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  1. ok, thanks, will take a look
  2. Hi everyone, my 2000 avensis 1AZFSE, has developed a petrol leak at the back of the engine somewhere. It seems to be just below the manifold somewhere, but can't quite see just where it is. It varies as to how bad it is, it seems worse when the engine is cold, when it nearly runs out of it, then when warm, it doesn't drip at all, but you can still smell it. Any ideas what it could be?. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply, will have a look at it, going to take it in to mechanic, and let him have a look, it's very strange though
  4. Hi, i have a 2000 avensis, with 1AZFSE engine, and have a fuel leak somewhere at back of engine. It is worse first thing in the morning, when it drips out at quite a fast rate. As the engine warms it gets less, and when hot doesn't leak at all. Have had it up on ramp, but can't seem to find where it is coming from. Any ideas anyone please.
  5. Just coming up to reaching 250,000 on my 2000 avensis, 1AZ FSE
  6. ok thanks, when i rang my local parts dealer, they said it was a different part number for the estate, but saloon and hatchback were the same. They wanted £75.00 plus vat for a new one, where as the secondhand one is £25.00 all in, so if you say they are the same, i might risk it.
  7. They are different part numbers, but was wandering what the difference is. The cable on mine has snapped, and was wandering if i could take the bits off one, and swap onto another to make one good one. Might have to use parts finder, but that usually adds about another £10 on for postage, and can get a saloon one locally. Thanks
  8. Hi, the rear electric window regulator has broken on my 2000 avensis estate. My local breaker has one, but it is on a saloon. Does anyone know what the difference is between them please.
  9. Mine's the same, and it's been a bit iffy since i bought it in 2004. Have had the recalls from Toyota with no difference. Scan came up with 02 sensors, so i changed all 4, no difference. Then came up with throttle body, so had that cleaned, no difference. Disconnected battery to reset, no difference. then it came up with cat no working properly, but with these having twin cats, i couldn't afford to change them, so have basicilly left it. Just clocked up 230,000 miles, and it still pulls ok, apart from the odd seemingly missfire. What can you check on the evap/ canister, not tried that yet.
  10. Hi, i've got a 2000 2.0 VVTI estaste, and just been in for MOT. He says the sliders, and carriers for front brakes are worn, and need replacing. I've had a look on e-bay, but can't really find anything i need. Does anyone know where to get these without going to main dealer. Thanks.
  11. Have you got the service book? mine is in there at the front, it has the selling dealership stamp
  12. The wires aren't for electric adjustment are they?
  13. Just had the same problem with mine. Took it apart, and cleaned it all up. Regreased it, and put it back together. works fine again.
  14. 2000 2.0 VVTI, 204000, same exhaust and cats.
  15. Hi, i read post 9, but it doesn't say why you would need to recalibrate. If you are just taking off the throttle body, and putting the same one back, why would you need to recalibrate. I would like to do mine, but i am trying to find out what it does if you remove it. Also would it reset itself if you disconnected the battery for 30 mins like other things. thanks.
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