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  1. For me, this helped a lot. Your legs and feet must feel and move in a natural way. My seating position in the Aygo was not good, hence the problems with the pedals. Yes, I confirm, the car is responsive in the first 3 gears. Not so much in 4th and 5th gear 😄 About jerky starts, I often pass by a car rental in the downtown. When I see a 108/C1/Aygo pulling away in unexperienced hands, I stay close. And very often, this results in the engine being overreved. For drivers used to a diesel engine, the difference is striking.
  2. Hi, I admit that the engine does not have much torque and the pedals (clutch and accelerator) feel imprecise, which makes it hard to give the right amount of gas to pull away softly. At first, I feared driving my Aygo in-town, which is a problem for a city car. Good luck for up-hill starts will full load and the radio on and loud :D My advice: - make sure you have adjusted the seat well (advice found here): I am tall and when I am too close to the steering wheel, my legs are in an uncomfortable position that prevents me from pressing the pedals with the tip of my toes - use soft-soled shoes - release the clutch gently, when it bites and you feel the car starts to move, accelerate slowly
  3. Hi, I think you shouldn't worry. Sound insulation was much much improved on the mk2 but it remains very simple. You can hear and feel many mechanical phenomena, especially if you are used to driving an Avensis. Even things such as the ventilation or the engine cooling fan can be heard.
  4. zuh

    New Aygo Owner

    IMO, your car should not smell anything. It is not 'normal'. The fact that the engine is small only means that it does not have much torque. You need to give gas to set the car in motion. You cannot do slow maneuvers using only the clutch, which is possible on a diesel engine. The difficulty is to adjust in order to give just enough gas, not more than the car actually needs, which would result in burning the clutch. The first gear and reverse can feel odd at first but you well get used to the Aygo. Personally, I tend to think that the pedals offer little feedback. I release the clutch very gently, and when I feel the car starts to move, I accelerate very gently.
  5. Thank you for the picture! I have not started working on mine yet. I will start with painting at least the B-pillar which is ugly in white because it lays stress on the strange triangular rear window of the 3-door version. Maybe I will plaint the C-pillar as well to look like the 5-door version. Or maybe I will paint in black the entire upper half and the bonnet to have a two-tone Aygo.
  6. Hi. Impressive mileage! Your car looks great, I like the color choice. I think black signs is always a good option, whatever the color of the car. About the stripes and the rims, is it Plasti Dip or real paint? Love the eyelids on the rear lights, too. Looks like you have two tachometers? Did you do any change to the interior? I am looking for aftermarket parts for the Aygo mk2 but there is less choice than for the mk1.
  7. Ok, thank you. Sad thing you cannot have a cheap Aygo with little equipment. I guess there was no demand.
  8. Thank you for the info. It was a matter of time before the 3-door and the X trim level disappear because there is not much demand for them. Unless I am mistaken, it is already the case in some European countries. Still, it is a pity to reduce the choice! The entry-level trim is not interesting for dealerships because it enables customers to lease brand-new cars for a budget. And when they hand back their car with 3 doors, no radio and no AC, Toyota cannot sell it!!! In France, dealerships had to equip second-hand Aygo X with radios to sell them.
  9. Hi, Could it be that it's brand new? In reverse, you pay more attention to what goes out of the exhaust pipes. New cars sometimes smell hot plastic on the very first miles. When I parked mine and went back to the garage a few minutes afterwards, there was a strong smell. It faded away with time.
  10. zuh

    Sad Ending

    Do you think the Aygo will be continued if the C1/108 stop? I heard about stopping production in 2021. The problem of the 3 sisters is that they were initially intended to be budget cars, the equivalent of the Tata Nano in Europe. But they ended up being cheaply conceived but not so cheap to buy and service. In my country, a new Aygo costs almost the same price as a Dacia Duster that is much bigger. But again, the petrol engine in the Aygo is excellent. It is sad to read that it caused dissatisfaction to someone, but problems may occur sometimes, even on the most reliable products.
  11. zuh

    Sad Ending

    I am sorry about your experience, but it is hard to draw any conclusion from it. But I understand it if you lose trust in the brand. The Aygo petrol engine is known to be simple (atmospheric) and very reliable. I would even say it is the best thing in the car and what justifies its price. If well driven and serviced, the engine is very likely to outlive the other parts of the car. Some problem like yours may occur but they remain rare, as it happens with any make or model. About the Aygo, I think it is not representative of Toyota's standards of quality and general know-how. The Aygo was conceived to be lightweight and cheap, with shared parts. It is not even entirely a Toyota. When the Aygo was released, Toyota was known for the reputation of great sturdiness of the Yaris mk1. People who bought the Aygo mk1 and had mechanical problems (clutch, water pump...) were disappointed and said they thought they could trust Toyota. Buying an Aygo from Toyota's is like going to McDonald's and order a salad. It is not the best they can do.
  12. Congratulations! A 3-month wait is the standard for an Aygo. The red color is not so common, and all red cars are faster :D Great trim level, I like the two-tone seats!
  13. Hi, On my first Aygo, I removed all badges using a hair dryer and dental floss. But this left some marks. On my latest Aygo, I used Plasti Dip. I sprayed everything in black. The operation was easy, fast and cheap. And whenever I want, I can peel off the black coating and go back to the original look (my car is a leasing).
  14. Hi! I found several topics and well made YouTube videos about removing the side mirror on an Aygo mk1, or removing just a part (mirror, cap...) on the side mirror of a mk2. I would like to remove the whole wing mirror on an Aygo mk2. Does anyone know how to proceed? The experience with the mk1 shows that it is better to watch a tutorial before as parts could be broken or a screw might fall within the door. Thank you very much! Good day, 😉
  15. zuh

    Introducing Nancy

    Awesome car! These wheel covers look great, they look like rims, I wish I had the same on mine.