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  1. Hello, I have disconnected my battery to give it a 8 stage charge up and on reconnection the info display has switched to Imperial, I cant remember how to switch it back, can anyone assist in telling me which buttons to press please to convert back to metric. Best Regards Grant
  2. Just an update New genuine part was £250. Non gen part I found for £125. but these were chinese. I found a place on the internet that would recon it for £90. but they did not use gen bosch parts just chinese parts. I found a company called Sparks in St George Bristol who rebuild it for £89. using gen Bosch parts and they did it in 24 hours I was able to remove and replace the alternator myself in an hour, so happy days cars back on the road.
  3. Just sold my Auris I needed something bigger but just in case I posted a topic about a year ago about the heaters not blowing to feet or the windscreen. The climate control display showed it was, but there was no actual air getting to these areas. I removed the paneling from the drivers foot pedal area and I noticed the motors were operating but the cog was not turning because it had some broken teeth so it was unable to mesh and open the flap to control the direction of air flow. I contacted Toyota who were aware of the fault it turns out you need a whole new heater control box and its a complete dash out job. You cannot replace just the broken cog, its seems its a problem across the toyota range the Prius has the same faults.
  4. Yes I had this on my Auris which I have just sold the water was getting in through the rear lamps I just removed them, cleaned them and used clear silicone to seal all round the lens and then a thin bead to seal them against the car and that cured the leak.
  5. Car non starter this morning, its looking like the alternators not charging, it charges for about 10 seconds after start up and then drops down to 10v. Anyone had to replace theres yet? anyone know how much a gen Toyota part is mine a 90 amp, going to remove it this morning and check the connections. I will also see if anyone recons them in Bristol area, Properbly not an option in todays throw away society though.
  6. Anyone fitted lowering springs to there avensis, I am thinking about it on my 55 plate hatch, How much did it improve the body roll/cornering/brake dip etc.
  7. For anyone looking to improve there MPG I have had one of these fitted for a few Months now and I have noticed a increase in MPG by about 20 miles more per full tank. Also its the only airfilter you will need as it comes with a 1 million mile Guarantee
  8. Hi has anyone experienced the climate control when set to heat your feet, not ajusting to blowing air on your feet it just blows warm air out on your body instead through the dash vents. Cant see much under the dash. guessing its all motorized rather than the old cable ajusters.
  9. That is a shiny d4d so thats 35mm, are they the ones Toyota supply? When I called Toyota they said there springs lower the car by 25mm. Does the car still nose dive under braking as much.
  10. Hi I find the car does not handle all that great, not that I am a hard driver or anything, I noticed Toyota do a lowering spring kit that lowers the car by 25mm has anyone had or got these springs and noticed a difference. I still want a comfortable ride thats why I am thinking of gen parts rather than aftermarket. I dont want to change it to feel like a go cart.
  11. Hi the last two diesel car I have owned I use Diesel Aid and never had a problem with carbon build up, you guys should use it especially if your doing short journeys.
  12. Has anyone had a front wheel bearing replaced yet on there Auris, 77000 miles I noticed a loud droning noise at 60-70 mph. I just rang my local Toyota dealer and had a shock just the part is £245.+ Vat, because it comes as a hub so fitting should be easy as a DIY er.
  13. Bruce, take the panel out where the jack is and look down.
  14. Stripped the boot out today the vents wet but there is water droplets above the vent and its clean water if it was the vent I would of thought it would be dirty water of the roads. so I unbolted the light but could not get my very large fingers onto the connector loom for the rear lights, then it started to rain in Bristol so I had to put it all back. I am guessing the water coming in behind the lights, will do a trip to B & Q tomorrow for some sealant and try again.
  15. Hi had my 07 D4D Auris for 6 months checked the boot soaking wet about 2cm of water in the spare wheel well, its now out of manu warranty. I will try and make time the weekend to remove the carpets that go over the wheel arch to check to see if I can see where the water is getting in.
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