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  1. furtula

    Rav 4.3 - Possible Oil Leak

    So you can't see the leak anywhere on the engine, but they said it's there? Even if it's being caught by the underside tray, after that time, there should be some evidence. Personally, i'd check the oil level, top up when necessary, and drive it. If you don't really notice the oil loss, it might have more than few months left in it.
  2. furtula

    Realllllyy Short Clutch Travel on Mk1 Yaris?

    Pedal should have nice long travel on it, with some free play in beginning, up to an inch or so. If there's no free play, it means the hydraulic system, and clutch plate are under constant pressure, which means excess wear. There might also be a thick rug under the pedal, not allowing it to be pushed all the way. Personally, i'd look further.
  3. furtula

    A/C on one side?

    Are you sure you dont have dual zone enabled?
  4. furtula

    Hiace 2006 Central Locking Problem

    It just seems as a good place to start. Try opening that door only, visually checking the sensor, press it, see if the open door warning disappears.
  5. furtula

    Change oil light

    Check your owners manual, there should be instruction in there how to reset it.
  6. furtula

    Hiace 2006 Central Locking Problem

    So the button works then, i'd have that panel door sensor checked out.
  7. furtula

    CD player issues, repair, replace or alternative?

    I usually did this with a cotton swab, clean with one, then finish it with a dry one, give it a good look to make sure there's no specs of dust or anything on it, reassemble, should work fine.
  8. furtula

    RAV4 Keys 2004

    Did he mentioned why the 2 keys? I presume ignition barrel was changed?
  9. furtula

    After my first service

    For diesel, unlike petrol, it's normal to have oil colored black soon after it's changed. The dipstick is stupid even on my auris. You can read it on 1st try, after that it pick up residue oil from the tube even if the car is sitting for a day.
  10. furtula

    My boardcomputer has been reset over night

    Other people reported similar issues happening, seems to be a glitch that has not been fixed for many years. I even have it on a 2007 model, except the trips are not reset. For newer models it's more random.
  11. furtula

    Clicking noise from steering

    According to Toyota, it's not a security issue. Plenty of people have it, including me, it's caused by dried up grease between 2 splines, in the footwell. Can be fixed by unscrewing, cleaning up the grease, reapplying lithium grease, tighten back up. Some people reported fixing it by re tightening the nut. You can also try spraying some oil (not grease) in the slot close to the nut, not a permanent fix.
  12. furtula

    Auris SR180 losing coolant! 2008

    If i could pick again, i'd go for mazda 3, nice interior, even prettier exterior.
  13. furtula

    2009 Toyota Auris Rear Tail lights

    I saw some tutorial how to replace a light bulb on mk2 Auris, where the guy took the bumper for no real reason, then half of interior, just to unscrew 2 screws which you could do from the holes that are in the boot, intended for this. Anyway, while he was taking the lights out i noticed that the plug in mk2 is placed vertically, while in mk1 it's horizontally, but the connector somewhat looks the same in size. In case it's not plug n play, i think one afternoon would be enough to rewire it to the new connector, with a helper.
  14. furtula

    Clicking noise when pulling away when cold.

    Does the click only appear once when pulling away, or there are multiple click? Does it only happen when you start the car and pull away 1st time, or is it anytime you pull away until it warms up?
  15. furtula

    Chrome Exhaust Finisher

    There's a bunch of them online, or any car store. They are universal, with 1 or 2 screws that are used to tighten it to your exhaust.