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  1. I asked the question as well as you saw!!! Basically their answer is a non answer! If there's a problem take it to your garage and they'll decide whether it's covered or not. Doesn't give much confidence but then I suppose there are lots of variables and they can't say the complete handbrake system is all covered. I suspect it covers the electronic element as that's not subject to wear and tear. As that's the expensive bit, as I understand it, I'm hoping failure of it would be covered but I'm not completely confident. I think this demonstrates the need to keep on good terms wi
  2. Took one from an Avensis up the road from me yesterday - no hybrid Avensis so either thought it was an auris or they are starting to take them from anything.
  3. Maybe get the car serviced at Toyota dealership and then record oil use per mileage. If AFTER the service and as a result of your oil recording you do find it is using oil take it back to the dealership and get them to investigate it under the RELAX warranty that you'll get as part of the service. Just to flag up that the warranty won't cover pre existing issues prior to the service so may not be possible to pursue this route if there is definitely a problem at the moment.........
  4. Following on from my comment regarding service charges having gone up I found another dealership charging £225 and £375 for what were the £190 and £340 services (at the start of this year). The prices are asterisked with the note (which looked to be from Toyota GB) saying that these are the maximum amounts Toyota dealerships are permitted to charge but that dealerships were free to set their prices lower. So my quoted £235 and £385 are above the maximum permitted by Toyota GB??? They did say on the phone that their price included the fuel system cleanser now (which I've never wanted/had
  5. Interestingly this morning tried to get service plan from my local dealer and they informed me that the service costs for my avensis had increased to £235 and £385 for intermediate and full services - £45 increase on previous prices. Went online to main Toyota website and looked there and services were still £190 and £340 when looking at service plans. Needless to say I bought a 3yr service plan from them (all details received via email and checked/correct). Not sure if this was just my (English main Toyota) dealership trying it on (normally really good so doubt it), whether the fixed
  6. Mine has similar at low load/light acceleration. Particularly noticeable in 3rd but between 3000-3200rpm on mine. High pitched whistle describes it well. Has had loads of investigations but noise remains. Concluded it's 'normal'!
  7. I know this won't help the OP as a couple of months old but thought I'd put down my thoughts for others to read if they are searching similar topic......... My auris tourer is 7 yrs old and has been serviced by the same garage since I bought it new in 2014 (pre reg). 1.6 petrol and has done 50k. I took out the extended warranty 2 years ago. Have used the breakdown cover once due to wheel issue and had 2 MOTs. Would have taken breakdown cover without the warranty (about £150 for 2 years) and MOTs (about £50 each - although less when you get them to price match!) so the warranty eleme
  8. Thanks. Actually keeping the Avensis, bit bigger and a lot more comfortable (but not as economical). Currently have a 2014 1.6 petrol Icon auris tourer as well which we'd be swapping to a 18/68/19 plate hybrid hatchback. Owned the 1.6 from new and it has been great. 42-45mpg usually and up to 51mpg (brim to brim) on a decent motorway run at 65mph ish. Never a foot wrong but needs front and rear brakes, extended warranty about to expire, noise from exhaust, service due etc etc so now seems a good time to replace if I'm going to (may not though haven't decided as I do like it)! Contem
  9. Thank you both for comments. I'd read previously about one of the 2 batteries getting knackered by sitting unused for an extended period. The 12V one doesn't worry me hugely but the hybrid one obviously would be an issue if it was that one. Car will apparently have 12 months MOT and a service (non Toyota but reputable main dealer of another brand). Been reading a lot about catalytic converters last couple of days so aware of the issues there, thanks for flagging. Thanks again, I'll go and give it a drive...... if they can start it!
  10. Have seen an Auris 1.8 hybrid on an 18 plate which I'm tempted to go and look at/drive. Low mileage, great condition (apparently!), full main dealer history, seems ideal. Was priced too high and has sat on the forecourt for ages (I'd guess best part of 6 months) now reduced heavily to what I consider a bargain price. However...... with it having sat that long other than the usual potential brake issues will it have damaged the hybrid battery (I'm assuming they'll have to charge it before I get there in order to start it)! Essentially should I run a mile or go and look at it?
  11. I have a 2017 avensis tourer. Finally managed to figure out that the annoying wind noise at high speeds is the aerial - noise goes when it is removed, who knew it could have had such a simple cause! A friendly mechanic swapped it for another Toyota aerial and noise didn't reappear but the reception was poor. Put another aerial from another Avensis on it, signal returned but so did the noise which is again intolerable! The current aerial is as supplied from new about 18" long with a wire spiralling up the outside of the 'stick'. Can anyone recommend an aerial that gets good reception,
  12. Bought a brand new Avensis 1.8 tourer in 2017. Have had nothing but niggly problems with it. Went back 3 times in first 3000 miles and has been back for work/investigation probably 15 times since. Nothing ever huge but continual niggles - rattles, vibrations, gear box noise etc. Have had dash out twice to fix rattles, wires loose in doors, rear doors not shutting properly, new clutch fitted, new output shaft bearing fitted etc etc all under warranty I should add. Dealership have been fine but they've concluded that the outstanding issues are "obviously annoying and unfortunate" but within
  13. Thanks all for your feedback. Local garage (trusted but not main dealer) after looking said that dealership were being 'keen' on them needing to be replaced and suggested they'd be fine for a good while yet! That said sounds like I'll be lucky to get to 30k! Doesn't sound unheard of at that sort of mileage and have checked there is no binding so will just get them changed in a few months........ or before if they feel/sound any different.
  14. We have a 17 plate 1.8 petrol manual avensis tourer. After 19.5k miles I've been told that the rear pads and discs need replacing (my dealership is pretty straight with these things so I believe it to be the case). Is this the normal rate of wear? I appreciate that driving styles differ etc but it seems quite early (owned cars previously that easily did 50k+ before needing replacement). The car is driven sedately on rural roads for commute with only 2 junctions to stop at and relatively low speeds most of the way, TBH we barely use the brakes most of the journey. We let the EPB a
  15. Try both for yourself. My 1.6 14 plate tourer will do 51mpg on a steady run. 47mpg if driven very gently and 41mpg when driven hard. Brilliant car and no problems at all to date. After testing a hybrid decided I wanted a manual although undoubtedly the hybrid would have been more efficient- and more expensive to buy. Found 1.33 lacked power for fast rural driving. 1.2 in tourer form is no more efficient according to honestjohn realmpg figures than 1.6 and I prefer the older 1.6 in terms of smoothness and power delivery (and when I bought 1.2 reliability was unknown as only just in
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