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  1. i see...but if i receive...this is will do the job right?
  2. you think this will work? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003035734298.html @AWoolford "As your vehicle is a manual, you also need to see if a clutch pedal switch is fitted and wired in. I would suspect not if your car does not have CC as standard." I couldnt understand clearly what i have seen...i will try seen again tommorow...but it if means anything in order to start the car you have to press down the clutch otherwise it doesnt start... is the same switch?
  3. Hello people... i have a Yaris 1.4 D4D 2013 model...... NLP130L-CHFNXW ... AT/MT: MANUAL TRANSMISSION; Doors: 5-DOOR; Steering: LEFT-HAND DRIVE VEHICLES; Grade: ACTIVE TYPE; Transmission Type: MTM, 6-SPEED FLOOR SHIFT; Engine: (1NDTV) 1400CC DIESEL TURBO I have bought a cruise control from internet...i connected but...nothing.... doesnt work... I attach a foto inside the steering whell before i install the cruise control I remember one colleuge of mine had bought the full version of d4d .... also manual... and has cruise control and it is working properly.... any ideas? I will read again the whole thread 😄 @flass22 any ideas? 😔
  4. Thanks a lot for the answers....i will take a look in the japanese site... The use of the car is for daily driving....but i like to to faster when i foto in my village that got a lot of cornering...nooo track use...never... I am thinking of TEIN street Z coilovers...only height adjustement...
  5. i understand... as far as i could see on this video the GRMN has a lots of bars also under it... i will make a call on my local deal of toyota for the absorebers and springs ...but i dont think i could have a clear answer....
  6. i see what you mean...so what will be the main different if i only replace the shock absorbers? i also find out Tein Street Basis Coilover Kit (only adjust height) and TEIN Street Advance Coilover Kit (adjust height and hardness) but the costs rises and i have to think it twice.... Oh .... you mean from the new yaris...to find out which parts are used and if they are compatible with xp13
  7. Hello people! I think its time to replace my suspensions . I have 128k km.... I though it could be nice to upgrade the suspension system instead of just replacing the suspension with the OEM parts. So i have in my mind two options. http://kyb-europe.com/products/shock-absorbers/excel-g/ and http://eng.ultraracing.me/Ultra-Racing-Shop/Toyota/Toyota-Yaris-XP-130-2WD-1.2-2013/Buy-Rear-Anti-roll-Bar-for-Toyota-Yaris-XP-130-2WD-1.2-2013-Code-AR16-450 OR https://www.bilstein.com/gr/el/produkt/bilstein-b6/ the cost is the same...but i dont know what to do.... any suggestions are welcome..... i want the car to be more stable...with less slope
  8. pitty :( ... i remember during dpf regeneration the egr is fully closed all the time....either you have full throtle or not... So the ecu will see that there is no flow via the egr...so we got fault code...and limp mode? is there a way despite reprogramming to "cheat" the ecu ? hmmm... and if there was a way...where the blaking plate should be between?
  9. perfect! and if i want to add a blanking plate in order to close egr where do i put it? Thanks a lot!
  10. Hello ppl!I own a Yaris d4d 2013 90hp.I could like to know if anybody have put a bigger turbo...a bigger ic....a bigger fuel injectors.What modifications i can do to gain over 50hp?I know about chips but i could something more effective.Thanks a lot
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