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  1. I remember reading this article - very useful when going to view a Yaris and my experiences are pretty much spot on with what's in the article. Probably the only thing was the 'lower control arm bolts breaking off' - I've never experienced that, but I've needed to replace the drop links on the car as I know they're a weak spot.
  2. Based on the photo, it looks like an 053 battery is the size in your car currently, not 063. Check measurements on this site ( and see if that size would fit better.
  3. So I'm using wheels that originally came from my mk1 MX5 (see these for a similar set: I just changed the centre caps from Mazda to blank caps and bolted them on.
  4. Using tyres with a lower profile to get the overall diameter of rim and tyre to be the same as before will eliminate this. I went from 155/80/R13 to 185/60/R14 and there's minimal difference. Same if you went to use 195/50/R15 (I know these were never standard fitment on a Yaris but you can get 4x100 PCD wheels that'll fit a yaris with correct offset).
  5. Do you have any online parts specialists I can try for Yaris'?
  6. I noticed on my 2003 French built Yaris that I have a vacuum where the rubber hose has split at the end. I've taped it up and cable tied it to where it was connected, but I think it's best to buy a new one. Where can I find these? Euro Parts etc don't seem to have any, I guess a local Toyota dealer should have one? Does anyone know if these hoses come in sections, and if so, what they're called, just so I know what I'm asking for when I go to Toyota? My problem hose is to the right of the engine, just below a blue sensor. Will upload a picture tomorrow to save my poor explanation :) Thanks!
  7. I know barely anything about car electrics, but could you not remove the fuses of each of the components (i.e. remove the fuse that controls the central locking, then the one for the alarm etc) until the hazards don't randomly come on? I could be completely wrong (I prefer oily things to electrical work!) but an idea nonetheless.
  8. MRichards

    1.0 yaris

    In terms of economy, I can get 44mpg on a tank of fuel when not having a care in the world of how heavy my right foot is (with urban driving as well), 50mpg on motorway driving when being a bit careful. Will be cheaper to maintain than a Prius because there's no hybrid element - gen 1 Yaris' are so simple and easy to work on, things don't go wrong very often and if they do, they're not too difficult to fix yourself (if that's what you want to do). Parts for a French built Yaris are typically more expensive - if I had to buy another gen 1 Yaris, I'd try and buy a Japanese built model - no Torx, parts seem cheaper generally (look on Euro Parts and you'll see), they just seem a bit better put together for obvious reasons (French vs Japanese built quality). Get a Yaris, cracking fun!
  9. Uniroyal's (both RainExpert and RainSport's) are amazing in the rain. However I used a set of RainExpert 3's in the summer and felt that when you push on, the tyre gets quite hot and wears down really quickly. This is a common thing with these Uniroyals, but I guess that's just a compromise between wet weather grip and degradation in the dry. I've also heard good things about those Goodyear's.
  10. I'm pretty sure it can be done, see here:
  11. This is the same on my 2003 1.0 French built Yaris.
  12. Thanks for the replies, I can see how the electric power steering is putting quite a lot of load, causing it to cut out. Luckily this only happens at crawling speeds (reversing out of driveways etc.) so I'll check the battery and alternator over the weekend. A colleague also suggested filling up the battery with distilled water (I wasn't aware this was a thing), as I checked my battery and it's not a sealed unit like most so that's something else I'll do at the weekend. Will keep this thread updated for anyone visiting in the future.
  13. I have a 2003, 1.0 Yaris and seem to have a bit of an electrical issue. Every so often, the car will cut out. The dashboard will go dark for a fraction of a second, then come back but the engine dies in this time. I've noticed if you pump the brake pedal quickly, the intensity of the headlights dim, as does the intensity of the dashboard (I guess I notice this more as all the instruments are powered by lights). I notice that the same thing happens when you turn the steering wheel (in either direction) by about 90 degrees. Sometimes this does cause the car to cut out (I've repeated this a few times and I'm sure it was me turning the wheel that caused the car to cut out). I had this happen once a few months back but didn't think anything of it however I've had this happen a number of times in the last 48 hours (some of the times was causing by me intentionally trying to reproduce the problem). Any suggestions?
  14. Yeah I've used the 3M kit and it's really good. Better than toothpaste from my experience, worth the money (I did it at the start of the year and headlights still look good!).
  15. Hi, Anybody got some Yaris T Sport seats available? Seem to be struggling to find a set, so thought I'd ask on here. Thanks!