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  1. Hi,I had my recall done at home early last year(pre covid) by the AA,work was completed without issues and they even ran a diagnostic check and condition check on my whole car too :-),at no cost to me. 2005 Corolla d 4d 69,000 m
  2. or https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/brakesinternational
  3. Hi,have you had your Alternator tested,you should have a charging voltage of around 14.0 volts,11.7v sounds like an Alternator fault to me.
  4. Sounds like a possible ABS fault to me,if dirt has got between the ABS Pick up ring on the Driveshaft it can activate the ABS at very low speeds,take the ABS fuse out and try braking on a quiet road if it doesn't make the grinding noise you'll need to clean the ABS sensor and pick up ring on the driveshaft.My 2005 d4 d does it with the fuse in and not with the fuse out.
  5. Posted Tuesday at 02:42 PM Hi, Isn't that normal for ABS ? Assume you are keeping your foot pressed hard down all the time, as you should. This has only started to happen in the last month,I'm talking about light braking,when you brake hard all is working as it should,especially with the EBD
  6. All brake pads have to be to R90 specification now https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECE_Regulation_90
  7. Hi,I'm have a problem with my ABS at very low to stopping speed,there are no dashlights on but the ABS "Kicks back" through the pedal ? Any ideas ? Regards,Stuart
  8. It also depends what make of pads were fitted,labour time alone could be around £50.00 plus VAT,you'd be looking at 0.5 hours per brake (£120 inc vat)plus the price of the pads.
  9. Hi,I have a 2005 Corolla D 4D,my nearside front lower caliper slide is seized solid,does anyone know where I can source a replacement carrier bracket for the 275mm disc model ? TIA Stuart
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