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  1. Morning all (well it's morning here at any rate), Greetings from The Land of the Long White Cloud. or... Land of the big grey miserable raining cloud as it is at present..... I know it's a bit far to get to meetings but a Toyota with a problem can happen anywhere.... 2004 Avalon Grande Mk3, Model.. MCX10R-BEPEKO Trans... A541E.... Auto (prefer manual) Engine. 1MZ-FE... V6... 3lit VIN...... 6T153XH1006037905 102,000km (60,000miles) with FSH* Bought it May 2013 with 60,000km (37,000miles) on the clock Other Toyotas I have owned.... all when I lived in the UK. '76 ST Celica '83 SR Corolla '86 Corolla Twin Cam GT Having a bit of a problem with interior light and door ajar warning light if you can help. Interior light and door ajar warning light problem. *n.b.... May I also point out that it is ultra, ultra rare in NZ to find a car that has any form of Service History what so ever or any receipts for work done in the past and isn't covered in dents that look like someone has been killing flies that land on it with a 2lb lump hammer. Every day I see cars with creases or dents in weird places that make you think..."what could you have possibly hit to put a huge dent there?" Luckily mine came dent free... :-} Cheers T21
  2. Hi and greetings from New Zealand, 2004 Avalon Grande Mk3, Model.. MCX10R-BEPEKO Trans... A541E Engine. 1MZ-FE 3.0 lit V6 VIN...... 6T153XH1006037905 100,000km (60,000miles) with FSH Built in Australia not the USA So.... Interior light has stopped working when doors are open but works fine off the roof on/off switch. Sometimes the Door Open light stays on when all the doors are shut but dimmer than normal (goes to full brightness when any door is opened) and I can't lock the car when this happens as it is sensing an open door. Yesterday I locked the car with the remote and an hour later the alarm went off and the dash "door Open" light had come on and (presumably) set the alarm off as it thought a door had been opened. I haven't been able to establish yet if the dash 'door open' light glows with doors shut only when the weather is damp but it is looking to be probable, but the interior light isn't working at all off the doors. Also the "Door Open" dash light doesn't work when the boot (trunk) is opened, but I'm not sure if it ever did or not. I read somewhere (can't remember where I saw it) that the timing of the duration of interior light is somehow programmable from the car, is this True/False?? and if true could the flat battery I had a month ago have any bearing on why it's all screwed up, like the radio was. It went totally flat after 6 days of car not being used, was replaced with a brand new battery... oddly the old battery came back up to full charge on Calcium charge setting on my Charger. *Note on the radio (might be of use to somebody).* After the battery went flat the Security code for the radio was being asked for and I didn't have it. I read somewhere that the code was the last 3 digits of the VIN, I thought this was BS that someone had made up but when I tried it it worked, but really I suppose it would have taken any 3 digits as the previous owner was very unlikely to have set up any security on the radio especially the last 3 VIN digits... I also can't believe that a Toyota factory would spend time and money having someone program all the radios with the last 3 VIN digits.... Maybe the first time it asks for a code and it hasn't got one set up any 3 digits will do and that becomes your security code from then on. This door open warning light and interior light no longer working appears to be a very common problem on most Toyota models (according to the internet) but nowhere is there any definitive answer on the cause and how to cure it. So then, Does any one have any idea on the probable cause and the cure for this problem? I've done all the standard stuff fuse, switch in the right place etc.... Cheers and Thanks in advance T21