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  1. Just a few updates, nothing exciting just keeping it OEM And these
  2. Cheers. My alloys are peeling too, they just aren't on my priority list, need some decent rubber when the current ones go. The headlights could do with another once over too
  3. Been a while since I last posted but haven't had much done until today. Initially I got these parts
  4. Hi pal I just got the exhaust and then went to an exhaust fitter who fitter it but also told me to get the gasket from Toyota as they last much longer than the ones they supply and it was around £20. That's all I bought. Hope that helps
  5. not really it was quieter as my oem system was blowing, I doubt you will notice any gains as it oem spec
  6. hey all need some front drop links and front arm bushes, was wondering apart from Toyota where else can I look? When I used to have Honda's I used to either go Honda or get ADL Blueprint parts. Any help greatly appreciated
  7. I had got a new mid section off eBay, was a brand new piece off kit manufactured by Klarius to oem spec, was under £100, I remember euro car parts doing them but at the time they were out of stock
  8. Hi Steve congrats on the year, is a really good result that! Hopefully you will not have withdrawal symptoms before the next season starts! Any more plans for it before you race again?
  9. I replaced my centre pipe as it was blowing with a Klarius one who say they make it to oem spec, having been on the car a few months, I am happy so far!
  10. Ouch that is a lot of difference between the same stealers!
  11. Got some from eBay for £20, custom made to fit the Yaris but not t sport ones.
  12. what make is the manifold Steve? will you also be getting the car mapped?
  13. does anyone have a pic fitted of the gold or white ones fitted to a thunder grey yaris? want to see which i prefer thanks in advance
  14. sorted now, thanks for all the views, mods can close the thread
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