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  1. Upon more research I found diagrams on PartSouq based of my VIN number, which give part number for both: Brake pads - 044650D050 Brake discs - 435120D060 I hope this helps anybody. I've looked at the spec online of these parts and ordered Bosch equivalent from EuroCarParts for £110 total!
  2. I had similar issue recently, I couldn't tell which front tyre was at fault, but I would often get a spin wheel even on 2nd gear and struggle to keep grip when going around roundabouts. My previous tyres were at least 2 years old, if not older, with some 3-4mm thread left on them but I've replaced them both and now I get loads of grip. How old are your tyres?
  3. Hi All, I couldn't find relevant topic, please link me if there is one already that answers my question I am looking to replace discs and pads on my 2013 Yaris MK 3 1.33 VVT-i Trend 3dr model, but I am struggling to find the information on the specification needed. I believe Genuine part is 04465-YZZDS for pads, I am not too sure about discs.... From what I've gathered there are different diameter / thickness to choose from for discs: 275x22 and 258x22 Can anyone advise what the specification is? Thanks I am looking to buy them from Euro Car Parts as I can it's local to me
  4. I must agree, very slowly you can do it, but it's no like diesel engines. Same for moving in slow traffic, always need a little bit of throttle too
  5. You can hide them pretty neatly, so no cables should be visible. It's just a matter of forcefully, but carefully pulling off the trim (careful not to break the clips, etc). If anything you might have to undo few screws here and there to get behind stuff. I did aftermarket radio installation on another car, with DAB radio and microphone in headliner and there was only 1" of cable visible in total near the windscreen, everything else was hidden :)
  6. There was never really a hot Yaris (under 8 sec) before so this is a very exciting. Although it would be nice to get it in a bit subtle, tone down edition with the same engine. Keep the power as surprise to all the road users, while still looking like any other Yaris
  7. Definitely missing. When I came back home from the dealer when I bought the car, I popped the bonnet open and the cover was loose, it wasn't properly pinned down into mounting points, just laying down on top of the engine. I am surprised I didn't loose it on the way home! Not sure what year is yours, but it should be about £20-£30 on ebay to get replacement