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  1. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=32108
  2. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=32108
  3. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=32108
  4. Check your BBC fuse is not blown as below. Before replacing BBC
  5. My vehicle remains alarm free since the garage returned it.For me that's great but I wonder if the ERC was reset by activities in the garage.
  6. Note the fuel gauge does not accurately reflect the tank being 1/8 1/4 or 1/2 full. Tends to last a long time on one indication then it moves dramatically. Try a few fills and keep a record as suggested. My IQ 1.3 preferred method is to do 300 miles fill up and reset my trip counter.
  7. Connector A54 is the Backup boost converter (Eco run converter). Diagram shows its position in RHD vehicle.
  8. Bad news , just had a flat battery myself. Just to say , I had a similar experience, no door clunk etc but I did open it with a firm second try. Hold the blade firmly with pliers and give it a good twist before calling someone out.
  9. Thank you DevonAygo, very helpful as it is 1.3 start stop manual.
  10. Local garage had it for 3hrs and declared they could not fix it as all components tested good. However alarms remained and it may be wiring, high resistance or earthing but testing did not show up anything. I payed for the testing got in the car and all alarm indications are gone. Conditions have been normal since. Time will tell if by coincidence the fault is clear or remains intermittent.
  11. Solidtop

    Iq Towbar

    In UK we have a V35 logbook ,among other information is a towing capacity. IQ = 0kg Car is not for towing.
  12. Solidtop

    Battery issue

    Yuasa YBX7014 12V 65Ah 620A EFB Start Stop Battery. Toyota IQ 1.3 heavy duty for start stop hence £150.
  13. Hi all, Had a flat battery 2011 IQ 1.3 and replaced it. Simple job two bracket nuts and two terminal bolts.All very straight forward and drives as normal no indications of a problem,battery 14.7 Vdc engine running. When I stop and turn off the Car the fuel indication stays on , the SRS airbag warning light is on and the EPS powered steering warning light is on. Haven't a clue so booked in next Thursday and will update in case it helps someone. In the meantime if anyone has similar problems I'd like to know.Thanks.
  14. There's no official manual like Haynes, I PM'd you.Welcome to the IQ forum, I find it very helpful.Nice car btw
  15. Glad to hear that , mines the same so normal thx for posting.
  16. Solidtop

    A/C Problems

    Update. DIY AC top up , easy to use as directed on website video, if a bit of stretch. Access from the wheel arch drivers side to AC low port to connect top up cable and gauge. Icy cold 2011 1.3 IQ3 in 20 mins
  17. Previous post may help to source from us under Scion.
  18. Type Toyota IQ Bluetooth into eBay.One genuine Toyota Bluetooth available from scrap car £79.99.
  19. Solidtop

    A/C Problems

    Hi, check out the IQ Aircon post by bug 23rd June 2017 it has some great info provided by Solely and may help. I also have problems with Aircon and sent for a regas kit from Amazon as I cannot see any evidence of gas or bubbles through the inspection window. However will work through the faulting as suggested on the previous post originated by bug. Yes I may have a leak ! However I'm interested in trying the kit.supplied by Aircon top-up.com. A can of leak stopper, a can of gas and a gauge. Wish me luck!
  20. When I bought my IQ3 , I request the previous owner show me around before driving off.Whilst trying to take it all in he reached down and picked up a plastic clip.It did not register with me what it was, I took it and did not ask what it was.For a reason I do not know I disposed of it and regretted it ever since.It was however a hard plastic clip or cover for that shown.I think the rubber boot is adapted.
  21. Hi Peter, Considering the limitations of the puncture repair kit you might consider a spare tyre behind passenger seat. This depends on your use of the car and pros and cons of each solution. The kit may or may not work. Reading reviews it can be an issue to repair the tyre once you use any slime type substance.New tyre may be required. Of course a spare tyre takes up room behind passenger seat.Attempted to link previous post below.
  22. Bob that colour has to be illegal the advantage being i don't think you can see the colour from inside the car. And of course I drive a 6 year old Toyota IQ just to be street money doesn't enter into it !
  23. Nice touch but you got to have the smoked glass with it,just sets it off nice.
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