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  1. Whilst the MR2 Roadster has very few flaws as either a fun cheap sports car or as a precision tool to hit the track with, there is one thing that we as a Club feel every owner should be aware of, and that is the pre-catalytic converters (or pre-cats for short). There have been a huge amount of questions on here since the forum began regarding these, and this thread is here to hopefully answer any and all questions that have cropped up about the pre-cats, as well as dispel some myths about them. *Please note: The Club neither encourages nor advocates the interference with emissions equipme
  2. Steve

    Happy Birthday cfc1!

  3. Hints and tips are.... http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=65122 The forum for the problem discussed here can be found... http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=61112
  4. No.. they can still be twitchy in the wet.. it comes from being mid engined and rear wheel drive, but thats where the fun is, it's so easy to drive them if you know your limits. The 2003+ models came with bigger and wider rear wheels and some extra bracing to make the car handle slightly better than the older model, but there is still plenty of room for improovement and plenty of aftermarket options to choose from, everything from anti-roll bars to chassis braces. The most important aspect of the handling is the tyres, keep all four corners the same make and model (tread pattern) and maintain
  5. This gets really annoying... 1. Mod bashing... again, it's why I got sick of this forum and stopped posting so much. 2. What has this topic got to do with the Toyota Hybrid/Prius? This sort of topic should be in general discussions, but no.. no-one uses it, instead they post on their own marque forum even although it is completely irrelevant to the section. If the members of this club used the forums the way they were designed to be we could find that meets would be better attended as we might just get to know other members from other parts of the forum.. but thats just too much to ask.. isn'
  6. Les.... I'm sorry mate but I do not understand why you would expect any input from member who did not attend. If they were not part of the event why would they be part of this thread Sorry Steve I should read paragraph 3 more often. ;) I foolishly thought that if there was ANY reaction to what a Toyota Owners Club meet (Yes it was a Toc meet) can be like, there might be some enthusiasm from members wanting to partake in something similar and give encouragement to organisers of any future events but sadly this is not so.......as expected. Steve.. this is in no way aimed at you personally,
  7. No hiding from anyone eh! lol
  8. Fizz... nothing has changed, it's just that perfunctoriness has grown Still... good to see you stopping by .
  9. Why a metal bucket?.. did someone break your plastic one last year? I will be attending this year, but like Hou I don't know who with. I have already had a couple of offers from elsewhere and both.. no offence to the company on TOC which is always fantastic.. are more appealing at the moment. Should I not be on a TOC stand I will most certainly spend time getting bladdered with friends who will be
  10. Hi, I saw the Pillar Pod on the MRS, any indication where I can get one from. It's a right-hand one like the one in the photo. Thanks

  11. Sassenach is a word used chiefly by the Scots to designate an Englishman. It derives from the Scottish Gealic Sasunnach meaning, originally, "saxon", from the Latin "saxones"; it was also formerly applied by Highlanders to (non-Gaelic-speaking) Lowlanders. As employed by Scots or Scottish English-speakers today it is usually used in jest, as a (friendly) term of abuse. Not racist at all.. merely the use of an adjective which points out (Dsignates ;) ), in this particular use of the word... an English person in a crowd of non English people. The diiference between racism and (friendly) banter
  12. What we want to know is... What type of event would you go to? What would you want to do at a regional meet? ..and of course... Why don't you go to any meets that may get organised or talked about? We could post up a regional meet, get 20 odd names saying they will go and when you arrive there are 3 people who bothered to show up... we want to know why so we can improove things and get people together, the more often it happens the more you get to know other members, before you know it youre going to regular meets (aswell well as shoows and events) and thouroughly enjoying yourselves. Where is
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