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  1. Hello people i have a toyota aygo vvti 2006. its had new alternator starter motor and battery.last year. most recently my right turn indicater had started playing up.and now when i leave my car a couple of days the battery is flat.could these 2 things be related. i phoned Halfords auto centre by me and said they cant help ,id have to contact and auto electrician. has anyone else had the mystery flat battery problem. they said it might be a leach on the battery system and they cant diagnose it.
  2. Ok i spent 30 mins on each headlight im sure that will pass at the toyota centre birmingham when i have my mot and service done thanks people..i used a mop polisher and aluminium polish off amazon..
  3. Hello you georgeous aygo people.. im derek from birmingham and id like to know has anybody ever had cloudy aygo headlight lenses and polished that out..i had an advisory last year and dont fancy buying new ones..i bought a polish mop and aluminium polish off amazon,no drill yet.. has anyone has any success doing this.. thanks
  4. Sound like ,low on petrol bleeper to me..
  5. Both my window seem solid and secure like concrete..still havent had a emil reply from vantage toyota erdington birmingham..ill update my fix in a few months time..
  6. Toyota havent replied to me yet and i need my car this week.. and my insurance is just winscreen cover. i phoned the garage by me and they said they dont do glass.. i phoned the windscreen bloke local to me and he said he doesent do fiddley jobs like this,hun.. so i bear gryll’s it like a soldier.. gorilla glue £5.30 free delivery amazon..
  7. Question for me is how do i get rid of the scratch in my car door caused by the glass falling out..
  8. Right here we go.. i got some gorilla glue off amazon,allready had a couple of clamps and ill see if this solves the problem..
  9. Ok thanks ive ordered some gorilla glue off amazon just incase the toyota place by me doesent get back to me as ive emailed them about this shocking problem..
  10. Hello people the same has happend to mine yesterday,the 1 window fell out and was just hanging from the window opener and when i inspected the other glass it was just glued at the top bracket..i had to jam the disconnected glass behing the brackets for now..must have happend because of the heatwave were having maybe..i phone an auto glass place by me and he said he hasent got time to do my job but suggested using gorilla glue and clamps.. i emailed toyota vantage in erdington birmingham and see what theve goto say about this fatal floor..
  11. Hello people ive an aygo 206 the drivers side rear window totally disconnected and was just hanging down by the latch huhh..i think the glue attaching to the 2 brackets just failed so i had to jam the glass behind the bracket..also when i inspected the passengers side just the top side of the glass is glued and the bottom is totally disconnected circled in red.. would a garage have the glue to glue these back or would i have to take it to the toyota centre in erdington birmingham please..i love the aygo and knew they were cheapley manufactured but this is bad.. im shocked by this..
  12. Hello people ive got an upcoming mot and service in 2 weeks.. ive had the car a year and love these aygos.. ive a crack in the windscreen ,bottom centre my mate says is an mot fail.. has anyone had a new windcreen fitted and idea of cost please..