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  1. Have you drove either before as they're not everyone's cup of tea you really have to rag these cars for them to be quick and change gears fast to maintain lift. They're fun but may be worth trying out one first.
  2. If you want a car that's not very common then a t sport compressor is wicked. Ep3 has more in the way of modifications but you see them daily. I've only seen one compressor in person. Even normal t sports are rare
  3. Dyno was done near Erith Kent (y)
  4. If you're down south east side of England could always come on next one I do. Noise isn't a bother to them had a bonnet exit exhaust Audi down there was mega loud had to put fingers in my ears haha.
  5. Only a comp but found out he's vvtli side isn't working properly he only hit 180 it was flat where my lift kicks in. He's sorting it out gonna clean ocv and change lift bolts and go from there. I'm changing my lift bolts on mine as well as cleaning ocv and some other bits like spark plugs. And going to get a less restrictive backbox and re run both. Had 12 Cars in the day fastest was a Audi highly modded 550bhp
  6. Run my car on dyno yesterday. Stock apart from a pipercross induction kit. Seems to be running ok for a 17 year old car.
  7. Hi Dan I'd say it's the suction control valve had this happen on a different car not a Toyota but another diesel. Rough running loss of power cutting out and hard to restart after. Worth looking at that.
  8. yes can't work out how to change it though. I'm unsure if it's electrics or the heater matrix pipes causing electrics to get hot. Not sure if there's meant to be a cover around the pipes but there's not this is what's there when glove box is out. Just worried not no way glovebox should get warm let alone ecu getting quite hot etc. But can't see them matrix pipes heating it up that much in there.
  9. My t sport was baking today behind glove box mrs legs were getting hot pulled over temp gauge normal coolant just under the max on header tank. Took glove box out ecu was scolding hot but I believe the heat is Clint from matrix pipes the 2 metal pipes you couldn't even touch for a second they were baking hot. The whole of in that area behind glove box was like a radiator. I am not driving car now at moment as I'm worried. Only non oem stuff behind there is stereo wires and subwoofer wires but the sub live is fused and it has an earth cable properly put In too. Any ideas what's causing the heat
  10. So maybe change thermostat but no reason to panic. My t sport sits a bit higher than that photo the first guy posted I will post a photo of mine later.
  11. My 2002 t sport in the 2 months I've owned it has always sat just below the bar on gauge that's above the halfway mark. It never gets hotter wen still or when in lift. I can do Long journeys with lift and it stays there. I've spoke to a few people and some say it should be half others say it's normal and there's have always been there. Any advice coolant level doesn't drop heaters get nice and toasty etc. Car drives and sounds healthy engine wise.
  12. I'm lucky enough that a few of my mates are mechanics and let me borrow there Ramos we normally look at car together and find issues and he will change parts. Last time clutch went only payed 200 labour for clutch and flywheel
  13. Not actually sure what the point of 6th gear is it’s almost identical to 5th
  14. I’ve never seen anyone with mpg that high on a t sport. I’ve done just over half a tank of petrol now and 150miles so probably get 280/300 miles per tank if I drive reasonably with it. I find they rev too high to get decent mpg 70 in 6th is over 3k rpm :,)
  15. Still happens with brakes on. It's like a light clunky rattle could just be as simple as a bush somewhere car drive beutiful and it's by far the most fun I've had in a car. Only downside is the fuel economy 28mog if drivin nice 8mpg in lift
  16. I have bought a t sport due to someone writing my d4d off. 02 plate all runs lift works nicely etc pretty well looked after. Now from passenger side from there sounds like a rattle knock sort of noise over any bumpy roads or surfaces I have had a brief look underneath and could not see anything obvious that side and can't replicate the noise bouncing the suspension either. There's a new tie rod on that side already etc. I've pulled about the wheel and can't see much happening etc. It's weird rattly knock not mega bad it's worse as I don't have a radio at minute I wouldn't notice otherwise. I'v
  17. just want a high flow filter now I've rerouted cold air feed. It won't make difference in sound it's still gonna be in air box just a panel filter they don't make a cone filter for the d4d the mafs in air box and no one makes a pipe that fits the maf.
  18. I'm after a performance panel filter for my e12 d4d 2 litre I don't want a K&n but are there any others that someone would reccomend I'm making minor modifications to the car and so far so good. Custom exhaust so far cold air feed to box now Comes from the front grill instead with duct up to the air box I just don't want a K&an oiled filter but a decent performance one still.
  19. Found the noise. Lucky really could of ended badly had a loose wishbone nut so was smashing up and down underneath. Got about 2.5 turns on the nut to get it tight noise all gone.
  20. It's probably something silly and he wouldn't have meaned to have done it I even see him double checking the wheels with a big car before I left and took car so he is careful.
  21. It also does it if I pull away fast when clutch engages or if I put my foot down in 2nd or third or if I release accelerator quickly. Anything that jolts the car really. The strange thing is if I hit a pothole with eight wheel it don't really do it if I hit it with left wheel it does it but the noise is sorta central of the car but slightly to the left. It's not a nice sound but I don't think it's anything that's going to cause a big issue after checking the joints. Yes he did do a good job with it only cost me 220 labour and I live in the south east in greater London so a lot better than the
  22. Although it's quite a solid clunk a lot thicker sounding than a heat shield unless it's really banging hard.
  23. He did the whole job in around 5 hours roughly. He was doing the last bits up properly that I watched so if he's bent the beat shields or anything I don't think it was deliberate but the defensiveness has put me off
  24. Checked driveshafts ball joints nuts wheel etc all looks fine. I have a funny feeling it may be the heat shield but I am not taking the plastic panel off and crawling under it on a trolley jack it's going to have to be a ramp job. Longs he's not broken anything major I don't care. It just sounds like lots of loose rattling metal it's worse over bumpy road surfaces than actual speed bumps that are smooth which makes me think it's more likely something like a shield or cover flapping around. Touch wood it is but it's going to a different place to check I'd rather pay someone else as the guy who
  25. Hello I recently had my clutch and flywheel changed on my 06 corolla d4d 2 litre a day after whilst driving I noticed a clunk sort of sound from front left side of car over pothole or bumps that I've not had before. I also get a metal clunk sound if I try to pull away fast etc. I'm worried what this could be as it wasn't there until work was done.
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