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  1. I had the same issue with Halfords. I wanted to purchase new types but they wouldn't want to do an alignment because of the "high voltage cable" running under the car's chassis!
  2. I asked Toyota this question and they told me that because the cast of the dipped beam was flat I wouldn't need to do anything at all to the headlights. I then merrily drove round France and Spain and nobody flashed me so I think the Toyota advice was sound.
  3. There's a couple of MirrorLink apps in the Google Play Store that seem to suggest that they will connect my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9) to my 2016 Gen 4 Business Edition Plus. 'Full Mirror for MirrorLink' is one of them and 'Full MirrorLink | Floating Apps for Auto' is another. Has anyone tried either of these and, if so, were they successful? TIA
  4. RWaggers

    Dash cam

    I read somewhere that coating the suction cup with Vaseline does the trick, so last summer I took the plunge and gave it a go. So far, so good, my dashcam hasn't fallen off.
  5. I was experimenting with an Echo Dot in the car and I was using the lighter socket to power the Dot. The next morning I found that the car's 12v battery was flat having left the Dot connected overnight. I always thought that the lighter socket in a 2016 Gen 4 Business Edition Plus Prius was ignition controlled. Am I wrong?
  6. Just in case anyone else is looking for the answer..... On my phone I went into settings -> apps and disabled 'Google'. I then long-pressed the Voice Command button on the steering wheel and the phone asked me which voice assistant I wanted together with the option of 'just once' or 'always'. I chose Bixby and 'just once'. I then re-enabled Google in the phones apps and next time I pressed the voice command on the steering wheel I had a choice of all the assistants.
  7. The first time I 'long-pressed' it went straight into Google - There wasn't an option to choose. Long-pressing the home button on the phone will select whichever is the default voice assistant (currently Alexa), so I'm trying to figure out what is controlling the command from the steering wheel - the car or the phone.
  8. When I forst read TheProfessor answer, above, the command button on the steering wheel launched Alexa on my phone. Since then, I've done a factory reset on my phone and, although, Alexa is installed as the default voice assistant on my phone, the steering wheel button press insists on launching Google. Long pressing the home button on the phone launches Alexa.. Does anone know how to tell the car to launch a different voice assistant? My phone is a SamsungGalaxy S9 running Android 9.
  9. Thanks Prof, you are a star! I have a Business Edition Plus so there is no voice control in the car and I had no idea that the voice command button had such a function. However, after testing it today it works just as you said it would! I can now happily launch Google Home or Alexa. If I default the phone to Google Home I can stream music without issue. However, if I default to Alexa the music (at least from BBC Sounds) will not stream. Still, that's a 'Googling task' for another day.
  10. Just on the off-chance, is anyone using an Echo Dot in their Prius? I'm having problems connecting the Dot via Bluetooth to the Touch 2 with Go. I set the car into discovery mode and the Alexa app can see it. However, the Dot fails to pait. I already have two phones paired to the car and I'm wondering if ther's a limit to the number of devices that can be paired to the Touch 2. I wonder if anyone has connected an Echo device via Bluetooth?
  11. I haven't tried removing the mount from the Prius yet but my previous cars (Focus, Fiesta, Vectra, etc.) were all quite east to remove and left no signs that they had ever been there. I've no reason to believe that unclipping the mount from the Prius would be any different.
  12. Really easy to fit. They clip between the air vent and the dashboard plastic. The sticky bit is just to give it some added strength.
  13. Alternatively, take a look at the hardwired Brodit mounts. Tailor made for car makes & models.
  14. I have both. Like others, I really like the neatness of the integration. However, if I go anywhere with the likelihood of heavy traffic or somewhere I haven't been before, TomTom is the one I use. It's far more up to date and the traffic info updates much faster. Having said that the Toyota system has better Point of Interest. My free Toyota map upgrades finish at the end of this year and at £119 per year (or £199 for three years) compared with TomTom's £14.99 yearly cost (on my Android phone) mean that TomTom will be my only navigation system.