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  1. I am thinking of servicing my 2008 1.8 vvti Avensis myself this year, has 110k on the clock. Apart from oil change, air filter, spark plugs what other checks and lubrication are required? I will adjust the handbrake, the coolant isn't that old so will leave that, might change the gearbox oil and cabin filter. Are all the suspension components etc. checked during the MOT? Is there anything like that not covered which needs checking? What about lubrication apart from door hinges and bonnet catch is there anything that which needs doing, do I need to remove rubber boots/gaiter and grease any ball joints CV joint etc? Steering rack need greasing? Thanks
  2. Edit: I forgot I did have a point with some clutch juddering /chatter but that seems to have 'fixed itself' for now...
  3. I have the old shape T25 Avensis 2008 1.8 vvti. I bought it 18 months ago it was 9 years old with 80k miles. It has now done 110k miles hadn't missed a beat so far. My girlfriend got another one after her awful fiesta. Hers is 2007 with 60k miles, owned that for around 8 months and has been faultless too. Nice practical comfy cars good for commuting and weekends away camping etc.
  4. So in a few months I will change the gearbox oil in my 2008 1.8 vvti Avensis. It will have done around 115k by then, the previous owner changed the gear oil at 70k using Castrol syntrans multivehicle. Sometimes the gear stick can be a little stiff and it can be a little notchy but nothing to worry about at all really. My friend has the exact same car with 60k on the clock and I drove it and the gearbox feels much slicker. The person they bought it from always had it serviced at a Toyota/Lexus specialist. Also mine sounds a little bit louder (almost very slightly gravely) when revving in the lower gears but I don't know if that could be the condition of the exhaust or even just a bit more engine noise, certainly nothing to worry about though. I was wondering what the best gear oil to use would be? I have seen good things online about Redline mt90 however I have also read stuff saying the gears started grinding when shifting and people said they had to take it out. I'm wondering if it ain't broke don't fix it and maybe playing it safe and using some 'normal' gearbox fluid maybe Mobil 1 or something.... I might be getting a small lightweight caravan next summer so maybe something a bit heavy duty to protect the box....?
  5. Hi I know this has been done to death but I can't seem to find a difinitive answer. Does anybody know which vvti engines were affected by the high oil consumption? I thought it was mainly the old 99-02 1.8 but it seems people with 04 cars have had this problem as well, Corollas and avensis. I have an 08 avensis 1.8 vvti with 97k on it I've put 17k miles on it in the year I've owned and it doesn't lose a drop. Looking for a Corolla or avensis for my gf, I've read that since July 2005 the issue was solved but it seems to be all hearsay and folklore with conflicting information. Also was this just a small batch of engines or was it more widespread? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for your responses much appreciated. Sounds like I don't have too much to worry about. I knew the car has to be stopped before putting into reverse but I didn't know about waiting a second after pressing the clutch so I'll do that. So far I've been putting into reverse with the engine off and starting the car with the clutch in. It only takes a few minutes for the revs to come down, the car drives nice and fuel economy is good 😊
  7. Hi I have an Avensis T251 08 plate 1.8 vvti. Car runs fine except on startup the engine idle speed is 2000 rpm before slowly settling down to around 600-700 rpm over the course of about 5 minutes. I have read other topics on this and others state that this is normal, and normal for petrol Japanese cars however I can't believe this is a design feature. Firstly it does not go into reverse as smoothly as when the idle speed has dropped. Secondly it's a little jerky when driving through traffic. The previous owner has put a note in the log book to say the MAF was cleaned recently. I've owned the car for a few months and this doesn't really affect my ability to use the car at all but it bugs me a bit. I think I might take it in to my local diagnostics place at some point. Anybody got any ideas as to what this could be?
  8. Hi I have the b9010 navigation system and I need either a line in or Bluetooth connection to stream music. I currently use a Bluetooth FM transmitter however the sound is not great. I was wondering if anybody has experience of either of the above. The Grom is expensive at £130 whilst the Yatour is half the price at £65, I don't want to get the cheaper option if the music streaming quality is not as good though. Cheers