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  1. Hi! Doing hypermiling with Aygo mk1 and mk2 here 😄 I drive in the best conditions: good well-inflated tyres, no option that adds weight (bare 'X' version), 100% highway, nightshifts so no traffic, lightened car (many parts removed), often slow lorrys to follow closely to practice drafting... My experience is: - do not expect any record under 6-mile trips, trip length has a tremendous impact, my daily commute is 2 x 16 miles, which is fine - do not expect to break records if you exceed 55-60 mph, max speed has an impact - I have tested different fuels in the same conditions: the
  2. +1 It would instantly fill the car with condensation.
  3. Hi, Is it when the car is cold, only? I noticed a rattling sound during the very first miles. The faster I drive, the faster it is. I guess it is the temperature that is not hot enough because it disappears after a few minutes of driving.
  4. zuh

    Seat wear/pilling

    Something striking about the seat wear is that the foam softens very rapidly!!! I am of average weight. When I try the passenger seat, the foam is much more firm. After a few years, the driving position lowers down by a few centimers.
  5. In 2006, this indicator was not an obligation. I had the latest version of the mk1 Aygo (2014) with manual gearbox. It had DRL, airbags everywhere... but it did not have the gear change indicator. Do not regret anything, I have it on my current mk2 Aygo and it is not very helpful. It seems it lits up above a certain rpm. If you follow its advice, you always drive in 5th gear even at low speed.
  6. @slug56 The clutch and accelerator pedals are imprecise and offer little feedback. Even for a an experienced driver used to driving Aygos and wearing soft-soled shoes, I agree that certain situations such as reversing uphill are rather hard. That is no wonder given that reversing already feels special on flat grounds. You cannot make slow maneuvers such as parking with the clutch only, there is so little torque that you always have to give some gas. But it takes huge skils to adjust precisely between not enough and too much gas. I have driven all types and all generations of veh
  7. zuh

    City Car Cup

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing!!! I considered emptying my Aygo to make it lighter. I did not do it because I feared condensation on the wires. I am glad to see how to disassemble all parts and how the inside looks once everything has been removed. The flat door panels are awesome, I could buy these! 😍
  8. 1) Sound insulation is good but not excellent. If you are used to bigger cars, you will hear and feel more mechanical things in the Aygo. If the car is stopped with the engine on, you can clearly hear the cooling fan getting on and off, for example. I don't like putting the air vent on the strongest power because it is very loud! I can also hear things under the bonnet such as the clutch mechanism. On my Aygo mk1, the car moved from right when I put the windscreen wiper on :D This car is so light. 2) As long as the water remains outside the cabin, I would not worry. Check the door seal, m
  9. Hello, I would be careful about the following parts: - Clutch, I am surprised it has been not been replaced already - Watertightness, especially in the trunk - Leaks on the water pump - Rust on the exhaust pipe - The warning button might crack ^^
  10. Hi, The color looks great! I watched videos about roofwraps, it looks quite technical: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bkj5SL79_Uw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnCVkz5hLM8 I would use PlastiDip instead, it's much easier to use for a beginner. And the layer being thicker, it offers some protection.
  11. If you start at 2000rpm, the clutch will not last long 😀 Yes, many small cars feel the same to drive. These engines lack torque. And the problem is that this should be counter-balanced by a precise and progressive clutch command, which is not the case. On the latest version of the engine (Euro 6.2) that equips the Aygo mk2, the low-end torque was increased for maximized driving comfort in town. The difference is not striking. The paradox is that 'city cars' are a pain to drive in-town and feel good on the highway. I regret to admit that I understand people who prefer buying dies
  12. Did you try to remove the hubcap to check if it was properly clipped onto the rim? If there are no scratches, maybe it comes from the moulding and it was slightly deformed upon delivery. I have hubcaps on mine and the quality is not that good.
  13. If you drive another Aygo or if an Aygo owner test-drives your car, you will know. If there is nothing wrong with your car, it will not improve, but you will get used to it and maybe eventually like it 🙂 I felt exactly the same when I bought my 2017 Aygo: 'stuck for the next 3 years'. And now it's fine. Depending which car you are used to driving, handling the Aygo is more or less bewildering. I also drive a diesel utility vehicle, when I go back to my Aygo, it is always the same shock. When my girlfriend borrows my Aygo, she does not complain, she finds it normal.
  14. zuh

    aygo shuddering

    On my different Aygos, the very first gear change 1>2 has always been painful, especially when it is cold or wet, and there is a loud clicking sound coming from the engine. But after 5 min, it gets smooth. I concluded it was the gearbox oil, too.
  15. For me, this helped a lot. Your legs and feet must feel and move in a natural way. My seating position in the Aygo was not good, hence the problems with the pedals. Yes, I confirm, the car is responsive in the first 3 gears. Not so much in 4th and 5th gear 😄 About jerky starts, I often pass by a car rental in the downtown. When I see a 108/C1/Aygo pulling away in unexperienced hands, I stay close. And very often, this results in the engine being overreved. For drivers used to a diesel engine, the difference is striking.
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