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  1. We'll keep our electricity, our gas, our water and our oil... then we'll see who the wealthy nation is ... don't forget that Scottish waters and everything in them will be independant too.... so, untill independance day comes.. get our subscriptions paid now.;)
  2. With all those faults (and probably more you don't know about) and a dealer who appears, on the face of it, to be absolutely clueless... I would walk away now. Now the personal view.... Not to mention that a poor MR2 has been butchered up to look like something that it completely fails to resemble any any way shape or form, if you want something that looks like a Ferarri... buy a Ferarri, if you want a fast MR2 buy an MR2 turbo, you will get a far better car for your money and it will turn just as many heads if you do some tastefull modifications.
  3. Things to check.. O2 Sensor (Bank 1) Maf Sensor (clean with carb cleaner) Vacuum hoses an air box connections. (aftermarket filter?.. check connections and that they are routed how the should be... your connections could be sealed, but plumbed up wrong) Throttle body gasket Inlet manifold gasket (freezing temperatures can cause problems here) Purge valve Personally I would get a smoke test carried out (it's better for this to be done when the engine is cold, when things get to operating temps any leaks could seal with the changes that come with heat), this will indetify the location of any vacuum leaks, then get the voltages checked on the O2 sensor to see if the problem lies with that.
  4. Happy Birthday Anne Tell Dawsey to buy me a drink too and I'll join you ;)
  5. The valves on Renault Citreon and Pugeot can be unbolted from the rim and re-fitted to another rim, if the Rav uses the same type of valve.. as in the way in which it attatches to the rim, then I would think there is a good chance it can be swapped to another alloy. If you are just trying to do away with the "run flat" tyres then you are going at it the wrong way, as far as I know there is nothing special about the actual tyres (correct me if I'm wrong), the "run flat" system is a seperate piece of equipment that is fitted to the rim inside the tyre, this can be removed by any Bridgestone approoved fitter (Mostly Toyota Dealers only) and the tyre re-fitted without it.. the valves can probably be left in or removed and re-fitted during this process. If you are looking to replace the alloys with something you feel to be more stylish then swap the valves to the new rims and see if they continue to work.
  6. cfc1

    Wax Removal

    I use lighter fuel.. you can also use a little petrol, but be carefull.
  7. Red Yaris owns a Merc these days ;)
  8. P0380 Glow Plug/Heater Circuit "A" Malfunction I would say that it's a glow plug bit the bullet. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=76527
  9. I saw an AY60 reg on my way home from JAE.. can't remember if it was the M1, A66 or M6 though.
  10. I'll ask the obvious... did you reset the ECU (disconnect the battery) or use a code reader to turn the light off?
  11. I'm glad I live in Scotland.. it's illeagle here. I would follow the advice and see if you can find out if the person who clamped you is badged up and legally clamping people... if not, take them to court.
  12. Here are some of mine... !Removed! hell.. look what Mel gave birth to. There was also one or two cars to look at.. Still uploading more.. will add the link later. Edit.. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v246/cfc/JAE%202010/
  13. The topic titles that could be..... "When you go to the toilet during the night......" "Curly Wurly" "Daddy Love" "Has anyone seen my bucket?" "Bouncing Boobies... you know who you are" "Hou pulled at JAE" There was so much going on, it's like going to see a top comedian then trying to remember the jokes... you never can. I agree, the last night has to rank as one of the best nights at JAE.
  14. Thats us home in record time.. and what an absolutely fantastic weekend, was good meeting the new friends and also goos to catch up woth old (and older looking ;)) friends. Thank you all for the fun and frolics.. roll on the next one.
  15. Leaving here right now... see you guys soon.
  16. Anybody got shot glasses?.. I'm bring a litre bottle of jagermeister :)
  17. Got them. Left it too late to buy online.
  18. A shop in Stirling.. !Removed! 12 quid a pop though.
  19. We are buying our space hoppers today :)
  20. Best vidoe of this type I've seen in a long time.
  21. Caroline and I will be able to lie down and sleep in ours.. other than that.. don't need it for anything else
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