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  1. No.. they can still be twitchy in the wet.. it comes from being mid engined and rear wheel drive, but thats where the fun is, it's so easy to drive them if you know your limits.

    The 2003+ models came with bigger and wider rear wheels and some extra bracing to make the car handle slightly better than the older model, but there is still plenty of room for improovement and plenty of aftermarket options to choose from, everything from anti-roll bars to chassis braces. The most important aspect of the handling is the tyres, keep all four corners the same make and model (tread pattern) and maintain the staggered set up with wider tyres on the rear, failure to do this will seriously impare the handling charasteristics of thye car..

    Ss far as improoving the handling goes, the same changes can be made to both pre facelift models and post facelift models, so don't let that be a factor in chooseing a car.

    The biggest and, argueably,most important change to the post facelift car was the change in the piston ring design, the newer designed engine is less likely to suffer from oval bore syndrome.. or more commonly refered to as pre-cat failure (which is in actual fact a symptom of oval bores), so if you can get a good facelift car all the better.

  2. This gets really annoying...

    1. Mod bashing... again, it's why I got sick of this forum and stopped posting so much.

    2. What has this topic got to do with the Toyota Hybrid/Prius? This sort of topic should be in general discussions, but no.. no-one uses it, instead they post on their own marque forum even although it is completely irrelevant to the section. If the members of this club used the forums the way they were designed to be we could find that meets would be better attended as we might just get to know other members from other parts of the forum.. but thats just too much to ask.. isn't it.

    So instead of having a go at the moderators.. use the forums properly and make it easier for them... just a suggestion.

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  3. Wow!....The input from club members who couldn't make this is really....................Unsurprising :rolleyes:

    Les.... I'm sorry mate but I do not understand why you would expect any input from member who did not attend. If they were not part of the event why would they be part of this thread :huh:

    Sorry Steve I should read paragraph 3 more often. ;)

    I foolishly thought that if there was ANY reaction to what a Toyota Owners Club meet (Yes it was a Toc meet) can be like, there might be some enthusiasm from members wanting to partake in something similar and give encouragement to organisers of any future events but sadly this is not so.......as expected. :rolleyes:

    Steve.. this is in no way aimed at you personally, so please don't read it as such.

    Input from members who did not attend.... would be nice to get opinions on whether or not it would be worthwhile organising the event fot TOC members next year.

    Reaction to what a TOC meet is like... so far we have absolutely nothing worth bothering about, except for a couple of posts. In days gone by this thread would be on page 4 by now with people ooohing and ahhhing and saying what a fantasticx time they had or saying they wish they could have went.

    The only thing the members of TOC have on meets is apathy, 100% apathy, no-one can be bothered organise a meet, if they do.. no-one can be bothered to attend. This club used to be full of friendly people who you could meet up with regularly, now... for me anyway.. it's full of faceless usernames with no interest in anything meets related, it's no wonder Les has said this was the last event he will organise for TOC.

    People will think I'm a hypocrite for posting this as I didn't attend this event and they would be right, but a 682 mile round trip and only one day off at the weekend makes my excuse reasonably understanding, there are people on here who couldn't care less about it even if it was 20 miles away. In my defence I will say I done a 568 mile round trip for a BBQ (which I was late for, but still got fed and some liquid refreshments... oh!, and I only got 4 hours notice that I could attend)

    I have recently wondered why I even bother coming here anymore, or why I am indeed still a moderator (think that hat should be passed to someone else) I have lost interest in this forum because I hardly know anyone on it (see above.. faceless usernames) and thats because the members on it have no interest in meets, they won't even post their opinion on a few photo's or a video for god's sake... it's time the members here debated whether or not they actually need a meets section anymore.. because it's surely the least used section here?

  4. Why a metal bucket?.. did someone break your plastic one last year? :rolleyes::lol:

    I will be attending this year, but like Hou I don't know who with. I have already had a couple of offers from elsewhere and both.. no offence to the company on TOC which is always fantastic.. are more appealing at the moment. Should I not be on a TOC stand I will most certainly spend time getting bladdered with friends who will be :yahoo:

  5. Thats what I like to see, Racist remarks by a mod on a posting about not being racist, You can't write this stuff.... :yahoo:

    Sassenach is a word used chiefly by the Scots to designate an Englishman. It derives from the Scottish Gealic Sasunnach meaning, originally, "saxon", from the Latin "saxones"; it was also formerly applied by Highlanders to (non-Gaelic-speaking) Lowlanders. As employed by Scots or Scottish English-speakers today it is usually used in jest, as a (friendly) term of abuse.

    Not racist at all.. merely the use of an adjective which points out (Dsignates ;) ), in this particular use of the word... an English person in a crowd of non English people.

    The diiference between racism and (friendly) banter ;)... oh!.. and I could write better lol.

  6. What we want to know is...

    What type of event would you go to?

    What would you want to do at a regional meet?

    ..and of course...

    Why don't you go to any meets that may get organised or talked about?

    We could post up a regional meet, get 20 odd names saying they will go and when you arrive there are 3 people who bothered to show up... we want to know why so we can improove things and get people together, the more often it happens the more you get to know other members, before you know it youre going to regular meets (aswell well as shoows and events) and thouroughly enjoying yourselves.

    Where is the Scotlands meets???? I've been to more meets with another club in 2 years than I've been to in the 6 years or so I've been a member here.... so something isn't right.

  7. Steve, I havn't taken that view, but since that point of view was brought up (I agree, both sides need to be looked at) I thought I would post the reassurance.

    The moderating team we have are very good at what they do, we have a mixed bunch from various backgrounds, we even have close friends (forum members) who we can also PM and ask for opinions on certain matters. Moderators get picked with this in mind. So everyone can rest assured that every avenue gets looked at before such decision is made. In this case it was felt that the very thin line between "banter" and racism/sectarianism was crossed, whether or not it was deliberate or not is, unfortunately, irrelevent in this case.

    In this day and age people really need to think before they post, look at how others will perseve what they have writen and act accordingly, the times we live in have changed considerably in recent times and as such so has the way we must express ourselves, if we don't then we have to take the consequencies of our actions. This is not just on public forums, but in every day life aswell. If we fly with the crows, we get shot with the crows.

  8. I would like to think that at my age I am quite capable of telling the difference between racism and banter, being from Scotland and supporting Celtic football club I am more than able to tell the difference between sectarianism and banter, racism is pretty much the same thing as sectarianism and banter is simply banter.

    The member who was banned posted a racist joke, he/she knew it was racist as he/she tried to disguise the racism by changeing certain words, this stupid act highlighted the racism even more and if anything made it worse by bringing religion into it, so essentially we had racism and sectarianism in the one sentence.

    My decision to ban this member wasn't taken lightly, I asked for the opinions of other moderators in the mod section, I also asked the opinions of a couple of offline friends who I thought may have been offended by the nature of what was posted.. the decision was unanimous, people of different backgrounds all felt the same way, a ban was the regretable outcome.

    If this is wrong then I for one would want nothing more to do with TOC, I've been a member here for many years, I visit every day and recently there has been a spate of racist posts, (some you may have seen, others you wouldn't have seen) TOC never used to be like that and I hope it never becomes a place where I would be embarrased to represent.

  9. It has become apparent that racism has made an appearance on this forum, I wish to take this oppertunity to remind each and every member that this will not be tolerated and anyone found to be posting racist material will be banned from the site without hesitation. This includes jokes, pictures and any other material deemed to be of a racist nature.

    One member has already been banned, so please think and read through your post before hitting the submit button. If you find any material on the forums you think is racist please use the "report" button to bring it to our attention.



  10. Maybe our new member has just "came out"?

    Buck = Male...

    Ever since he had a pet mouse called Jerry, buck's/male mice have been MR2's and female mice are Celica's and he has been seeing 3 males and a female, I think we may have a bi-sexual Zoophiliac.

    Welcome to TOC :rolleyes:

  11. Go to the breakers and buy yourself a set of steel wheels in either 13" or 14", if you get 13" then you want 155x13 (155/80x13... two ways of writing the same size) or if you get 14" wheels you will need 175/64x14 or 185/60x14 (both are approx the same rolling radius and will fit on the car without any issues), get a set of winter tyres for them and your sorted for the next few years at least, but good luck in 1... finding winter tyres in just about any size.. and 2, at a fair price.. since October prices have tripled and supply is short, so supply and demand is dictating the price.


    As alfiejts has hinted at, you could use the oppertunity to treat your car to a nice new set of 15" alloys (195/50x15) and buy winter tyres for you current steel wheels (155x13 or 175/70x13... same rolling raduius), then when the weather improoves, fit your new alloys on.

  12. The repair fluid was supplied as new with the Rav 4, which doesn't work, and Customer Care Statement is that a Toyota Garage will repair it.

    I have no Idea on the type of gunk that is supplied with the Rav... as for a Toyota garage/dealer repairing the tyre, will probably cost an arm and a leg, try a small local/family garage/tyre shop as they maybe more likely to repair the tyre than a multi-national company.

    So is it fair to say that Toyota Garages could be putting us at risk repairing something that the rest of the industry will not.

    I contact three national companies that day they all said its against company policy.

    They key part in that statement is "it's against company policy", this doesn't mean that a tyre would be unrepairable or that it would be in a dangerous condition if it was repaired, all it means is that that particular company's policy is as such that they won't/can't carry out the type of repair required. Again try a local/family garage for a repair as most don't have these "company policies", if it's safe to repair they will (or should) be only too happy for your costom.

    As for Toyota's position on it, I can't answer that on their behalf, all I can say is that they aren't breaking any laws by supplying the gunk instead of a spare wheel... as long as the gunk supplied is up to British Safety Standards, which it will be... what they are doing is saving a lot of money, or cost cutting as we know it better.

    If you still have the punctured tyre take it to a small local garage and let them have a look at it, if it can be repaired get it done, then off to a breakers for an all important spare wheel.

  13. Whether or not a tyre filled with this god awfull stuff can be repaired or not depends on what type of gunk is inside it, some are like foam which can easily be cleaned out, some are like a milky liquid which again can be easily cleaned out, but others are as thick as tar and as sticky as a sticky thing in stickyville... this is extremely difficult and very time consuming to clean out, even after you think it's cleaned out there can still be a residue left on the tyre. To repair the tyre, the surface needs to be preped, clean and dry, any contamination of the area will mean that the repair won't adhere to the tyre resulting in tyre failure. Most places won't even begin to attempt a repair on a tyre filled with this thick sticky stuff. Lesson learnt?

    If your tyre has the foam or milky liquid then I think you may have been taken for a ride, OK it's a little more time consuming to clean the tyre out.. so charge a little more for the repair to compensate for the extra time (and water... might be on a meter ;)) taken.

    As for these type of sealants actually working to begin with, well.. I've never came accross a product yet that does, we even had a sales rep in at the garage trying to get us to purchase a load of this stuff.. his sales pitch was for us to put this stuff into the tyre when we fit them, this would then prevent the tyres deflating in the event of a puncture. He got his demo tyre/wheel out of his van and filled it with his product, he then stuck a pointy screwdriver thing into the tread and rolled the tyre about so that it would seal up the hole... after 4 attempts he put his demo in his van and drove away.. extremely embarrased.

    Ok, we know that they don't work (or any I've came accross anyway) but what if your lucky and the product does work.......

    You notice your tyre is flat/soft, you fill it with gunk and reinflate the tyre... all sealed, job done.

    You then forget you had a puncture and don't go for a proper repair

    You travel down the motorway and 70mph, you (unknowingly, because you didn't check.. all you did was put gunk in) have a 2" nail near the sidewall of your tyre..............

    Whats the possibility of a fatal accident??

    If you haven't got a spare... get one, if you can't get one... join a breakdown organisation, we have a choice, just don't depend on tyre gunk under any circumstances, in the long run it will only cost you more money.... or worse.

  14. Unfortunately this question cannot be answered on a public forum as instructions on how to break into the car would be given out, obviously this information would be very handy for a thief. I suggest you contact your local dealer, the police or your breakdown recovery company for help with your problem.

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