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  1. Although the picture doesn't show it very well, the ones on the Prolex site are the exact same as the ones with the cowboy hat.. they just have the JDM screaming eagle instead. Here is a better picture. http://www.todoautos.com.pe/attachments/f50/136724d1225133094-vendo-toyota-mr2-ano-2002-dsc00604.jpg Zoom in on the wheels. Give Dave @ Prolex a call and he will sort you out.. that's if you like the JDM caps over the standard cowboy hat ones.
  2. A 3 man tent aint huge... we just bought a Vango Beta 350, it's a 3 man tent with a good size storage area too. For a huge tent see the other topic ;) http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=113385&pid=1039306&st=40entry1039306 Jappy also has a huge tent.
  3. On the last couple of occasions that I have attended, I won the TOC prize of biggest erection with my old tent (same as this)... Last year we deceided to downsize, but it went wrong and we bought this one... Its just a shame that it doesn't fit in the MR2 or it could have given us all somewhere to sit if the weather isn't on our side... and as it doesn't fit I had to buy another tent for this years JAE, we got 3 man tent. As long as our pitch area is big enough you should be OK with a large tent.
  4. http://www.prolex-uk.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=170_263&products_id=653
  5. Yes it does.. you have to unplug the softop cable and plug in the hard top cable. Feel around in the area for a slot that the softop cable plugs into when not in use.. it doesn't have any power, it's just to stop it hanging loose.
  6. If you open the latch at the windscreen there is a sort of flap that pulls out and upwards, once you do this you will reveal a hex nut.. tighten it a little at a time untill you think it is tight enough to stop the rattle.. don't go too tight though.
  7. 1st of all, welcome to TOC. The first question is this.. does the demister on the softop work? If the answer is yes, then follow the wire from the glass down under the parcel shelf ans into the rear storage bin behind the driver seat, with a bit of luck you should be able to feel where it is plugged in. Unplug the softop wire (there is a little place near where it plugs into for storing it safely for when you want to re-connect it) and plug the wire from the hard top into the connector you just unplugged the softop wire from. (just to be 100% clear.. the hardtop has a seperate cable for the demister.. it does not use the softop cable in any way) If you can't find the wire, then you might have to do a little more dissasembly work to get to it.. this guide to fitting a hardtop will help.... http://www.mr2roc.or...ing/hardtop.pdf
  8. Awee, poor Henry.. goos to hear he is on the mend now though.. he'll be chasing that wee ball around again in no time :)
  9. But you didn't answer the question
  10. Are we going to be getting drunk at JAE?
  11. Well steve.. it will mean we will both look more like you. Touche?
  12. My son got his first tattoo today (very proud moment lol) and I think it looks absolutely stunning. Without Darkness There Can Be No Light... He is well chuffed with it, cracking job IMO. What do you think?
  13. The normal rules for a space saver is... No faster than 50mph No greater distance than 65 miles.
  14. Ultimate Auto Wax/Polish Concept Detailing Carnuba Detailing Premium Shine Tortoise Wax ;)
  15. Wait till JAE... I'll show you nice, and we'll all be laughing at.... ooops, nearly let the cat out of... sod it, you know the rest and I can't be bothered typing it out in full, so I won't bother ;)
  16. I thought I would be nice and point out his mistake...
  17. I thought this wasn't untill the 8th??? The kids had had enough of Flamingo Land so we headed home today.. If thats the Helmsley Road then onto Sutton Bank we would have past there around 10:30 to 11:00 am this morning.. could easily have made the meet if it was today :(
  18. I had a quick google, it seems that any time the CEL comes on in an SMT the ECU disables the VSC and TRC to save too much load on the engine (sort of safe mode) hence why the the TRC/VSC light is on telling you the system is turned off. No idea if or why this would be affecting the A/C or if it is just a coincidence, perhaps your A/C just needs a re-charge.. which it will by now if it hasn't had one since new. Davy
  19. I haven't used "them" since I was a teenager I also spent time with my face in a wall when I lost control, I also vaguely remember that it was more to do with alcohol than space hoppers though We won't need bandages... the injuries will be too severe for them to be of any use, but not to worry, it's not like it's a kerbed wheel or anything else really serious, we'll be fine ;)
  20. http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=306 Stop argueing.. start drooling. (worth a read)
  21. I'll be in Pickering from Tuesday to Friday, then heading home... :( Have a good one guys.
  22. C'mon guys.. don't be shy, no-one there will really know you, other members of TOC will be doing it, so get your names down and be someone else at JAE ;)
  23. P0141 = O2 sensor heater circuit malfunction bank 1 sensor 2. Bank 2 has 1 sensor (on the manifild) Bank 1 has 2 sensors (one on the manifold..sensor 1, and one next to the main cat.. sensor 2) As you would have worked out by now, the two sensors on the manifold which you have already replaced will be perfectly ok, all along it's been the sensor next to the main cat. The problem with the sensor is the heater, these heat up for a very short time when the engine is cold so that it sends the correct voltage to the ECU, once the engine is warm the sensor itself is hot enough and the heater cuircut isn't needed. This sensor doesn't interfere with the fueling, so the fault won't cause any problems (other than the CEL), you can fix it with a resistor as described here... http://www.mr2roc.or...tor+fix#p146489 (worth a read) Should you deceide on a new sensor (read the link above first) then it's probably cheaper going to http://oxygensensors...680&height=1050 just check exchange rates etc. Of course, if the wires on your other sensors reach, you can use one of those.. just hope you haven't binned them yet.
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