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  1. I posted the same a week or so ago. I have the same engine and a tapping/mechanic noise from the back of the head. I think it's from the VVT unit. Mine seems worse when hot. But doesn't affect performance and can't hear it when revs are picked up.
  2. this is the exact same as mine!
  3. This is the one I've found online for a decent price. Only difference I can see is the colour of the wire covers and mine says Ind C what ever that means?? And the second part of the long number at the bottom.
  4. There's an horrendous knocking/rattle coming from the column. Rattles like crazy over bumps in the road going at slow speeds, and also rattles (the same noise) when you quickly shake the steering wheel side to side. Weve taken the intermediate steering shaft off and it still does it, so the ruled that out and anything under the car. We then removed the steering wheel and airbag at the top end of the column and it still made the noise. It seems like it's coming from inside the column or the column shaft which runs through the electric unit. I have a feel it's where the top shaft on the steering wheel connects to the bottom shaft on the electric unit.
  5. Which is the part number on this that I need to look for?
  6. Anyone know the best place to buy a second hand steering column? Found one on eBay with the same part number from a 2009 diesel. Mine is a 2010 petrol. Would this definitely fit mine?
  7. What does this actually mean on the trip computer? Says I only have 15 miles cruise range left when I've got just under quarter of a tank.
  8. 55k miles 1.6 valvematic petrol engine. Ive noticed a tapping noise coming from the top of the engine towards the back. Mainly on idle, but not all the time. Can also hear it occasionally when driving. It's definitely not an injector tapping noise. More mechanical I'd say. Are these engine prone to a tapping noise? Possible VVT noise? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Quick update. Today I took the intermidate steering shaft off. The rattle/knock was still there, even a little be worse. Seems to be coming from the electric power steering unit. In particular the shaft the attaches to the UJ on the intermediate shaft.
  10. Hard to tell. The rattle is most prominent when doing very slow speeds over uneven ground. There is a slight knocking with the engine off shaking the steering wheel, but doesn't sound as bad as when the engine is running.
  11. Our one doesn't make it like that. Seems fine going from lock to lock. It's literally if you shake the steering quickly and over rough ground. The fact it goes when the electric steering disengages leads me to believe it's this gear rattling about.
  12. Thanks for the reply. yeah this one does it when going over rough ground aswell, a pretty annoying chatter through the column. But as soon as I go over 25 mph it stops. Im presuming the electric power motor on the rack is only in use at low speeds, is that correct? Running off of abs or speed sensors. A bit like an automatic version of the city button on fiats to make the steering lite? So the chattering seems to only be there at low speeds when the steering is lite, when the electric steering assist is being used. Does it disengage when the speed is raised then? The steering noticeably gets heavier (normal) once above 25/30 mph, that's when the chattering goes even with a quick side to side wiggle of the steering wheel.
  13. Hi, new to this. My mrs recently bought a 2010 Auris 1.6 TR valvematic. I recommended her getting a Toyota as I've been an owner or two corollas and a 2006 celica gt, which I regret getting rid of. Anyway. There is a pretty annoying knocking coming through what seem the steering column on the Auris. I've had it in our workshop today and had the speedo cluster out, steering cowling and the covers under the column. No free play or joint knackersd under the car either. It has an electric motor on the steering column, which not all Auris do I believe. There is no free play from any of the UJ's either. And it only knocks below 20 mph when the steering is lighter. Once above that and the steering becomes heavier, which I presume is the electric motors job, the knocking goes away and can't even be felt with a quick side to side shake on the steering wheel. Anyone ever had this problem or heard of anything like it? Thanks in advance!
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