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  1. Mike J.

    Speedo Inaccuracies 2014 Yaris

    From my previous posts we already know that there is an ECU speed that generally matches GPS speeds and it must be the source of the odometer accuracy.
  2. Yep, probably little chance of a Yaris PHEV now ….
  3. Some more info here: CarsNet Top 5 Hybrid Car Sales UK: Toyota Yaris Toyota CH-R Toyota Auris BMW 3 Series Mitsubishi Outlander
  4. PHEV cars are not designed to be charged en-route. In fact full EV drivers get very annoyed by such use - ecotricity deliberately changed the charging rates to get cars like the Mitsubishi Outlander off their DC chargers. PHEVs are designed for home charging with the majority of trips within the battery range, but without any range anxiety for those longer trips. You also get car preconditioning and very cheap fuel costs if within battery range. I want a Yaris PHEV as my next car - that or a BMW i3 …..
  5. Mike J.

    Another recall

    Toyota press room info ...
  6. In general. Li-ion has around twice the energy density of NIMH. Also, you can discharge and charge 'deeper' and 'harder' (IIRC). With my Yaris Hybrid as an example (the Auris has a bigger battery) it has almost a 1kWh NIMH battery that is only allowed to use about 20% of the battery (for longevity) - 40% charge seems to be 2 bars on the display and 60%, 8 bars. So it seems that Toyota want to always leave around 400Wh for long term storage, and then starting, situations. Note that in a full EV, 5 miles per kWh is easily had at 30 mph, so 200Wh that we have will give 1 mile, which it does. With a 2kWh Li-ion battery you can go down to 20% and (probably) up to 80% which could give you 6 miles in EV mode. Here's hoping! My money is waiting for a Yaris PHEV with a 2kWh Li-ion battery (it should fit under the rear seat still), heated steering wheel and pre-conditioning - I would sacrifice the spare wheel well for the plugin electrics and 4WD 🙂 - a GRMC (GR Masters of the City.
  7. Mike J.

    Speedo Inaccuracies 2014 Yaris

    From my memory of those days, the speedo specifications were plus OR minus. This changed in the 1970's. Thus an old car (pre-1970's ??) can still under-read - just like you can ride in a car without wearing a seat belt (if never originally fitted). Regarding speedo problems, a friend had a British Leyland car with the wrong axle ratio from build time (20% under reading, IIRC). He only found out when a police car paced him - he proved the speedo was reading 70 and so was let off. BL wouldn't reimburse the garage for the replacement costs ...
  8. Mike J.

    Speedo Inaccuracies 2014 Yaris

    Previously, I asked if someone without navigation (and thus without GPS) could run the app - result: <tumbleweed>. If they could, then it would be ECU speed. Have you any links to say why it is GPS speed?
  9. Mike J.

    Yaris GR Sport to be unveiled at Paris Motor Show

    That is completely the opposite of what I want and is the way the new 2litre hybrids (Corolla) are going. IMO, higher top speeds are redundant, but high acceleration is the way to go and electric motors do this best. The electric side should be boosted in our cars.
  10. I have been looking at the Japanese website and came across this version of our Yaris (Welcab). An interesting grey import for when they start scrapping them? Vitz Welcab
  11. Mike J.


    Had a look on the gazoo site and saw this which may show the extra stiffening: Gazoo underside. From this webpage that needs translation: GR Vitz (Yaris)
  12. Mike J.

    Yaris GR Sport to be unveiled at Paris Motor Show

    In theory, the existing Yaris Hybrid could be configured to have better acceleration by upgrading the software. I would imagine the eco button would be programmed with a third configuration - sports! The use of such would be limited by battery and inverter temperature but would give maximum as long as is 'safe'. I am surprised that there isn't a Toyota 'skunk works' hybrid around somewhere with such software.
  13. Mike J.

    Yaris GR Sport to be unveiled at Paris Motor Show

    This is good news for people who want to 'upgrade' their suspension to a safe and well designed system. It may also be good news if Toyota are looking to further the Yaris sportiness. I am holding out for a hybrid Yaris that can do 0-30mph in 3 seconds (it does it in 4 at the moment). In my naivety, all they have to do is upgrade the battery, HV cables and the inverters - something that could be available as a retrofit upgrade
  14. Mike J.

    Hybrid in Neutral

    The cars only charge in D, R and P and so if the battery level is low and the engine is running, then you must be in one of said 'gears'. If the battery level is high and the engine is running, then it is probably just trying to keep warm, as it were, so using N is probably OK, but not efficient. If you are in D with the handbrake on, you are wasting energy.
  15. Mike J.


    I would analyse the suspension on the GRMN Yaris and, if compatible, use those items.