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  1. Sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead, but I'm also in Sweden and my 87 starlet does the same when it's cold. Where was that earthing strap located?
  2. Hello, I have just aqquired a starlet in original condition (and I am going to keep it as close to original as I can) and according to the user manual and a sticker in the car it is fitted with heated seats but I cannot find any button to turn it on. Does anyone have any idea where it might be located? I checked under the front seats and there is cords going to the chairs so I am pretty sure it has it. Would be nice to have it working now that winter is coming. Also the manual doesn't say where it is located, it just states that it has heated seats.
  3. Hello, after reversing slowly into something, a clip holding the bumper to the rest of the car body broke on one side, which is needed and where can I buy it? See the pictures to see what i mean.. Thanks :) Karolina
  4. Does this kit work with the aygo? found it in some older post but there was no answer if it was sucess or not.
  5. Hello I just aqquired an toyota aygo 2010 model, basemodel without central locking and remote, How would i proceed to fit this to the car? prefferably toyota parts Thanks, Karolina