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  1. I know what you're saying, but the bigger issue is that it wont reset - I downloaded the owners manual and I followed Toyotas service reset procedure and it doesn't work (it did before at 10k) Has anyone else had the same? I'm loathed at going back to pinkstones as their policy is the dealer is always right and the customer is always wrong - I had to get Toyota customer service to intervene last time as they gave me the "prove this is our problem" attitude
  2. Anyone else come across this problem? I've still not solved it, if I follow the service interval procedure it says oil maintenance reset incomplete, if you do it again it clears then comes back later on - I'm following the Toyota procedure and it's not resetting. Am I doing something wrong here? I even tried buying a Vgate scan tool to see if theres a code logged for it not resetting properly - nothing, everythings clear.
  3. Thanks Frosty, which one of these would be for the 40k service? Is it the plus as it's the one with replacement of diesel fuel filter (if it even needs replacing yet..?)
  4. Hey all, Service time is due again on the wife's auris. It's hit 40k and is in need of a service, now prior to this, every 10k it has air filter pollen filter oil filter and the oil changed. Does anyone have any information on what's changed for the 40k service as Toyota have quoted 395 to do this service, which includes the fuel filter (which by the way were supplying for a 20 pound discount (genuine part), as they said a 3 month old fuel filter they won't install (brand new in box). Now we're all aware there's nothing wrong with this filter if it's still BNIB so I'm wondering where this amount totals up as we always supply the parts (brought on trade from them for about 70 pound) I tried asking for what the maintenance schedule is, but all I got was a milage list saying part service and full service.
  5. That's good then, when it's next due i'll make sure to press them on this and say it needs doing, JFDI ! (just f****** do it!). Just the box, not any pipework etc? I mean it looks a doddle to do, but what threw me was the priming system, I don't have that on my car (skoda fabia) and mine is just a case of removing the fuel pipe and out it pops, is there something different on these with them having the prime function to drain the water from the filter? If not i'll literally point it out next time and say remove this, pull this out & refit new one in reverse...once the warranty is over i'll make sure to do it myself (and make a guide to put on here!)
  6. It's serviced at a VAT registered service centre, it's just going back to toyota unless it's being looked at for warranty as everytime they've touched one of my cars they've broken something or claimed "prove it our fault" (quote from the service manager there), like the seat runner locking in our previous car the Yaris, it locked when moved forwards and wouldnt go back, they released it twice and said we'll replace it under warranty but if it happens again we will refuse it because we believe your learner drivers are breaking the seat runners - a pretty bold assumption...from again the same service manager. Define professional, if they are a service centre they understand the basics on servicing but cant be expected to have every workshop manual to hand for every car ever made, their problem with the auris was that they'd never worked on one from this generation - so i'd say it's pretty reasonable for them to say it looks rather difficult rather than making a bodge of it. its on the top right hand side but it looks like the air filter box and pipework is in the way, i need to either replace the filter or drain the water from the filter, but there's barely enough room for my hand there never mind getting a container underneath to catch the water/fuel mix. Yeah i've just read that, it says the belts are in there too, with an interval of 60k, then every 10k afterwards which is a bit of a daft interval... It's got to go back to the stealers at some point because the oil maintenance wont reset, well, it resets in the sense it goes away (no confirmation of it being done), then comes back up a few days later so i'm due to go up with the page from the owners manual and argue it's a warranty issue as there information doesn't seem to work on my car. This really is the last Toyota i'm buying, i'll stick with German in the future!
  7. I don't let Toyota touch the car after the problems I've had with their service staff. It goes to an independent garage, but they said the fuel filter wasn't easy to change and to be fair I looked in the engine bay and it's positioned on the rear right hand side behind the air filter assembly which does indeed look a PITA to get to. I'm asking if anyone has done this themselves to let me know how to go about it. People do service their own cars on here right?
  8. Just wondering if anyone does this themselves, I'm not seeing enough access in the engine bay to unscrew the nut underneath the filter and put a container down, the only way I can see this being easier is removing the air filter box and piping or going from underneath and hoping there's room from the bottom, but I'd likely need a ramp. Any ideas anyone? The owners manual says it needs doing every 12k miles but it looks in a PITA place to get at.
  9. RIght, so i followed the procedure in the owners manual which said to: for the 1ND-TV engine after changing the engine oil. For a 2 ring dash display. Turn the trip meter to A whilst the engine is running - DONE Turn engine off - DONE For vehicles without smart entry and start system: Press the trip button and turn the engine to ignition on mode and hold until the trip meter displays 00000 - DONE It doesnt come up with a confirmation of service interval reset, and it does go away, however after a few miles / engine cycles between on and off it reappears saying engine oil maintenance due? Am i missing something here? If i'm doing this right i'm going to have to go to the stealers to get it looked at however they wanted £25 to perform the procedure, but if i say i'm following the owners guide and it doesnt work then am i right in thinking it falls under warranty instead as its 'potentially' a control issue?
  10. Links must time out. Home page link: https://carmanuals2.com/ Use the menu to select make, model and year and it comes up with varying languages
  11. Try this one, https://carmanuals2.com/brand/toyota/auris-2016-10454 And i wasnt asking them to show me the process, i rang up 6 months ago and they told me over the phone - i rang up today to get the same info as i didnt write it down and the service manager said it's chargeable information but they wouldn't say anything until they had looked over the car - which is a bit daft, i'm not going to travel 20-30 miles out of the way just to press a button, he immediately dropped the subject when i said i only had it serviced at a VAT approved garage for warranty, as soon as that's up i'll do it myself it's much cheaper! I wasnt asking for technical information on the car, if it's freely available in the owners manual there shouldn't be a need to charge for it, in addition he never even mentioned it was in the owners manual. Only thing i've got left to do now is replace the fuel filter which selecta tyre said was too hard - i must be missing something as i thought it was only a few silicone hose connections..?
  12. Update, think i found it somewhere else https://carmanuals2.com/toyota/auris-2016-owner-s-manual-94179 Looks like all i was doing wrong was not changing the trip setting to TRIP A before doing the procedure - i'll give that a go and see if that does the trick. Just out of curiosity, i asked for this information from the dealer this morning and they wanted £25 to do it but wouldnt tell me how it was done over the phone, i dont understand how they can charge £25 to show me how to do it in person when it's freely available in the owners manual?? (annoyingly which i didnt get with the car as theyre all now electronic i'm told)
  13. Hi Frosty, The link you sent comes up with a blank page once i'm there. I have this sinking feeling i need to log in to "my toyota"? The Mrs has lost the log book to the car, and i cant register to the site without it i've found (annoyingly). Can anyone send it to me? I understand if people cant - she needs to get a new logbook or find the existing one!
  14. Hi all, new to the forum I think i may have registered under another toyota forum before for our old yaris - i'm sure you'll be able to find the ranting posts somewhere as we had major service problems with Pinkstones Toyota in Stoke On Trent! We ended up being pushed into getting another car as, as the yaris went in for a new head (70k miles fully coked we were told), they said oh your finance runs out today too, you need to either renegotiate it or get another car - thanks for the warning? No previous letters etc. Anyway that aside, i dont get it serviced in toyota as the service team ruined the last car we sent there, so it goes to our local selecta tyre, with all the genuine parts etc. it's just hit 30k miles and has had a full service with everything other than the fuel filter - but i cant now turn the service interval light off, what's bugging me is i rang the stafford branch (WR Davies) previously and they told me this over the phone and that it wasnt a problem, here's how you do it and laughed when i told them pinkstones wanted £30 to plug in the car and do an engine inspection to 'prove' any work had been done. Problem is that was 6 months ago for the 10k inspection and i now cant remember how to do it - does anyone have any info on resetting it? I thought it was just to hold the trip button on the steering wheel and watch the LCD display say 00000, 0000-,000--,00---,0----,----- then once that disappears turn off the ignition again and it's done, but i must be missing something as it keeps coming back up saying oil maintenance due again. Any ideas?
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