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  1. MRichards

    Yaris Parcel shelf

    This is the same on my 2003 1.0 French built Yaris.
  2. MRichards

    Engine Cuts Out - Electrics at Fault Maybe?

    Thanks for the replies, I can see how the electric power steering is putting quite a lot of load, causing it to cut out. Luckily this only happens at crawling speeds (reversing out of driveways etc.) so I'll check the battery and alternator over the weekend. A colleague also suggested filling up the battery with distilled water (I wasn't aware this was a thing), as I checked my battery and it's not a sealed unit like most so that's something else I'll do at the weekend. Will keep this thread updated for anyone visiting in the future.
  3. I have a 2003, 1.0 Yaris and seem to have a bit of an electrical issue. Every so often, the car will cut out. The dashboard will go dark for a fraction of a second, then come back but the engine dies in this time. I've noticed if you pump the brake pedal quickly, the intensity of the headlights dim, as does the intensity of the dashboard (I guess I notice this more as all the instruments are powered by lights). I notice that the same thing happens when you turn the steering wheel (in either direction) by about 90 degrees. Sometimes this does cause the car to cut out (I've repeated this a few times and I'm sure it was me turning the wheel that caused the car to cut out). I had this happen once a few months back but didn't think anything of it however I've had this happen a number of times in the last 48 hours (some of the times was causing by me intentionally trying to reproduce the problem). Any suggestions?
  4. MRichards

    What Headlight polishing kit? Mk2 Yaris 2006 model

    Yeah I've used the 3M kit and it's really good. Better than toothpaste from my experience, worth the money (I did it at the start of the year and headlights still look good!).
  5. MRichards

    Wanted - Yaris T Sport Front Seats

    Hi, Anybody got some Yaris T Sport seats available? Seem to be struggling to find a set, so thought I'd ask on here. Thanks!
  6. I'm planning to buy a steering wheel with volume controls. My Yaris doesn't have these at the moment (2003 'S' model). Something like this but not actually this listing. Does anyone know how simple it would be to do? From what I've seen from various pictures is the volume controls have a cable which needs connecting. Should the other end of this cable be there on my car already or would there need to be modification needed to wire it all up? Thanks! 🙂
  7. MRichards

    Ant182's Toyota Sprint Series car

    I'm thinking of putting a set of those MX5 hollow spoke wheels on my gen 1 Yaris (they're spare from my dad having 2 MX5s and buying multiple sets of wheels). Did you have to do anything to make them fit? I've test fitted them (while on the jacks, they have no tyres yet) and they seem fine to me. I notice the wheel nuts aren't OE Yaris ones (maybe from an MX5?), are different wheel nuts required? Cheers :)
  8. MRichards

    Yaris T Sport MK1 cubby hole doors

    Have you tried searching 'yaris tsport breaking' on eBay? There might be someone breaking some TSports near where you live - just message them and ask them if you have what you're after :)
  9. MRichards

    Near terminal rust under 2004 Yaris?

    Some of them do go like that, there's a bit of rust starting to appear on one of my sills which I'm planning to treat this summer. TSports seems to commonly have rusty fuel pipes (look at MoT histories of 10 of them and I'd put money that you'd see advise/failure for this reason). Yeah I guess it depends the sort of life your Yaris has led - salt not been removed from the underside will be a factor I reckon. Unless you can do the welding yourself, it's just not worth repairing. Would be good to have someone look underneath it (MOT guy would've been ideal) and see how long he thinks it has before welding is required.
  10. MRichards

    2002 Yaris 1.0 steering

    So post 2002, were all Yaris' built in France?
  11. MRichards

    Cost of Garage Repairs

    If you ring a local garage up, they'll be happy to give you a quote for the work, you'll just need to supply your reg so they can calculate part prices though it's mainly about the labour :)
  12. MRichards

    Yaris 2004 tyre size

    I'm not sure what sort of wheels your car has (steels, alloys, if so, are they Toyota ones or aftermarket?), but my bet is that you're running steel wheels and someone's changed them in its lifetime (for whatever reason), hence the change in tyre size (I think this would be down to the difference in wheel offset, I don't remember too much about offset etc). Anyway, I would probably use the same tyre size (the 185 size) that's currently on there - I would say that if you bought tyres of 175 width, they'd have to be stretched to get them to fit, which isn't something I'd go down (something they do in the car scene I think, god knows why). I'd be interested to hear what others have to say as I'm not sure if I'm chatting rubbish or not haha.
  13. MRichards

    Clonking After Drop Links Replaced

    Hi all, Thanks very much for all your replies - I would've loved to reply sooner, had a busy few days/late nights at work this week! The parts were third party (especially the bushes, I'd heard how expensive they are from Toyota!). On the weekend, I will try and tighten up the drop links (I managed to find the torque setting in the Haynes manual so I shall follow that) and check its all in the correct orientation (cheers for the ASCII diagram!). If not, I will probably return the car to the mechanic and the parts replaced :)
  14. MRichards

    Great car, ride too firm.

    Increase in tyre sidewall could work (there'll be more cushion to soak up the bumps) but dependent on the mileage and life your IQ has had, it could just need new OE suspension. I'd say a new set of shock absorbers could help? New set of OE springs too could help but I reckon the shocks would make more of an impact (I'd like to know what others think?) :)
  15. MRichards

    Clonking After Drop Links Replaced

    Hi there, Just had my drop links and ARB bushes at the front replaced as I knew they'd need doing before the MoT in April and I thought I'd get them done sooner rather than later. The work was done at a proper mechanic I trust and have had lots of work done in the past. The car came back and he wasn't happy with the work - there's clonking over bumps and sometimes and you go round a corner. He said the little cup things (can't remember the proper name) that the drop links use to seat themselves were too small. The company he got the parts from said 'yeah it's a usual thing with these Yarises, give it a couple of weeks and it'll settle down'. Both the mechanic and I are very skeptical of this but we're going to give the time and see if it does settle down. I've driven it a good 90 miles already and it seems to be the same. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue in the past and how they went about it? Cheers! :)