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  1. After some practical advice please. My D4D aircon compressor has seized. Pulley won't turn even with engine off. I don't need aircon so I'm having to drive with no ps at the moment. Is it possible to bypass the aircon altogether? I'm really after the simplest solution tbh. Don't really want the hassle of replacing the entire compressor if I don't have to. Thanks in anticipation.
  2. Thanks for the info everybody. The tyres are a cheap brand so I think replacing them is the way to go.
  3. Hi All, Hoping for some advice here. bought a MR2 roadster recently. Handles great in the dry but it's that bad in the wet it's scary. Checked the tyre sizes and found that the previous owner has deviated from the stock sizes. He fitted 195/50/15 all round on after market alloys. Am I correct in guesing this is what could be causing the problem? Am I a lot safer reverting back to the sizes they should be? Or is it my driving? Lol
  4. Hi All, I have just joined. Bought a 2000 MR2 Roadster. Brilliant little car. Col
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