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  1. I run 17" run flats and it's always going to struggle on roads other that super smooth, but I knew I wasn't buying a Rolls Royce ride and don't mind it to much.... 😊
  2. Seems a marked improvement..
  3. Are these a worthwhile upgrade....?
  4. Can't be bothered with lowering, I am 50 and I kinda like the 4x4 look the car has Each to their own I guess..
  5. I bought the Bosch Aerotwin blades, much better than what I had on...
  6. I bought a set of Bosch ones for £17, much better than the one I had on...
  7. carbonxstudio only £105 delivered from China, and yes the quality is superb.
  8. Hi all, I've purchased some carbon fibre mirror covers and would just like to share the photos for your opinions. These are not stick on covers but carbon fibre laid over a replacement cover, the quality is superb.
  9. Loving the car, it's great to drive and makes me smile everytime I look back at it when I climb out..
  10. Bit poorly at the minutes as the passenger mirror got clipped and the surround needs replacing.. Paul.
  11. Hi I recently bought an IQ in orange for my 50th present to myself, loving the car...