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  1. I haven't tried removing the mount from the Prius yet but my previous cars (Focus, Fiesta, Vectra, etc.) were all quite east to remove and left no signs that they had ever been there. I've no reason to believe that unclipping the mount from the Prius would be any different.
  2. Really easy to fit. They clip between the air vent and the dashboard plastic. The sticky bit is just to give it some added strength.
  3. Alternatively, take a look at the hardwired Brodit mounts. Tailor made for car makes & models.
  4. I have both. Like others, I really like the neatness of the integration. However, if I go anywhere with the likelihood of heavy traffic or somewhere I haven't been before, TomTom is the one I use. It's far more up to date and the traffic info updates much faster. Having said that the Toyota system has better Point of Interest. My free Toyota map upgrades finish at the end of this year and at £119 per year (or £199 for three years) compared with TomTom's £14.99 yearly cost (on my Android phone) mean that TomTom will be my only navigation system.
  5. Phil: The power supply isn't my problem. Both the phone and the camera have hardwired kits. It's the routing of the phone's power cable that I'm trying to tidy up. I was hoping that I could feed the cable though the central air vent area which would make the cable pretty much invisible from the drivers and passengers point of view. Lee: Many thanks for the link - that's really useful. I still can't figure out how to remove (or even loosen slightly to get a cable through) the plastic dashboard surround.
  6. I have a hardwired dash cam and a phone mount on the centre air vent. The dash cam wiring was quite easy. I just fed a wire up the passenger side column (making sure it didn't interfere with the airbag) using a NextBase hardwire kit from the fusebox under the glovebox. It's the wire to the centre air vent I'm struggling with. I've manged to feed a wire under the dash and emerging by the steering column. It works, but isn't very neat. Probably not worth spending a fistful of cash to have it done professionally.
  7. I took another look at my dashboard with a view to taking off the top of the dash but chickened out. I'm too afraid of a) breaking something and b) not being able to put everything back together again!
  8. That's really interesting, thanks Phil. I'll take a look at it this later today and report back.
  9. You got a stage further than I did - I didn't notice the screw. I'll take another look when the weather's good enough, although if you can't figure it out I'm pretty sure I won't either! It's surprising that nobody else seems to have removed the dash yet. My forlorn hope is that Haynes will, one day, produce a manual for a Gen 4 Prius.
  10. I had another look for the clip, but still couldn't find it. Hopefully, you'll have better eyes than me!
  11. Oh! Sorry I didn't realise and i can't see a way of deleting the post 😥 Perhaps an admin could delete it for me.
  12. Sorry for 'bumping' this post but, just on the off-chance, has anyone figured out howto detach the dashboard in a Gen 4 yet?
  13. Does anyone else have problems with their QI wireless charger? I have a Galaxy S9 in, I must say, in a pretty thick case. The phone will charge happily on my indoor Samsung wireless charger and I have also fitted a QI - enabled universal dashboard charger to another car and the phone is also happy with that. However, when I attempt to use the Prius' built-in charger, the phone will charge for about 30 seconds and then stop with three flashes on the charger's led. Taking the cover off the phone clears the problem so I'm guessing that the case is too thick for the Prius. I don't know a lot about the inner workings of wireless charging, but it appears that the car's charger doesn't give as much 'omph' as any of the other chargers I use. Would anyone know if there's any adjustments that can be made to the charger?
  14. Thank you FB - I'll take my self outside and give myself a good talking to!