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  1. Mike J.

    USB port and a standard CD player

    I also use the usb and have noticed the aux input on the early Yaris Hybrid. I have a 16GB stick full to the brim and use the CD for new mp3s and item specific "mix tapes". I also Bluetooth stream to get another random selection of music. I like our Touch system, it goes well with my 6 year old smartphone 😁
  2. Mike J.

    Yaris hybrid occasionally fails to move

    On the 2013 Yaris hybrid, you must wait for the initial 'beep' before moving the 'gearlever'.
  3. Mike J.

    Speedo Inaccuracies 2014 Yaris

    It is possible that some tyres may actually be a few percent oversize and so, if I was involved, I would set the speedo software to take this into account as legally it must not under-read. Note that as tyres wear, the speedo will increasingly over-read.
  4. Mike J.

    CVT life

    Assuming you are referring to the Yaris hybrid CVT - it is almost bomb proof as there are no moving parts except the continually oil drenched and meshed gears. The cars have no belts to snap and all pumps (water, aircon, steering, brake assistance) are electric. Check this out for more CVT info: CVT video
  5. Mike J.

    Yaris hybrid occasionally fails to move

    Are you saying that it doesn't creep forward or back (in D or R mode) with the handbrake off? If it does creep, my guess would be the accelerator pedal system (wiring or electronic internals), otherwise ……. If you are so inclined, I would use the android app torque pro and a Bluetooth OBD2 dongle to check certain items (accelerator position, etc.) if the garage won't help - lots of good info is available including the individual traction battery voltages (well, 2 7 volt packs in series to give 15-ish volts via torque pro).
  6. Mike J.

    Four Wheel Drive Prius

    Three things to consider: screen scrape and save the details if you are going to drop 2 inches in diameter, just in case …. make sure the rolling radius is close - I can choose from 175/70 AND 175/65 …. tell your insurers first - they might not approve, but they usually like winter tyres being fitted.
  7. Mike J.

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    Toyota show what tyre and wheel sizes can be used on you car. Just put in your vin and choose winter. It seems that although my Yaris came with 16 inch alloys, for winter I can go down to 14" (175/70 - soft riding!!): https://www.toyota-tech.eu/euro5search/index?PUBTYPE=TYRE#
  8. Mike J.

    Four Wheel Drive Prius

    Toyota show what can be used on you car. Just put in your vin and choose winter. It seems that although my Yaris came with 16 inch alloys, for winter I can go down to 14": https://www.toyota-tech.eu/euro5search/index?PUBTYPE=TYRE#
  9. Mike J.

    Toyota Yaris 2013

    What is the process for downloading, or is it just screen scrape?
  10. Mike J.


    This is the same with the Yaris Hybrid, but its effect can be modified by reducing the light sensor's sensitivity. Other new cars seem to be similar as lots seem to park up (waiting for passengers) with headlights (and engine, usually diesel) running where I flip to sidelights - don't forget to switch back or you might find it overly dark on the way home …….
  11. Mike J.


    Does the PHEV not have pre-conditioning? If so, that is one of my main reasons to buy such a car in the future. You will be saying next that it doesn't have the heated steering wheel that the US have ….
  12. Mike J.

    Auto Express all season tyre test 2018/19

    Before buying, you may want to target the tyre via size from here: Tyre size and you will get here if having a Yaris Hybrid on 15 inch wheels: List of 175/65x15 tyres
  13. Mike J.

    Toyota Warranty

    My 2013 Yaris Hybrid has done 67000 miles so far and from the existing wear I imagine another 67000 is capable on the same discs. I have had 2 warranty claims, one for an aircon condenser leak and one for a Touch and go update - no quibbles and I was (and am) very happy, so much so that I extended the warranty to around 85000 miles for around £350 for 2 years. Compare the price to that of other manufacturer's hybrids and EV - usually £700 + per year to extend.
  14. Mike J.

    Four Wheel Drive Prius

    If they had workplace charging it would work for them, otherwise I suggest a Toyota self charging hybrid - I hear they are quite economic around town …..
  15. Mike J.

    Four Wheel Drive Prius

    How, this was not mentioned - fake news perhaps? Actually 39 mpg is OK for a 4WD petrol vehicle, people on speakev.com mention around 30-33 mpg without charging.