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  1. Personally i would go for an MR2 Roadster. OK the MR2 is a harder car to drive than the MX5.. but the MR2 is a slightly faster car..(according to our friend.. or should that be fiend.. Jeremy C). I also feel that in the looks dept the MR2 Roadster winds no question. Once my Yaris is paid for i only had it 6 mnths and its fantastic... I will be getting the Roadster at around 17 grand it can't be bad.
  2. Just get on to the dog and bone to Envy and buy some!!! £171.75 for 4 Toyo Proxes T1-S delivered in a 195/45 R15 fitment! ← That is a very reasonable price for the Toyo's.. i am a tyre fitter.. at work we supply and fit the 195/50x15's for £40 a pop the 185/55x15's work out at around £75 a corner so your £171 looks a great buy.. get on that blower as soon as the purse strings allow you..( or wait till the wife has gone to the bingo then get them) ;p.. if you need them fitted.. shop around it can vary from 5 - 10 quid a tyre..fitted valve and balance. Should i take some more pics?? close ups or summit or have you seen enough? lol
  3. lol.. i am gonna use the 15" as winter wheels... and my mrs is learning to drive so might need em on a more permanent basis sooner than i think ;p.
  4. The full kit is Booster.. it's the Rally type spoiler... the wheels are 15" MVK3's with 195/50x15 Toyo T1-S tyres but hopefully after christmas i will get a set of 17" alloys with spinners.. 205/40x17 tyres. The exhaust is just a tailpipe btw with L.E.D's built in lol
  5. sorry both in the same post made the board look terrible so i posted the other pic here
  6. I still have the standard Toyota cd player tape deck and radio.. but i added a 10 disc mp3 player... it's an F.M. Modulator it plugs into the back of the excisting radio and u just tune the radio into it.. np's and u get a control panel and a remote. The cd changer itself goes in the boot or wherever u want to put it :)
  7. So the booster addon simply replaces the lower tin part of the rear bumper?? Cheers Matt ← The full Booster kit is a dream to fit.. i have the kit as featured on the RED yaris on the Boostertuning site... it all bolts together and everything lined up perfectly 1st time its a quality kit and looks superb in black with tinted windows :). I i could post a pic of me car i would HELP!! ps. i have a 51 plate (phase 1 i think) 1.0 gs model ok managed to get some pics up.. hope i havn't broke rules or offended anyone in any way appologies in advance if i have
  8. I have a set of 15" MVK3's with 195/50x15 Toyo T1-s tyres perfect, no problems whatso ever. Soon upgrading to 17" 205/40x17 Toyo T1-r's. :D Toyo's are standard on (Mitsibishi Evo 6).. among others Wish i could post a piccy cos i got the Boostertuning bodykit on it too looks superb just need the I.C.E. now :)
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