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  1. furtula

    Transmission (?) issues when cold

    I do not know how good it will work on pcv valve, but since you will be taking it out, might as well give it a try. I just mentioned intake manifold as a wild guess, as the car might be struggling for air. As the intake flaps are on there, they could be restricting the airflow. Do you have black smoke running out of exhaust? This could indicate either running too lean, or starving for air. If the answer is no, i think we can drop the intake manifold thing.
  2. furtula

    Transmission (?) issues when cold

    I'd try to write the guy a message. I see he has not been around for some time, but maybe he will get it in the mail. This is just a guess, but have you checked the intake manifold? Maybe the problem is in air delivery, or flappers inside the manifold are somehow obstructing the air intake, but get cleared, or more open when warm?
  3. furtula

    Auris Phone Holder

    Maybe you start by saying where you had the phone before? You want it to be on the dash or something like that?
  4. furtula

    Cam lift/redneck 'heel' cutting ??

    Have you checked if it can be ordered online, as a complete part? You can probably have someone turn this in a lathe and remove necessary amount of metal. Problem then would be wear and tear on it.
  5. furtula

    4x4 Shaking All Over

    I wanted to write kickdown, not much sleep last night. When you press pedal all the way down, and the transmission shifts to lower gear, used for overtaking and such.
  6. furtula

    4x4 Shaking All Over

    I presumed you had kickback.
  7. furtula

    4x4 Shaking All Over

    Someone had similar issue recently, car shaking above 50 or 60 mph. From what i recall, problem was a tire bulge that was not that obvious and expanded at speed. Maybe try swapping front with read tires. I would also suggest to check, when the vibration starts, always at same speed, always at same gear? Try to change gear while it's happening, to try to identify if it's the transmission or not.
  8. furtula

    How many tracks

    I don't have your model, but it should work, having folders even works on my 2007 Auris, and i switch with 2 buttons folders up or down.
  9. furtula

    How many tracks

    Have you tried separating into folders?
  10. furtula

    Auris exhaust

    Check if there is some restriction on the exhaust caused by the crash, also it might be hanging lower thus the grating sound on bumps. Rotten eggs usually mean catalytic converter is on it's way out, but could also be a exhaust leak.
  11. furtula

    Rusty bottom

    I had a rust prone car, rusting on the wheel arches from the inside, doing a bit of paint bubling, and under the door sills, where you jack up the car, from front wheels to the back. I bought 900ml of the black gunk, dont remember the brand, it was some years ago, and cleaned the whole thing, applied rust converter, cleaned again and coated with undercoat. On both sides of the rear wheel arches i applied some used oil from previous services, did this 1x per month, for 2-3 months during summer months. Fast forward 2 yrs, the rust went through undercoat, on some places where it was thinner it chipped and it was holding water. Where i put the oil, there was no new paint blistering, or any obvious signs of rust further spreading. My vote goes for grease, or oil, or combo of both, whichever is easier to spread on the car. If your get them thin enough and warm, you can probably spray it on. Yes it's dirty and not fancy looking, but it works.
  12. furtula

    Switch on power without engine starting

    As said above, dont press the brake, just press the button. If you press the button once, you get radio, press it again, you get all electrics. Press it 3rd time, it shuts it all off.
  13. furtula

    Transmission fluid

    Not a big fan of the black gunk, it does not take long before a bit chips off, then it just traps water and makes things worse. I would rather advise on applying some grease, or used oil, depending on the surface, it will collect dust and make it waterproof and keep away the rust. I'm doing it like this, but i noticed a lot of youtube mechanics who have professional shops also advise this method, and against the spray on coatings.
  14. furtula

    Replace Washer Jets

    Jets just direct water that pump pushes, so they can't really get broken, it's probably clogged as suggested above. If you really want to replace it, it should just pop out. You can also try removing the plastic hose that goes to the washer, and use some compressed air, or something similar to try to blow it through.
  15. furtula

    Transmission fluid

    Most probably they are the same. It's not that critical part and you can probably reuse the old one if need be. It's a crush type washer, put it under flame and it should pop up so it can be crushed again.