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  1. Hello everybody What would you say is the most reliable petrol engine in the 3rd gen Rav 4? I am looking at the 2 liter engines because in my mind bigger engines than that will have higher fuel consumption. And does the 3rd gen have any common issues with the automatic transmission?
  2. Thank you Konrad for the great links. Looks like the 1.8 automatic is a good choice!
  3. Sounds very good indeed. In your opinion, is there a specific engine that stands out? What engine was it on the car you passed on to your daughter? Regarding transmission, manual or auto?
  4. Hi guys! After having an Audi A4 for a (terrible) period I'm reverting to Toyota. I've found great information on the forum about recommended engines for the T25. 1ZZ-FE from 2006 and up, and the 1CD-FTV diesel. I haven't been able to find much information about recommended petrol and diesel engines for the T27. I've read about the EPB issues, potential Valvematic issues etc. etc. Is there a consensus about which petrol and diesel engines that are the "best" or are less reliable? Manual transmission vs automatic? So far I've read far more negative comments about the T27 than the T25, but my better half likes the looks of the T27. I would really appreciate any thoughts you guys have because the Audi is giving me headaches.
  5. So. I've had some problems with no sound in the front left speakers (both) and the main front right speaker, since i bought the car. I took a look behind the cd-player and I saw that the previous owner has done some amateur work. I googled and found the wiring diagram for the speakers and what colours the wires should be. I'm missing both the purple and the pink wires! Instead I have two red wires and two green ones....... Both of the red and the green wires are in connected to the player though. The missing pink and purple wires should have been for the front left speaker. I looked on the backside of the lefthand tweaker, and guess what, there I could see both the pink and purple wires. Why are they not going all the way to the player???? All of the wires seem original though. I even cut the stocking around the wires that go to the player, to see if the pink and purple wires were hiding in there. Nope, no sign. So right now the front right has the green and blue wire. Front left green and red. Rear right red and white. Rear left black and yellow. Do you guys have any idea why I am missing the pink and purple wires? And why is there two of the red and green ones? Thanks in advance!