4 years on so my concerns at that time would appear to have been unwarranted. The lack of any responses to your query would also suggest people are generally happy. If there were problems people are usually quick to let you know/vent frustration! If I was looking now I wouldn't be afraid of it anymore..........
  8. Yes just fronts, rears have lots of life left. I know the Michelins are meant to wear well so will probably just find the Good years wear quicker........ but I won't know without trying!!!
  9. Also debating this as need some....... was steering towards Efficient Grip from Good Year but interested to hear other views. The Michelin Primacy 3 that came from new on mine will only have done about 19k and seem to resonate so won't be trying them again.
  10. Without checking I can't recall what version it is but I know it was a 2017 'something or other'. they did say they'd update my maps for me at the same time which is good as I was going to do that myself. I'm sure I could do the updating if I had a play around but the whole system is so slow (phone never links sometimes) I wanted to record it as a warranty issue. Thanks for your replies.
  11. Thanks, was just curious as to whether they wanted me out of their way that day (despite my car being booked in all day) as they had too much work on or......... whether they did actually need to do more than just plug it in to a machine. Would appear that there may have been more to it so I'll let them off asking me to come back (although that was over 2 weeks ago and they said they'd call when it was in - I'll chase them tomorrow)!
  12. Did the dealership do the update on the day or had you booked it in?
  13. Took my 2017 avensis in as there is a delay when pressing buttons on the screen/steering wheel to change radio volume etc. Also car can take 15mins plus to pair with phones (auris we have takes a few seconds with same phones). Was told a software update would likely solve the problem as my 2017 software is 'old version'. Car had been booked in for the day (other things to potentially look at) but was sent away as update had to be 'ordered in'. Could someone who works in a garage confirm if software updates actually have to be physically ordered? Surely as a main dealer they'd have access to all updates on a computer and just plug it in to the car and press 'update'! Or am I being very naive?!!!!
  14. Have owned a 1.6 tourer (2014) from new and it's the best car I've ever had. Fine to drive, lots of space (although rear legroom isn't as good as some - but we rarely use them) very economical (at least as good as combined mpg all the time), so far no problems mechanically. Not exciting, not great/beautiful inside, relatively few gadgets but built to last. Never owned a car more than 3 years, after 4yrs ownership I expect to keep it at least another 4yrs. Avensis tourer (2017) we have is fine, more modern and comfortable but if I'm honest I prefer to drive the 4yr old auris!