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  1. Well done mate, that#s it sorted now though, I'm sure a wee dram will ease the aches and pains :-)
  2. I stopped using them years ago mate, never seen such a bunch of rip off artists, the price they charge for oil beggars belief.
  3. Very interesting John, thanks for that mate. Like you I did some of that stuff when I was younger, can't be bothered now, want to go faster? buy a bigger engine :-)
  4. Hi guys, there doesn't seem to be a section for Camry, or have I got the last one :-) so I posted this here. Looking at my headlights on a wall with the car about 15 feet away and operating the motor wheel to adjust them down, they start at the same level, then the left beam moves a third more down than the right. Is there any adjuster for setting how long the motor runs for? I have taken the headlight off and checked the swivels and the plastic coupling to the end of the motor spindle, all ok.
  5. Sorry mate no idea. I hope you manage to find out
  6. You do rialise you will double your fuel usage! at lower revs, It should certainly go like a rocket at the lower end, but will make no difference at higher speed as the second choke would normally be in use by then anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do though John, what is it you always say, Photo's mate :-)
  7. Hmmm, I will be interested to see it Paul but to be honest it's not something I am interested in, I think these cars that people lower look strange and in a lot of cases I wonder how they get the thing off the drive without tearing the silencer off
  8. I have just done a pig of a job. The lighter socket on my Camry packed up and I use it for charging my phone, I thought well there must be a fuse somewhere, so I looked through them all under the bonnet, wasn't there, I knew there was another little fuse panel hiding behind a little fold down storage flap low on the right side of the dash. I looked there and sure enough there was the fuse, but it was ok and it had power on it? Ended up stripping the centre unit out to get at the socket and found that the power comes in on a spade connector and then there is a short bit of wire linking it to the centre pin of the socket and it was broken. So had to take it all out and solder a new wire on. seems stupid to have a bit of wire that fails before the fuse! Anyway working now.
  9. He's got to wait until he has collected enough beer cans to join together
  10. Hey John, how come pictures of your car are always outside a pub
  11. Well done Paul..... it's very good of you to make the effort and I for one find it interesting and entertaining. Hey Agent Orange, thanks for the mention :-) PS: if anyone want's to see pictures of a lot of the work on my Carina,l you can see them here, the Dark colour Carina is the one I bought for parts and some of the pictures I have shown the places where this model rots.
  12. Hey, there you are, you haven't posted since may, I thought you had left us? Excellent, well done mate, bet you were a boy scout :-)
  13. Hi Paul, I didn't take any of the repair to the wheel, but there are some of the new wheels and with them fitted
  14. Hi Paul Well I only bought them in late April, so I emailed the company and asked if they would supply me just one, yes they said, but it is now, and they humped the price up by £20. So I told them I didn't realise they made aluminium suppository's. So then I got the dremmel out and fitted a fine sanding wheel and gently feathered the damage out on the rim, then sanded with 800 wet then sprayed that area with the silver that's on my Carina and then 2k clear. Tell you what, it's a very good match and if you stand looking at the wheel the only way you see the damage is when you notice the edge of the rim dips in slightly. I had the Tyre shop spin it and check it for wobble and it's still ok so had a new Tyre fitted and it's back on the car.
  15. I put a set on my Camry a few weeks ago and last week I swerved to avoid a cat and clipped the kerb, the Tyre blew up and the alloy hit the deck :-(