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  1. Couple of advisories at last MOT. Could these be a contributory factor? Nearside Front Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement (5.3.4 (a) (i)) Offside Front Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement (5.3.4 (a) (i))
  2. Are all IQ’s as horrendously noisy over anything other than “snooker table smooth” road surfaces? The dashboard, internal plastic and seat creaks like crazy in mine. In addition to this the ride is exceptionally firm and unforgiving and driving over even small holes results in a massive “thud” that goes right through you. I am starting to wonder whether I have some sort of problem with my suspension or something related.
  3. I’ve already been told tuff luck by Border Toyota Carlisle” and don’t intend degrading myself any further. Tbh, I’ll be glad once I’m rid of it. I use the car daily for work and though thee engine is sound I’ve had so many other annoying issues and the backup service from both “Border Toyota “Carlisle” and “Dumfries” has been, I’m sorry to say - terrible.
  4. You’re thinking of “Border Cars”. “Border Toyota” is a different dealership.
  5. I also have a problem with paint peeling off the bonnet of my 2010 Toyota IQ. Over the last few months the issue has got worse and like the original poster I am worried that soon there will be no paint on my bonnet at all as it is coming off at an alarming rate. I was so concerned that I decided to contact “Border Toyota Carlisle” where the car was originally bought. Their verdict is depressingly similar to others in this thread. First they said “stone chip damage”, then they suggested the bonnet had been re-painted to a sub standard level by a previous owner which was quickly disproved following a quick look at the cars online service history. The car does have some minor damage from stone chips but I believe as others have described, the damage is due to a fundamental problem with the initial manufacturing process. To say I am disappointed with “Border Toyota Carlisle” would be an understatement. They fobbed me off and told me “tuff luck” and suggested I try contacting Toyota UK.
  6. See, that sounds really easy but how come only one or two show as compatible with my IQ on Amazon? I ended up purchasing a set of Osram “Cool blue boost” only to discover they aren’t road legal so now have to return them and buy something else. One of the few that shows as compatible are the Osram “Night breakers” but they have poor lifetime ratings.
  7. Read this thread with interest. What are the key criteria to ensure headlamp bulbs are compatible with my 2010 IQ?
  8. This issue seems to have stopped since I took it in for new exhaust manifold recall.
  9. I had this problem too and this thread was extremely helpful. My local mechanic extended the hose as suggested ad the problem has now disappeared.
  10. Braking seems fine although it does feel erratic when the crunching kicks in. I had new pads fitted a couple of weeks back. I suspect the issue is more to do with the ABS. It is due for exhaust manifold replacement so don't know if that may be a factor.
  11. I am the owner of a 2010 IQ with 48000 on the clock and am experiencing crunching noises on braking. The issue seems worse when braking hard and particularly while going over rough surfaces and potholes and sometimes it is accompanied by the ABS light illuminating on the dashboard. The issue has been ongoing since I bought the car used in May but appears to have gotten worse of late. When it first started happening I presumed it was a quirk of the car however now I'm not so sure. Does anyone have any idea of what the cause of the issue may be? Is it possible this problem is the same as HairyNuggets a few posts below mine??