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  1. Community, I am having a hard time finding 2017 Corolla aftermarket parts, probably because the car is so new. I want to ask anyone who may know if 2016 after market parts will fit a 2017 SE? ie. air intake, lowering springs, black toyota emblem overlays. Thank you all! SP
  2. Looking for mod recommendations - 2017 SE
  3. Hello All, I am new to the forum and really pumped about my 2017 Corolla. It is a SE and I bought it with 23 miles on it, needless to say I am very happy with the car! I wanted to ask the forum if they had issues finding aftermarket parts for their 2017 Corollas. I am looking to make a few modifications but obviously do not want to fudge with my warranty. 1.1) Does anyone know if the TRD performance parts from Toyota fall under the factory warranty? 1) Any cold air intake recommendations? 2) I want to powder coat my wheels black, any price points out there that I can ponder? 3) lowering springs - anyone have any recommendations on height, products you all like, and cost to install/time to install 4) IS THERE ANYONE WHO KNOWS WHERE WE CAN PURCHASE BLACKED OUT TOYOTA EMBLEMS FOR 2017 COROLLA? Everything I have found was just for the back trunk emblem, nothing for the front grille. I am glad to have joined the community, look forward to hearing your feedback!
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