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  1. Thanks for the replies. @priusnoobWhich dash cam do you have? I'm also interested in getting one. Did you have cat-loc or shield plate? There are several types out there and I wonder which is better.
  2. Hi My 2007 Prius has had catalytic converter stolen yesterday . I've reported to the police but not yet spoken to insurance. A trusted mechanic friend said it'll cost £650 for a new replacement (£550 parts, £100 labour). My local Toyota dealer gave an estimate of £1400-£1800, depending on the damage. I have a plan to replace the car in 3-5 years time, I had a quick look on eBay and saw some cheap aftermarket one just under £200. Like this one for example, it even offers 5 years warranty. I'm wondering if anyone has experience or opinions on these? Also, my insurance premium is currently around £350 with 18 years NCD protected. Is there a way to find out how much (or percentage) will my next year premium be if I make a claim through insurance? Thanks.
  3. Does anyone know which 5w30 engine oil is the right one for Prius gen 2, PFE or FE? According to my last service invoice, PFE was used, but it has ACEA C2 specification and I can't find any C2 engine oil on EuroCarpart website. Other post like this one says 5W30 FE is the correct one so I'm very confused now. I'm bringing my Prius to a local trusted garage for service next week and I want to make sure the correct oil is used. If there're any recommendation of brand other than TGMO also highly appreciated. My 07 Prius has done 95K so far. Many Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the info, I didn't know they do a 15 extended warranty on hybrid battery. That makes intermediate service rather worth it for £152 this year. Full service would cost £120 more with 5+Club discount: Is it worth spending the extra for the following for prius?
  5. I owned a 07 Prius, and it is out of extended warranty this year. The mileage is about 95K, I only drove 3K-5K miles annually in the last 3 year. Is it still worth paying expansive service cost at dealership now that "Essential service plan" is no longer available and the new "5+ clubs" is much more expansive? A independent trusted garage where I always take my car for MOT and Tyre/brake pad change charges £100 & £180 for a standard and full service, Toyota charges £152 & £272. Besides that a local garage won't be able to do a hybrid battery health test, Is there any other advantage getting my prius serviced by Toyota?
  6. I have a 2007 Prius Gen 2, 95K mileage. Got the car back from main dealer after a service, was told the wiper blade and head lamp may be a problem for MOT next month. Can anyone suggest the best (durable) wiper blade for my Prius? Bosch Aerotwin seems to be the best on several review website, but does it work well with Prius gen2? Also, is it worth buying a head lamp cover cleaner or restorer? Toyota said it will be several hundreds to have both side of head lamp units replaced. If so, can anyone recommend which brand to buy? Thanks.
  7. Hi Karen, My prius recently had a 12v Battery, I bought an Varta Blue B33 Battery online (recommended by Prius taxi drivers) for £45 and fitted it myself, you can get a trusted local mechanic to fit it for you around £20-£30. It has 5 years warranty as apposed to toyota's 3 years and slightly bigger capacity because I uses dash cam and 2 in-car phone chargers. The battery never give me any trouble but when I found that voltage remains constant low at 9.5v from hidden menu on the display, I couldn't stop worry about it. After the battery replacement, fuel efficiency when from 42mpg to almost 50mpg. so the earlier you have it changed the earlier you start to save fuel money really.
  8. Hi, I think your refusal must be due to 130k miles (i.e. over 100K). I just bought my prius (privately) so not sure about previous extended warranty. but I expect them to let me know if the car is not qualify for any warranty as it has been serviced with Toyota.
  9. Thank you all, the £516 quote indeed includes "free 12 month offer." I am not an car expert but I have been doing the basic maintenance myself for few years now, i.e., all the oil and filter changes then I pay local mechanic to check my car over. So my maintenance outlay is usually £70-£100 a year. Now that I have a hybrid, I am no idea if local garage knows much about it and would it be a problem having the same maintenance arrangement as I've done before? The Extended Warranty T&C says the car must be "serviced and inspected by an Authorised Toyota Service Centre at least once a year or more frequently for high mileage use, as set out in your service record booklet." My booklet only mention intermediate/full service, will the "Essential Care" service meet the warranty T&C? if so, the total outlay would be £700 after deducting breakdown cover which usually cost me £40ish per year when bought with insurance. After some googling of Prius 2 would suggest it has some weak points such as wheel bearing, transaxle failure..etc. Looking at service history, it seems the car only had one FULL service in 2014, no coolant change so far and not a lot of other stuff done either. (apart from brake pad/disc). Is this normal? or will it mean more repair to come later? Toyota Warranty doesn't cover any wear and tear and consumables, so the warranty is essentially an insurance on more expansive part/system failure I think?
  10. Hi everyone, I just got my 07 Prius 2 weeks ago (bought privately), been offered an extended warranty by Toyota and the cost is £516 for 24 month or 30000 miles, whichever comes sooner. I am wondering what are the general opinion about Toyota's extended warranty? I am very tempted because it's a 10 years old car and includes European Breakdown cover but a friend who has a hybrid for few year seem to think it's just a waste of money. £516 is not a small cost for us, and buying a warranty means spending more on Toyota Services too so it will cost about £1000 with Toyota. Anyway, I have included below the past history of the car, all of them were done by Toyota except for the text in Red which were carried out by an independent garage. Not much has been changed apart from twice the brake pad and disc. Please let me know what your experience are, either with warranty or how many repairs you had. Thanks!
  11. Thank you all, I have tested jump terminal directly and it reads 9.8v this morning (yesterday 9.3v). I've been looking out for warning signs at front Dash but still nothing. I do worry if it will just died suddenly. I'm thinking to buy a charger/jump starter, Any recommendation?
  12. Hi everyone, Prius Newbie here. I have just bought a Prius 2 last week, 2007 model, has FSH with Toyota and was last serviced Nov/2016 at 82500 miles. There is no record of any 12v battery replacement and when I check out diagnosis menu, Battery voltage reads 9.3v (I assume accessory mode is when I power it on without foot brake?). In my previous cars, any battery that reads below 10v would have all sort of problems so I’m rather confused if I am getting the right reading. The car drives well, no warning sign, goes to READY mode straight after hitting Power button. so my questions are: 1. is it possible for a 12v battery to last 10 years (currently 86000 miles)? 2. Can I measure the voltage on +ve and -ve terminal like any other car battery using multimeter? 3. I have turned off audio, light, aircon and dash cam, Is there any other things I should turned of to get a correct reading? 4. Is there any other warning sign I should look out for 12v battery failure?
  13. Thank you guys, I did call up Toyota and they have been helpful enough to confirm the services had been carried out with them. They don't have service reports in their computer but has past repair invoices says brake discs and a 12v battery were replaced within the last 3 years. My local garage which is Japanese car specialist has quoted £280 but most of it are labour because Toyota book says its a 2.5 hours job. He think it should be about an hour job but he can't be sure until the wheel is taken down. The seller however is quite adement that it doesn't really need doing and would only cost less than £100 so wouldn't budge on price. I think I'm just going to leave it, just too much complication. I will try to look for one with proper history records. Thanks again.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here, have decided to look for a Prius Gen 2 to see how it's like before investing heavily on a newer model. I have came across a car that has full stamps from Toyota deals since new but no documents at all. It drive ok apart from a wheel bearing noise which upon checking the MOT history, there's an advisory item said "Nearside Front Front wheel bearing has slight play (2.5.A.3c)" since last year. Despite being told by the seller that I could just leave the noise as it is, I still prefer to get it sort out (if I'm to get the car), so I wonder if someone knows how much it cost to replace it either at local garage or with Toyota Dealer? Could it cause any other damage as the bearing wasn't 100% since 8 month ago? Thanks.
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