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  1. Update-they have now amended the listing on line and have offered a partial refund, I had purchased this along with front and rear mud flaps plus the boot mat. Yes mk1 scuff plates are available for the 3 door however they changed the logo font and being someone who likes it to match the car, this would irritate me. I think I will look at just getting plain stainless steel ones which are widely available. Thanks for all your suggestions they have been really helpful.
  2. Thanks for the reply, what a disappointment 😩 I shall have to find something else to buy for her now...,back to the accessory brochure 😁
  3. I’ve recently purchased scuff plates from the well known online auction site using the official Toyota store. After providing my registration plate and VIN they confirmed they would fit. So I purchased the premium plates. When they arrived they were really short, approx 45cm long, so I emailed them and they have told me none were made for the 3 door Aygo ! I’ve emailed them back obviously voicing my displeasure but is this true, surely they wouldn’t make just for the 5 door? Has anyone fitted the scuff plates to a three door, I would appreciate a parts code if they are available? Many thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I have a mk2 2014 x-clusiv and I’ve noticed that there is a small amount of movement side to side on the brake pedal Has anyone else experienced this, is this normal? Thanks for taking the time to read
  5. Don't forget Gumtree, I was lucky enough to get a genuine Toyota new unused 15 inch space saver and jack set for my 14 plate x-clusiv, all with the parts stickers still in place for the handsome price of £65. I was probably looking just at the right time but it goes to show that you can find a bargain out there.
  6. I will be picking up my 2014 X-Clusive on Wednesday and I'm so excited. After the second break down of my mk1 Audi TT, it has become uneconomical for me to fix and use it as my day to day runner. That's not to say it won't be fixed, my son is going to use it for his track car but it will take some time before it gets to that point. My decision to purchase came down to two candidates, the VW up and the Aygo. I had read some negative feedback on the Up, gearbox and clutch issues. As my TT had several clutch related issues including the pedal snapping in rush hour traffic, I didn't want to go down that route again. I read about the clutch issues with the mk1 Aygo but I believe this has been rectified in the mk2. In the past we had a Celica and my daughter has a Yaris, which has been indestructible. On test driving the Aygo it was a no brainer, the steering was planted, it was extremely nippy and overall a very satisfying drive. Needless to say we purchased there and then. Ok power wise it is not the TT, never will it be but as most of my driving is in rush hour traffic this is perfect. So roll on Wednesday, can't wait to start driving again.