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  1. I moved to 175/65x15 on original 15" Yaris alloys from ebay. No noticeable difference other than a nicer ride - note driving was mainly urban. bluResponse are my tyres of choice. Note wet grip is better with narrower tyres as less rain to squeeze away, same for snow with winter tyres fitted - not that we get much snow in Suffolk.
  2. I actively went away from the low profile 16" alloys and found the 15" with higher sidewalls far better for comfort and no noticeable difference (to me) elsewhere. Using crappy tyres can affect handling far more than a profile change. As regards weight, Parker's Guide shows that the hybrid is only 40 kg heavier than a 1.33 CVT - the hybrid's CVT (including integral electric motors) is very compact and probably weighs less than a 5 speed manual gearbox. With the extra weight (probably due to the under rear seat traction battery) near the rear wheels, the front/rear weight balance is probably best on the hybrid.
  3. Workshop manual that is available online here, so I was not surprised when the price I was initially quoted, for a gearbox oil change, went up ☹️. Note hybrid gearboxes don't really need oil changes until very high mileages - I thought £60 was cheap so booked it in only for them to phone me, nearer the date, to cancel the work for £60.
  4. This is fair - the Yaris hybrid (and all the other hybrids?) has an electric brake booster which fills up a special pressurised reservoir. All this extra stuff has to be taken into account. Similar to changing the 'gearbox' oil - standard Yaris was around £60, hybrid around £250 - the oil has to be topped up multiple times between 'drives' before the oil level is deemed correct, which is time consuming.
  5. Like Toyota hybrids, electric cars have brake disks that rust, tyres that flat spot and 12V batteries that need topping up.
  6. B mode only comes into operation when the accelerator pedal is released. It doesn't supply any regen - it diverts it away (as heat and pumping losses within the engine) as mentioned by the Toyota 'expert' above. Summary, B mode should only be used to increase retardation on downhill stretches (especially if traction battery full), that is all is was designed for.
  7. B mode (engine braking) should only be used on downhill stretches especially when the battery is full (as no regenerative braking available) - B mode effectively connects the petrol engine to the wheels as per the wiki link. The info is also in the manual, search for 'engine braking'. Using B mode by default will get you less mpg as some of your regen is actually spent turning over the engine! More info on B mode from Toyota guy: Prius car review on Car magazine which mentions: "Richard’s expertise begins with getting muggins here to do the most basic of things, like reading the manual. Contrary to my assumptions, the B mode for the CVT gearbox is, as the letter suggests, for engine braking rather than sending more juice back into the battery. And staying in it all day actually uses more fuel, as that mode prioritises engine braking over fuel saving. Who knew?"
  8. Mike J.

    Car On Drive

    Further info on tyres. If the car is not moved for a month or more, flat spotting may occur: Flat spotting of tyres advice
  9. From the manual: Air from the air conditioning system can be distributed into the glove box by opening and closing the vent. The air is conditioned the same as the air for the passenger side vent. Perishable items should not be put in the box.
  10. Our generation of Yaris had a coolable glovebox. Flip the flap open and cool air flows in (maybe hot for winter?) - there is the air duct behind the flap when glovebox closed. I guess newer Yaris could retrofit the glovebox to get the same affect.
  11. I should have said more clearly that I bought 15" alloys because 16" was too harsh for me.
  12. 03. The ride is deemed harsh - my take on it when I bought a set of 15" Yaris alloys off ebay.
  13. My 2013 Yaris Hybrid with panaroof went like a rocket to 30 mph. Figures are 0-32mph in 4 seconds, which will see off most vehicles during a traffic light GP. In the damp, the wheels would spin from zero and when the petrol engine came on power.
  14. The government figures say yes - the Yaris Hybrid on 15" got congestion charge exemption, IIRC. Also 15" tyres are more comfortable that 16" for a given circumference.
  15. I would only consider a Toyota hybrid due to its unique powertrain (CVT, etc.). If you are considering an Ionic, isn't the Corolla a better comparison - get one with a panoramic roof??