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  1. It's very strange how tyres can affect things. We fitted four brand new tyres onto a car (same make of tyre on all four corners) and done the allignment, the guy came back in half an hour later because the steering wheel was out of centre. We re-checked the allignment and it was fine ( our gauges are calibrated every 6 months and had only been done the month before, no other cars came back in with this problem, so we know the gauges were fine) so we swapped the tyres from front to rear, the car was the same, so we swapped the left front with the right front.. again the car was the same, so we swapped them from front to rear again, making sure that the original front tyres were also swapped from left to right, the car was perfect, the guy even came back in two weeks later to let us know it was still good. I can only assume it could be down to what I refer to as the "run out" on the tyre, the lines you see running round the tread of a new tyre all mean different things, what they are is a bit of a guess as different manufacturers use different coloured lines, the Idea with the run out line when fitting tyres is to fit the tyre with the run outs going in opposite directions... I'll try explain... If you rolled a tyre in a straight line it will either veer slightly to the left or the right, this is the run out (balancing wheels when fitting helps reduce this to a good extent) the manufacture will do a test to determine which way a tyre will veer and a line is put onto the tyre to indicate left or right, when fitting the fitter shoud try and mount the tyres onto the rim with one side veering to the left and the other veering to the right (it doesn't matter which side of the car, as long as both sides go in opposite directions) if all the tyres were fitted so that they all veer to the right, even with the allignment and balance being spot on, the run out (or natural track) of the tyres can pull the car to to the right. Maybe that is the issue you ae having, it would obviously be better if you had a matching pair of tyres on each axle rather than the mix that you have now, if you can't swap your tyres from side to side because they are directional then get your local fitter to change the rotation of the tyres around and see if it helps.
  2. I have sent a PM to both bali hi and Pheonix999 detailing the reasons why I felt the signature was unacceptable, I hope they understand them (I'm sure they do) so lets draw a line under it on this topic and keep any further discussions to PM's. Back on topic(ish) lol
  3. No, I'm not.. the phrase on the flag is bigoted and offensive, much the same way as a racist slogan on a flag. I'm not saying bali hi is a bigot, he is probably just associating the flag and phrase with the football club (who have actually banned such flags from their stadium.. allegedly) and doesn't know any better.
  4. I have shrunk my signature Les , hope it is now acceptable , cheers :) It's not acceptable, the slogan written on the Union Flag is sectarian.. please remove it.
  5. 1st one of 2010.. thread revival
  6. When hand washing the car its better to use the two bucket method, have one bucket of nice soapy water and another with clean fresh water, after each application of soapy suds use the fresh water bucket to clean out your sponge/mit/microfibre cloth before useing the soap bucket again, when you have finnished you will see all sorts of grime at the bottom of your bucket of fresh water, useing just one bucket you would be rubbing this grime into your paintwork.
  7. They should be able to ship it to you OK, I've never had the need to use them but I know people who have, without any problems.
  8. o2 sensor socket for removing the old one and fitting the new one.. you need 22mm... http://shop.ebay.co....osacat=0&bkBtn= Replacement OEM sensor... http://oxygensensors...p?&pkey=1432925 Put in your cars details and look for the Post-Cat OE Sensor for a direct replacement.
  9. Thanks people, being 26 doesn't feel a day older than 25... honest:yahoo:
  10. You should get some good info if you ask on this site.... http://www.ocddetailing.co.uk/forum/
  11. Blimey... beer's expensive in Bathgate..... We don't just buy the one Gaz, we're Scottish.. we buy multi-packs (even on Sundays... not like doon sooth :( )
  12. A photobucket account is the best way.. it's easy and free too ;) Once you upload the photos to photobucket you will see a list of links, all you do is use the tags that you will see... like this... [img=www.photobucket_photo_url_here.com] The photo will appear in the thread www.photobucket.com
  13. There are no other issues that I'm aware of, as per normal look for service history etc etc. If the car has or has had a style bar fitted it could be worth checking where the soft top roof meets the windscreen for signs of wear, also check the soft top for signs of wear just behind the side windows above the rear quarter panel, there is a bar running through the softop which can scuff the inside of the hood if the protective strap/sheet/ thingy has came off the end of the bar. Check that the roof folds properly when closed, when fully closed the very rear corners should be tucked in and not sticking out like ears, if they are sticking out then you need to secure a strap that runs through the roof, they can work loose over time... but an easy fix. Blocked drains is also another slight issue, inside the rear cubby holes there is a drain hole that lets water run out of the side vents, this can sometimes get blocked with leaves etc.. again an easy fix. Have a look here for usefull info... http://www.toyotaown...showtopic=65122
  14. I will also point out that ANY form of abuse from one member to another will not be tolerated, it will result in an instant ban... even if comments are made via PM. If any member has received any abusive PM's please bring it to the attention of the moderating staff and we will consider what action to take.
  15. Can't help help with a kit for testing compression but you should get around 175 -180psi accross all four cylinders. The cam belt on the roadster is actually a timing chain, the only problem here is that on occasion the chain tensioner can go resulting in a small oil leak.
  16. I suggest you both stay out of each others "for sale" threads before someone really over steps the mark and gets banned, take this as an unnoficial warning to you both for your petty and, quite frankly.. rediculous comments to each other. We have all read your comments aimed at each other and to be honest, we are getting quite sick of it.. so it's stops now.. end of!
  17. cfc1


    Japanese Auto Extravaganza. One of the biggest Japanese performance car shows in the UK.
  18. Steve, I can assure you that nobody is more dissapointed than Les and Anne. As I said above.... ... well.. I did just that, so I know 100% how they both feel. Hou, Gaz.. do we have any further developments on this or is it time for us wishing to attend to make alternative arrangements? time is pushing on, other club stands are filling up fast, so we need to get something done.
  19. My choices would be... Branded in order of preferance Toyo Goodyear Bridgestone I wouldn't personally buy Continentals now, they seem to have a tendancy to crack/perish down in the grooves, at one time they would have been my 2nd choice, but I'd rather have a mid range tyre before a Continental now. Mid Range in no particular order Kumho Falken Economy You what???
  20. OFFS.. sorry Gaz, !Removed! hell, I can't beleuve I forgot to add you Gaz, errrr, was there too, good company but you need to work on your Wii(ing) technique ;)
  21. We deceided at the very last minute to surprise Les & Anne, and turned up out of the blue, it was a long journey.. but worth every mile... (I won't say anything about the directions we got from dumb and dumber though .. joking) Les and Anne, your hospitality was top class as per usual. Mo, top bloke as always sweet lips. Hou, great company, but get more dance parctice.. and you should always wear the strap. Colin & Cath, was good meeting you both, hope we can do it again some day. Mel, whooooooooo.... ghosties, look out behind you! :!Removed!:
  22. Les, Anne.. there you go.. no pressure, Hou and Gaz can do the leg work, all you need to do is attend.. please say you will both come, don't make me drive down to Hull to twist your arms.. I'm on holiday this week, so you never know.. I might do just that.;)
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