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  1. Completely agree - I didn't buy his explanation...it just seemed sketchy and I don't think he even wanted to be bothered. For such a great product, they have such crappy representatives sometimes
  2. Has anyone solved this? I have the same issue...
  3. Did you get this fixed? I have almost the same issue...actually worse because I have no radio/CD player either.
  4. Did you get this fixed? I have the same issue...
  5. Were you able to fix this? I have the same issue.
  6. I'm having the exact same issue - it started after having the battery disconnected due to mechanical work. Has anyone solved it? I have a 2007 Corolla and the CD/radio/SatNav system is the B9003.
  7. I wanted to add (in case it helps)...according to the local Toyota dealer, I need to purchase a disc from them to unblock the system - but with no guarantee that this disc will work if/when this issue comes up again.
  8. tokyosam - thanks for your reply - I did see your post while scrolling through the forum and I'll definitely give it a shot. Fingers crossed!!
  9. I have a total of 4 discs for the DVD sat/nav system (for different parts of Europe)...does it matter which one I use to reboot the system, or does it have to be disc 1?
  10. Has anyone solved this issue? I have a 2007 Corolla D4D with the B9003 CD/DVD Navigation system and am also getting the PLEASE INSERT CORRECT MAP DISC message, even though the correct disc in there. It's the same one that has been in there for years (we NEVER use the navigator system) but the radio and CD were working fine prior to having the starter replaced, which required disconnecting the battery. That said, is it possible to completely disconnect or disable the navigation system and just use the radio/CD, so that this issue doesn't come up again? Picture of my console attached.
  11. Non-mechanic here, so please don't take any comments I post as me questioning the far superior expertise of many members here, but rather a sign that I know very little about car engines and thus just want to be sure I don't mess things up. Someone posted that glowplugs can be tested without removing them: "The best way to test them in place is . When the engines cold switch on your ignition until the dash lights come on count to 10 then switch off do this 3 more times then start normally on the 4th attempt your engine should start ok . This will tell you your glow plugs are knackered." Is this a reliable test then? I've got a 2.0 D4D showing the same starting problems described throughout this thread and would like to take a crack a fixing it myself. I had mechanic tell me it could be the fuel filter...??