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  1. Hi! I found several topics and well made YouTube videos about removing the side mirror on an Aygo mk1, or removing just a part (mirror, cap...) on the side mirror of a mk2. I would like to remove the whole wing mirror on an Aygo mk2. Does anyone know how to proceed? The experience with the mk1 shows that it is better to watch a tutorial before as parts could be broken or a screw might fall within the door. Thank you very much! Good day, 😉
  2. zuh

    Introducing Nancy

    Awesome car! These wheel covers look great, they look like rims, I wish I had the same on mine.
  3. zuh

    Moving Off

    Overreving to start off is frequent. You have to give some gas if you want the car to move, even when maneuvering at very low speed. There is so little torque that the clutch alone is insufficient. The problem is that the clutch offers little feedback, resulting in jerky starts with either not enough or too much acceleration. I personally find it hard to adjust the acceleration to start off. Like all cars with little torque, I often hear Aygos starting 'pedal to the medal' to prevent stalling, it is no wonder that clutches do not last long. The technique is releasing the clutch slowly and accelerating only when it starts to bite. On the Aygo mk1, the clutch bites high and the sound insulation is poor, which increases the sound perception. On the Aygo mk2, it is even worse: the response of the throttle pedal is imprecise, with a kind of drive-by-wire lag, the clutch pedal bites very high and all pedals are much too light. The Aygo makes me feel an apprentice driver. Every time I drive it after driving a diesel car, I have to re-adapt. In town, it can be boring. Maximum difficulty: starting off uphill, with the radio on loud covering the engine sound, with maximum load (3 passengers) and wearing thick-soled shoes.
  4. Hi, I don't know what to tell you. On the one hand, I own a 2017 Aygo with a manual gearbox. After starting off, the very first time I change gear (from 1st to 2nd), the gearchange is not smooth. It feels as if there was no oil at all in the gearbox. And a few meters further on, when I change gear again, it's fine! If it only occurs when the engine is cold, I would not worry. On the other hand, it's true that many clutches have been reported to fail. The automatic gearbox is concerned as well, especially if driven in down.
  5. Hi! As you point as, the price of the genuine Toyota accessory is crazy! The tools provided look like toys that will break if you put too much force while using them. Moreover, the space saver was shaking in the boot of my Aygo, which was driving me nuts. I had to put foam around it to prevent it from shaking. On my latest Aygo, I bought all items separately: tyre, rim, jack, tools. It cost me half the price and I have the best quality available. But I admit it was quite rare and hard to find for a mk2 Aygo.
  6. I am not optimistic about the future of the smallest segment in Europe. As the article says, many automakers abandoned it. Firstly, small cars are too expensive to be interesting, in many brands, the A segment (Renault Clio, Ford Fiesta) offers much more polyvalence for a price slightly above the sub-A segment (Renault Twingo, Ford Ka+). Secondly, in some countries such as France, stupid taxes lead manufacturers to give up producing small city cars. An electric or even hybrid Aygo would be different from an Aygo: more pollution to produce, more weight, less trunk capacity, much more expensive... Personally, I just want kei-cars: affordable tiny cars with tiny naturally-aspirated petrol engines.
  7. zuh

    Aygo 'auto box'

    It is not a problem to buy an Aygo that is not equipped with the air conditioning. Much like other equipments on such a tiny car (the stereo, etc), the AC is very basic. Of course, it works and it helps. But I found it a little unpleasant because it was hard to adjust. What's more, using it has a tremendous impact on the performance! It is like driving with the handbrake pulled.
  8. zuh

    Aygo 'auto box'

    Hi, How much is the 'low mileage'? As you know, the weak point of the Aygo I was its clutch disc which failed very early. The Aygos with the MMT automatic gearbox were concerned as well, if not even more affected than manual gearboxes. My advice is that if the clutch has already been replaced (+ recently), it is fine. If it is still the original clutch, you might have to change it soon, so expect a few € of repairs.
  9. Hi, Water leaks are no longer a problem on the second generation of Aygos. Same thing for the water pump. However, the clutch is still an issue. Check out ads, you will see that many Aygos have had their clutch replaced very early, especially those driven in-town. Apart from that, it is a good reliable car.
  10. Hi, If you removed the rear bench, I am not sure that the floor would be completely flat. If I remember well, there is a kind of foot well.
  11. zuh

    Aygo wanted

    It's normal to have this feeling on an Aygo 😉 The clutch bites high. Congratulations. The only drawback about this very model is that the 3-door version is a bit less practical than the 5-door.
  12. Can you tell us the mileage of your car? Manual gearbox or MMT? What were the symptoms, what did you feel? If the mileage is low, I would ask Toyota (the head office, not the dealer) to pay the costs or at least a part. Apart from the warranty, it seems legitimate. It has been some time since I am checking the ads. An abnormally high amount of Aygos have had their clutch replaced very early. The problem was supposed to be identified and corrected since 2009. The truth is that there are many Aygos mk1 from later than 2009 and many Aygos mk2 which clutch failed. So despite what they say and how surprise they may look, I think dealer mechanics are well aware that Aygos have always had a weak clutch. Replacing a clutch before 45 000 miles is NOT normal. Even if the car was driven mainly in town, especially as it is supposed to be a city car.
  13. Hi. Yes. I guess it's normal. The sound insulation is better than on the mk1, but the engine is still clearly audible from the inside. You will get used to it. Don't worry. Why don't you shift up gear earlier, on lower rpm? It will be less noisy. This is what I do. I tried an automatic Aygo and I was surprised how high the car reved before changing gear. It sounds very Fast & Furious 😄
  14. Yes, there are videos on YouTube showing impressive results! I tried, it worked indeed but the effect did not last long.
  15. This is not an issue, simply one characteristic feature to bear in mind when chosing one's car. As you say, the best thing is to test drive the car. When I lend my Aygo, many drivers stall. While most people will certainly get used to it, a young or old driver might dislike this and end up burning the clutch rapidly.