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  1. Here or eBay perhaps, my last car I sold on Pistonheads which was great but I'm not sure if its such a popular outlet now. Great to hear of a 1992 and good luck with the sale.
  2. All sounds very good to me, oh yes the 155 I don't recall when I saw one last very rare down this way... Sounds like you got a few jobs to do Wayne and yes this weather is very hit and miss!
  3. Shouldn't be a problem for you then and it's well worth doing. I also did my lift bolts when I got my corolla four years ago and they were fairly worn, once again an easy job for you. I'm not so familiar with Alfa Romeo but they are beautiful cars, see some beautiful ones every year at the old timer rally event where I live: I was gauging the later GTV when I got my Corolla the Lusso 3.0 or 3.2 V6 It's one of the best sounding engines I've ever heard, since then they have shot up in price like most 90's cars... Like you said the Corolla is a really practical car, it's sensible with a bi
  4. Wow a red one with extra doors these rarely come up! I changed the heater matrix on mine I believe to a Brass one massive improvement, completely restored my heating to 100% and super warm for my 05:00AM drives to work. Matrix is not hard to change you'll just find yourself potentially laying upside down sideways with your legs out of the drivers window!
  5. Sure perhaps do one thing at a time, the engine isn't the best for mods but as a standard unit is immensly reliable just keep up on oil changes and do the lift bolts if needed. Fast road did me a custom middle section + mid silencer, retaining the original cat which is now removable and slightly larger piping diameter from 2 to 2.25 I think it was. I got it finished with a simple 2.5 exit backbox which is very loud but I have obtained a Tanabe muffler which is on my to do list for being adapted and fitted which should resonate a bit better. I'm right on the coast in Sandgate. You got https://w
  6. All I've done is the exhaust system at fast road conversions in Ashford, secondly the head unit for more up to date connectivity along with converting the cigarette for a dual USB with voltage readout in red LED. Kept the car almost standard for ride comfort mostly and reliability.
  7. For the sensors ideally you need to look at the live data streams and see how the sensors are reacting. I believe you can tell there is an issue when the post cat sensor is mimicking the primary o2 sensor and look our for irregular drops or spiking. Also with the sensors removed you can do tests with multimeter and applying heat to the sensor probe. Give it some and time and it will typically return possibly up to a week or a few drives depending how often you drive.
  8. It's a very generic code, but yes an o2 sensor issue is a likely cause, along with an exhaust / catalytic converter failure.
  9. Perhaps leave the battery disconnected and start over the next day. Have you inspected the coils? Only going from my car the individual coils seem to be very reliable, perhaps check the spark plugs also. Review anything you can if it's not going to cost you anything. When you describe the power as cutting out violently in your original post is there anything noticeable in the interior, does the dash cluster flicker?
  10. Not a lot in these do check Youtube that is an ideal place for comparing cars. Look for track footage but it's going to depend on the driver, car condition etc...
  11. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay!
  12. Not seen many about, try some of the people online breaking T-Sports perhaps.
  13. P0420 is a very vague code and can be a nightmare to suss out. When it states bank1 it has to be as it's a four cylinder there is no second bank (like a V6/8 etc...) I can only go off experience from my dad's Zafira A 1.6 Club. One of the o2 sensors failed causing a run rich scenario which superheated the CAT and collapsed the monolith. We had to replace the o2 sensor of course along with the CAT and all was well again, running wise emissions is good every year. The thing is the P0420 code returned no matter what, no exhaust leaks, new CAT, new exhaust system, new sensors. Found out with
  14. Really great choice and they wheels suit it perfectly!
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