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  1. Jealous! How're you liking them so far? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. What would be really good is if Toyota had a build tracker on their website so you could see the progress of your order. I don't want to bother the dealer every few weeks for dates etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have just finished a 200 mile drive with about 60% dual carriageways and the rest 'sort of' 50 mph with some town driving. The duals were driven at 60 mph so as to overtake HGVs, occasional 70 mph bursts and full power was also occasionally needed. A/C on continually - non-ECO mode throughout. The trip average on the display was 67.8 mpg - not bad! That's brilliant. And from a good mix of driving too. How did you find it on the dual carriageways? The only thing I'm worried about is it feeling too underpowered and noisy... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. No mines due around the 20th of next month. I can't wait!
  5. I guess Esso 95 it is then. Bizarrely my Fiancées 2000 reg 1.0 Polo runs far better on Tesco 99, its seems to just slurp the 95.
  6. Darn I was going to use Tesco Momentum 99. I pass an Esso everyday so I guess I could use their fuel. I'm just wondering about the long term benefit (if any) of using the higher RON fuel as I know they normally have more cleaning agents in them too.
  7. I really wouldn't bother with one of those... Sure fifth gear did a test and showed no difference. Plus a custom map is more suitable for modern cars and I'm sure there aren't many hybrid tuners out there...
  8. Ah fair enough, thats just something I would never have considered coming from more performance orientated cars where a bit more grip is better than a few more MPG's... Going to be a bit of a learning curve!
  9. Do you find you get any uneven tyre wear with those pressures?
  10. That's a little disappointing! I take it you're leaving good distance to recoup energy and braking gently?
  11. I can't wait for mine to arrive now, these figures are mind bending for me! My current car has averaged 22.4mpg over the last 18 months!
  12. Is that the only bit? Don't leave it within 2m of the vehicle?
  13. I've also had enough of the brand, trading in my Audi S5 for a Yaris Hybrid I've got on order in a couple of months. I've had so many bad dealings with local Audi dealership I've just had enough now.