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  1. Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for a good quality cover for my 07 plate Aygo, with frost and snow protection mostly in mind. There are so many available, but they all look enormous & mostly cheap quality. Anyone got one that they think is great & fits well? Thanks in advance :)
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    Hiya, I have a little 07 plate Aygo. I drove 50 miles home this evening in the worst conditions I've ever taken a car out in in the UK. Part M4, some A roads, mostly B roads. Deep snow on some, but mostly fairly compacted, slippery stuff. He was absolutely brilliant, I think they're pretty easy little cars to control when you know them well: I can feel and effectively negate every slight slip straightaway because he's so light. As long as you drive slowly enough and leave plenty of space to react gently (I echo the comments above about the abs), I think they're great little cars for the weather. He's not so great in a drift, perhaps being such a light car, so a shovel is a must for me.
  3. It would be fair to say that I'm not a very patient person and, more importantly, I'd be completely wibble with another month of spending 3 hours a day in my car listening to the same blummin' song over and over!! I'm glad you prompted me about the fascia plate & adaptor, I got swept away with excitement about the radio! Thank you again :) Ruth
  4. Hi again Neil, Super speedy response & really helpful again, thank you so much! My Dad is probably even less electronically minded than me.... and that's saying something!! They got theirs done at Halfords. I will take your advice and speak to my local garage tomorrow - I spend a lot of time in my little car, to & from work, and I'd much rather spend a bit more and be happy with the result. I'm certain that, if they can't do it themselves, they'll recommend someone who can. So... I've just been on Amazon & have bought the Pure radio you suggested, along with the roof aerial.... Very excited at the prospect of having a DAB radio in my car (looking forward to being able to choose which tracks I want to listen to on my CDs too!)! I'll let you know how it all goes.. Thank you very much indeed for your time and advice, within a single day of joining the forum I have the answer to my question and loads of help too. Very much appreciated :) Ruth :)
  5. Hi Neil Thank you so much for your very considered and detailed replies, I appreciate all the time you spent in writing it & getting all the links for me and it's really helpful. I'm absolutely thrilled that I can get a DAB to fit my car, it's great news! So, to be honest, I haven't got the first clue about wires or electronics and the descriptions and videos of how to do it all were enough to make me decide that there's no chance I'll try it myself so I'll ask Halfords to do it. So, another two questions if you don't mind - My parents got a retro-fit DAB for their mondeo, with the aerial stuck to the windscreen & it's absolutely dreadful (no idea what make it is) - hardly ever picks up digital stations. I'm keen to get a decent one - is the one you included a link to a product that you would choose if you were me? If not, is there a particular one that you would choose? Should I also be buying all the relevant components that you mentioned in your first message, if I want decent quality, or would these things be of a similar standard when supplied and fitted by a company like Halfords? Many thanks again in advance :) Ruth
  6. Hiya, Hoping someone knows the answer to this.... The CD player in my 07 plate Aygo has gone bonkers. Some of the buttons don't work at all any more & others do weird things that they're not meant to. Unless I want to be listening to the same song over & over (which will also drive me bonkers), I need to get a replacement unit. I'd really like to take the opportunity, if possible, to upgrade it to a DAB + CD player. Does anyone know if this is possible & if so, which ones are compatible? If this isn't possible, does anyone know how easy it is to do a straight replacement with the existing unit? Thanks very much in advance :)