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  1. How did it happen, please? Did you notice that the disc felt slippy and changed it preventively? or did it fail suddenly and immobilized the car?
  2. I guess it is because the engine is small. I do not have the AC on my current Aygo. But on my mk1, I remember putting the AC on was like deploying a brake parachute :D Driving with the AC at low speeds felt like driving with the handbrake pulled. In case of emergency braking, put the AC on :D
  3. Besides, the Daihatsu 1.0 petrol engine is extremely small. I think it long had a record of lightness and even equipped some planes (to be confirmed). So the engine bay is very small in the Aygo. Replacing the engine with a bigger one would be difficult, it would take a turbo 😞
  4. Hello, When I first drove an Aygo, I thought it would be a fantastic little light sporty car 😍 Simply putting a gearbox with shorter gears would make a huge change in the handling. I drove a Yaris with the Aygo engine and it felt much more responsive and dynamic. But changing the nature of the Aygo would imply many improvements (larger tyres, better brakes...). The car would be heavier, much more expensive... I am not sure it can be done easily. The perfect car is the AYGO CRAZY concept 😁
  5. The replacement of the clutch and sometimes the gearbox on the mk2 is not as frequent as on the mk1, but it is still very common.
  6. Hi, All commands of the Aygo feel particularly light: steering wheel, pedals... it is normal, you can drive with 2 fingertips and press the pedals with your tiptoes. I personally prefer cars that offer more resistance.
  7. Ok, thank you for the information. Mild hybrid cars are not what I would call hybrid cars. This has nothing to do with Toyota's HSD. I test-drove a Suzuki Swift with a SHVS engine (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) once. It is great to reduce emissions to comply with regulations. But it drove and felt like a regular car, and it had a manual gearbox, which surprised me because it was the first time I saw a manual hybrid. And the impact on the price remains acceptable. A HSD Aygo would have no boot and cost as much as a Yaris 😁 My dream Aygo would be a petrol Aygo with a CVT gearbox
  8. According to the article, it will not be a BEV or hybrid. I am glad the new Aygo will have a petrol engine. As it is a tiny city car, I feared it would evolve into an electric car.
  9. Hi! Doing hypermiling with Aygo mk1 and mk2 here 😄 I drive in the best conditions: good well-inflated tyres, no option that adds weight (bare 'X' version), 100% highway, nightshifts so no traffic, lightened car (many parts removed), often slow lorrys to follow closely to practice drafting... My experience is: - do not expect any record under 6-mile trips, trip length has a tremendous impact, my daily commute is 2 x 16 miles, which is fine - do not expect to break records if you exceed 55-60 mph, max speed has an impact - I have tested different fuels in the same conditions: the
  10. +1 It would instantly fill the car with condensation.
  11. Hi, Is it when the car is cold, only? I noticed a rattling sound during the very first miles. The faster I drive, the faster it is. I guess it is the temperature that is not hot enough because it disappears after a few minutes of driving.
  12. zuh

    Seat wear/pilling

    Something striking about the seat wear is that the foam softens very rapidly!!! I am of average weight. When I try the passenger seat, the foam is much more firm. After a few years, the driving position lowers down by a few centimers.
  13. In 2006, this indicator was not an obligation. I had the latest version of the mk1 Aygo (2014) with manual gearbox. It had DRL, airbags everywhere... but it did not have the gear change indicator. Do not regret anything, I have it on my current mk2 Aygo and it is not very helpful. It seems it lits up above a certain rpm. If you follow its advice, you always drive in 5th gear even at low speed.
  14. @slug56 The clutch and accelerator pedals are imprecise and offer little feedback. Even for a an experienced driver used to driving Aygos and wearing soft-soled shoes, I agree that certain situations such as reversing uphill are rather hard. That is no wonder given that reversing already feels special on flat grounds. You cannot make slow maneuvers such as parking with the clutch only, there is so little torque that you always have to give some gas. But it takes huge skils to adjust precisely between not enough and too much gas. I have driven all types and all generations of veh
  15. zuh

    City Car Cup

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing!!! I considered emptying my Aygo to make it lighter. I did not do it because I feared condensation on the wires. I am glad to see how to disassemble all parts and how the inside looks once everything has been removed. The flat door panels are awesome, I could buy these! 😍
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