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  1. No longer for sale on this site.
  2. That was an interesting read 😊
  3. Reduced to £2200 Ho Ho Ho
  4. Hi Joe, Wow! no I wasn't looking at anything in particular I was just searching and asking on the net last year, How long have Toyota been giving eight years?warranty? however a warranty is not a guarantee and usually involves deviousness. Yes I have a few other places in mind to advertise my Camry but as I said I thought I would give this site the first option, I'm in no hurry and will probably take further action after Christmas.
  5. Hi Joe Sounds good to me mate, I nearly bought a hybrid end of last year, but I am still worried about the three year guarantee most give on the batteries and what the cost would be if they failed.I ended up being a traitor and bought an Audi Q5, As I'm old and knackered I can get in and out of that easier. Well! climb into it and fall out of it. Surprisingly in economy mode it costs about the same to run as the Camry and gives me a good 30 to the gallon, but I don't do a lot of motoring hence the low miles on the Camry. I put it on here as I thought there may be a collector or someone who might want to detail it and show it, but no one is actually getting excited about it. With the new wheels, tyres, exhaust and cat and disks and brakes, battery and media centre I have spent around what I am asking for it on it, so the car is virtually free.
  6. Hi Joe, I've always used and sworn by Autoglym, I have used that on the Camry for the 17 years I've owned it, I find a thorough hand polishing with that twice a year and water rolls off in balls each time it's washed, but thanks kindly for the tip I gues many products are similar. Pst!! wanna buy a Camry?
  7. Someone commented to me that the paintwork looks bad in the above picture showing the passenger side rear wing. No it's not, look carefully, it's the hedgerow reflecting in the shine. There are other pictures I took a couple of days ago in the link in the post above this where you can see the paintwork better, for a 26 year old car it is awesome.
  8. If anyone wants to see more photos of the Camry follow this link
  9. Hi EIhug, Mate if it's still for sale when you are ready, we can talk. Bob
  10. Thanks Elhug, I was starting to think I was here on my own!, Believe me it's an emotional battle trying to part with it But I'm old and knackered and can't get in and out of it like I used to, I bought an Audi Q5 so I can climb into it and fall out of it with ease 🙂 I still have the Carina, I would never part with that as I bought it new in 1984, there are pictures of it on here under my name. The wife uses that now though.
  11. Amazing! all those views and not a single comment
  12. More photo's showing the interior and the media centre. Oh! and I got the mileage wrong as you can see it's just over 95200.
  13. Also it has a touch operated and remote controlled media entertainment system with a seven inch screen. Sat nav, DVD, CD, Radio and mem stick and Reversing Camera. Oh and Air conditioning which works, in fact everything works.
  14. Forgot to say, it had new front disks about a year ago and new rear disks last year and new pads all round and new anti roll bar rubbers front and back.