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  1. Hey lads. Looking for a front bumper RH moulding clip (front bumper to trim white clip) i think code is A22427 but also code 75548-60021 has come up. Does anybody have one by chance? Thanks If im not meant to put this post here please move it to right forum Admin. Thanks again Baron
  2. Any meets ups happening in yorkshire?


  3. EmjayStranger


    My lovely 2003 celica that cost me 380, new clutch was needed and new backbox, 580 in total. Polished her up. Made some repairs. Resprayed drivers side front wing. Started fitting body kit, well test fitting. Its 1.8vvti 140bhp 130k on clock. Pures like a good one.
  4. Love my Blue Edition VVTI! Used to dream about owning a Celica ever since Sega rally days, it may not be the GT but it is just what I dreamed of. My first car. At 34 it's stung me on insurance, but worth it each month. Even refused 2k cash today for it. Basically I just lost my mum to cancer, but I passed my test to drive on hospital runs. Since it is my first car the old man offered a loan, but wasn't keen on it being for a Celica. Since Mum knew what it would mean to me, she picked up the phone and told him in no uncertain terms to go-to the bank and not give me hassle. That w
  5. How much with 1 passenger? Could you reposted a working link folks? Thanks Emjay
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