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  1. Looks to me like the car is not recognizing the fob at all. Could be problem with the module responsible for this. Car itself has few antennas around it, so if one died, you should be able to lock/unlock anyway. Normal code reader wont help you much with this, you need Techstream to troubleshoot it. The reason the car starts when you put the fob to the button is because it recognizes the imobilizer chip this way, another reason to suspect the module responsible for communicating with the key remotely might be faulty
  2. As said above, clicking is usually a sign of a tired battery, could also be the starter. But if the 2nd key starter the car, and the starter motor did not struggle when turning the engine, then it might be the starter itself.
  3. If you lock the car with physical key, alarm will not be enabled. So your neighbours can sleep fine, until you figure it out.
  4. Have you disconnected the battery recently?
  5. Isn't car still in warranty period? Get it checked at the dealer.
  6. High oil consumption is mostly on the 1.4/1.33 engines, not on the 1.6,. Between min/max should be 1.25 liters, so around 2.5L per 6k miles, don't know your car mileage, but that's not so tbad at all. I top up mine with around 1L per 6K miles, and i consider this normal consumption, i use 5W30. For 50 GBP, i'd gladly let him sort the issue out, than bother with it.
  7. So it was water pump bearings then? Sounded dry, like the water got into them and washed out the lubricants. How high is the oil consumption? How much oil do you top up betwen regular oil/filter service? Does the car smoke? Have the spark plugs been checked, what was the color, are they grease, is there oil on their threads? When did the misfire start, on which cylinder(s) is it, if only on 1, did you try switching coils?
  8. That's the normal consumption for your engine, these are a bit rough numbers, but around 130kmh it will use 8L, at 120 around 7.2L, the ideal cruising speed is 100kmh with consumption at 6L. When the car is cold, it uses a very rich mixture, meaning more fuel than usual, in order to heat up faster, that's why short trips in winter months give such bad mileage. It should be better now in summer months.
  9. If you take into account the cold months, lot of short trips, where car might not even warm up properly, your consumption is not that unusual, especially if you might have a heavy foot. A bit higher yes, but not unusual. You can't really expect awesome mileage in that conditions anyway. Just for some comparison, in same conditions, my 1.6 would show around 9.2L, and i'm really gentle with it until warmed up. Have you tried resetting the average consumption, to exclude a lot of short trips you did earlier?
  10. You are doing quite short distances per month, are those mostly short trips to store? Combine that with colder weather, and a bit heavier foot, and you can get 10L per 100km. Have you thought about resetting the ECU, by disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes? As above, i think you got the values mixed up by converting to UK gallons.
  11. Sounds like failing bearings on one of the pulleys, or the water pump/water pump bearings.
  12. There are more interior bulbs in the car, need more info on which one it is, did you check the fuses ?
  13. The underside looks more or less like like mine, since we got same age/engine. Nothing serious, mostly surface stuff, and mine newer spent more than 10 days near the sea, and only in summer.
  14. Try japan-parts.eu and search using VIN, it will list part numbers.
  15. I'm with top comment, just looks painted over. Check the surrounding areas, still look the same on before and after pictures, there was no sandblasting there. Looks like he just painted it from the bottom side, and the top side could still be untreated. Check the top side if you can, it does not look trated, like he just sprayed from the bottom side and done with it. If yes, and there are still entry points for water on the top, the bottom which is painted will just keep the water in making it worse. If it was me, i would just get a steel brush, knock off what i can, then apply some thick oil to it and drive down a nice dusty road.