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  1. If the drivetrain (incl. battery) is cold, the 20 mph limit kicks in. When the car is fully warm (incl. battery!) the 30 mph limit will re-appear. Lower electric range will also appear with low (battery) temperatures. My average mpg in winter is 50 and 60 in summer. YMMV. The battery temperature is visible using the Android hybrid assistant app. App display
  2. True but, via the torque pro app, I believe the max power drawn is around 1kW. At this rate the traction battery becomes depleted in 10 minutes. You can notice this when parked up in the high summer with aircon on - the engine will fire up after around 10 mins.
  3. Some interesting info on the engine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_7aTQzpIOI
  4. Something which also might change is that the depreciation is around 15p per mile - main dealer purchase to WBAC prices. Three year old car to 6 year old. 15p plus 10p (fuel cost) per mile seems good to me.
  5. Don't forget that these older hybrids pay zero VED!
  6. Also, no belts anywhere, all pumps are electric - steering, water pump and servo. Heater and aircon work when petrol engine is off. Basically, the Toyota hybrids drive like full EVs but without range problems.
  7. I think it only occurs with cars that unlock automatically as you approach ….. …. but what happens if they break into a 'normal' keyless car (with a start button) and use the same key signal boosting system - will our cars start even though the doors have been 'breeched' - windows broken for example?
  8. Computer average is only 51mpg this month - mainly town driving.
  9. My guess is that you haven't got the full details. My warranty says: "Protected part - each mechanical and electrical part of the 'protected vehicle' which is not an 'excluded part' …" "Excluded parts - body, paint, trim, consumables …." Seems fine to me.
  10. When I said 'but not CVT' it was in relation to the exceptions!!!!!! The CVT and electrics are thus covered by default as they are not in the exceptions list.
  11. I took out a Toyota warranty but have not had to use it yet. I got 2 years for the price of one at £354. The actual warranty terms says everything is covered except for the stated exceptions - mainly wear and tear type stuff IIRC, but not CVT or electrics. Warranty provider is Toyota and it is a "Manufacturer equivalent cover ".
  12. A silly video from James May regarding the GRMN: GRMN unboxing Also, if you want the real thing, some are available for around £22K with minimal mileage - check out autotrader.
  13. Okaaaayyy, you referred to an article that refers to 'smart headlights', this thread is for non-smart headlights.
  14. You refer to 'smart headlights', this thread is for non-smart headlights, so you can compare. The smart headlights info is interesting, but I wonder if they cater for the over the hill situation where even dipped lights dazzle. Regarding lighting software, the whole thing (for me) started here: Tesla updates Model 3’s headlights. I wonder if it was a software upgrade?
  15. Our Yaris hybrids use the HIR2 in the projector headlights, just like the CH-R. My lights are the worst I have had in a car and this info seems to map out to my car's beam spreads.
  16. I have just noticed that headlight beams are tested in the US. Whilst the Yaris has not been tested for headlights, the new CH-R has and it also uses the HIR2 bulbs. Check out the details here: https://www.iihs.org/iihs/ratings/vehicle/v/toyota/c-hr-4-door-suv Low beams On the straightaway, visibility was good on both sides of the road. On curves, visibility was inadequate in all 4 tests. The low beams created excessive glare. High beams On the straightaway, visibility was inadequate on both sides of the road. On curves, visibility was inadequate in all 4 tests.
  17. The figures are around 8p per mile battery rental plus electricity at around 2p per mile (cheap rate) which is the same as the Yaris Hybrid at 10p per mile for petrol. Then again, you can buy a Zoe with battery included.
  18. If it is just for commuting, a Renault Zoe might be an option, you can also pre-heat the interior!
  19. A good point but it seems that some places are still asking nearly £20000 for a non-hybrid Yaris (not the GRMN which you can still get 'new' if Autotrader is to be trusted).
  20. Nope I got £18500 on the road price from the Audi configurator. Active trim is not a good trim level.
  21. I think Toyota could use its strengths (CVT, hybrid, 4WD) to better affect before EVs take over. They have the GRMN, so are interested in that area but it was so 20th century. Think of it as catering for all areas while you can - look at Colgate and toothpaste versions - they fill up the shelving with so many versions, it takes over 🙂 . Regards PHEVs, don't feel you need the usual 9kWh batteries now that the government have dropped the £2500 hand out. A 2kWh battery is fine for the average daily use of just 7 miles and this could fit under the rear seat, with the other gubbins in the spare wheel well. You also get the pre-conditioning ability.
  22. The thing is that the A1 has the digital cockpit with the lowest price around £18500, which is the Yaris Hybrid sector.
  23. I suggest you re-read my post for the answers.