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  1. I'm considering to purchase a used petrol-engined Yaris as a second vehicle, mainly for commuting with occasional longer journeys. It seems that model year 2011 spans two models so will be interested to hear your thoughts on which version is preferable. I noted from an earlier thread that the multimode (CVT?) auto box is preferable to the MMT (which should be avoided according to some). Main concerns are reliability, operating cost, and emissions. Anything in particular to look out for?
  2. Just to close this topic a fuse located in the footwell on the passenger side had blown. This fuse is not on the main rail but located slightly above and forward.
  3. I noticed a slight burning smell while driving yesterday and when I came to use the reverse camera noticed that the head unit did not power up and display the rear view. Also discovered that the folding mirrors stopped working. I think a cigar lighter power-splitter had shorted to cause the problem. Obviously I'm going to check fuses but wondering if the cigar lighter, heard unit power, and folding mirrors are related in any way? Everything else electrical seems to be working.
  4. I spoke with a Toyota dealer who said that the rear wipers were really designed only to clear a view for reversing and wasn't sure they ever cleared the whole sweep area. I purchased a cheap replacement of eBay (which does not clear the whole sweep area) and used Rain Clear on the glass in front of the rear view camera. This has helped. Does anyone have experience with the rear wiper actually clearing the whole sweep area?
  5. When I got my Previa it had a replacement rear wiper arm and blade that never seemed to clear the screen properly, especially near the outer of the blade. When I got around to replacing it I found the fitted wiper was too small. I purchased a third-party unit that had a bigger arm/blade and covered more of the screen. However, that too did not sweep properly at the outside edge. I'm guessing there is not sufficient pressure on the blade. Thinking to purchase the correct part from the Toyota dealer and just wondering if anyone has a similar experience with the rear wiper not clearing properly? I have a dual camera drive recorder so want the rear screen to clear properly.
  6. Thanks for the info. I completed the job and only needed to replace discs and pads. The parking brake shoes were showing no wear. Fortunately, the discs came off easily. The overall braking of the vehicle now seems slightly better than before. The parking brake seems fine (about 6 clicks) and I'll check it again with the wheels off the ground in a few weeks.
  7. I have purchased new discs and pads (Toyota brand) and just realised that the rear brake assembly includes brake shoes for the parking brake. At the moment, the parking brake works OK but there is quite a lot of travel on the handbrake lever. Has anyone got experience with the parking brake? I can't imagine there is much wear if the shoes are used for parking only? Just wondering if it simply needs adjustment. On the other hand, I don't want to start the job and strip the brakes to find it needs new shoes.
  8. Plan to replace during the summer. Just wondering if anyone has experience of this, any difficulties with piston rewind (is any special tool needed), state of seals, piston wear, etc? Not sure what was replaced before but mileage is now 74K. I plan to flush the brake fluid too.
  9. Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. If you need clarity on your rights citizens advice bureau might be worth talking to? I can't help with a recommendation for a hybrid specialist but if you have any recourse (as above) you might be able to get an expert (e.g. Toyota engineer) to assess it?
  10. Thanks. I'll check the numbers. Would you know if it is necessary to change the filter at the time I'm changing the fluid?
  11. Would anyone have a part number for the filter, gaskets, etc. required to swap the transmission filter in a 2.4 Previa please?
  12. Has anyone installed an external antenna on the rear roofline? Need to install a DAB antenna and the internal type is likely not to work so well with my dash cams (as has been reported by several users). Thinking to mount the DAB antenna at the read just before the spoiler and route the cabling down the headlining on the opposite side from the rear camera cable.
  13. 2005TSpirit


    Good to see that Toyota engineering and reliability is making for happy ownership. Went through the MOT a couple of weeks back. Passed with an advisory about rear brake pads wear. No mention of the front suspension arm rubber bushes at all. I'll do the rear brakes in the summer. Thinking to flush the coolant too, it's supposed to be very long life but not sure when it was last changed. Maybe the brake fluid too. I have a couple of minor niggles with the wipers. Front wiper blade rubbers (Bosch fitted) so-so. Has anyone found anything better and a source? Rear washer arm spring seems not strong enough to ensure the top of the screen is properly wiped. I fitted a new arm/blade a couple of years back though it's a third-party part. Any suggestions?
  14. Just wondering what has been owners experience with 2.4 tappet noise and scheduled check/adjustment. Have you found that any work was needed?
  15. 2005TSpirit


    I would have changed them if there was a noticeable effect but there isn't. I'm putting it in early for an MOT at the weekend. If it fails it seems that new suspension arms (with bushes) will be the easy option. It's a second vehicle so we can manage with it being off the road for a few days.