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  1. 2017 Auris Park Assist Beeper too loud

    It should be Toyota's official documents, and it's for the generation which you have specified in signature, so i doubt it's any other way, than speciffied, for your car which is left hand drive. Feel free to browse, maybe you can get better info via some other document. Website is https://www.toyota-tech.eu/Aim/Aim.aspx
  2. 2017 Auris Park Assist Beeper too loud

    Try this For left hand drive https://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/6b4496be-b514-4297-9464-1186d107d375/Auris_TPA Front_LHD_PW501-05100_AIM 003 500-4_06DE4047D.pdf For right hand drive https://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/357ea1d9-24e8-4709-9fc9-4628d2619b11/Auris_TPA Front_RHD_PW501-05100_AIM 003 501-4_06DE4048D.pdf
  3. Lambda problem

    So the probe is broken and you want to replace it, or it's still working, but you want original part? What engine do you have in your car? You can try vin based search on http://japan-parts.eu/
  4. Heat shield under car come off

    Had it on my previous car, but the part of the shield that came off was clamped to the rest, and you would need to take whole thing off to fix it. Used some heavy duty silicone i had around, mixed with some sawdust, dabbed in 2-3 places. I sold the car 2 yrs after that, but it did not move at all.
  5. Auris 09 Clutch Bleeding

    Excess free play at the start/top of the pedal is normal. It means that there's no pressure being exerted on the slave cylinder, and that's how it should be. Freeplay in clutch pedal even upto 1.5cm, or maybe 2 in some cars is ok. I havent driven newer VW's, but from other people i got the impression they have a bitting point higher up on the pedal play. Personally, if it works, i would not touch it, you said there's no slip, grinding, etc. Here you can find instructions on replacing the master slave cylinder, and also according to the documents there, the clutch start switch is on the inside, as mentioned in last 2 steps here http://www.autocats.ws/manual/toyota/auris_corolla_zze-zr-nde-ade/rm04f0e/repair2/html/frame_rm000002415005x.html I hope someone else can answer the rest of your questions.
  6. Auris 09 Clutch Bleeding

    I dont have the part number, but based on what i found, i did not see a bleeding nipple, or anything similar on that slave cylinder. Slight drop in fluid can also be down to brake calipers, as they are used up, a bit more oil is pushed into the system x4 wheels, and there's your oil. Regarding the actual issue, are you pressing the pedal all the way down, or your problem is that before you had to press the pedal 1/2 of the way down to disengage, and now it's let's say 3/4? It's quite possible that there's actually no issue with your clutch, as it's being slowly used up, it self adjusts itself to correct this, but that does not mean that your pedal travel will remain the same for the duration of the clutch's life.
  7. Auris hybrid tyre wear

    Legal limit for summer tires in UK is 1.6mm, and that's plenty of driving, but i presume your dealer would want to replace them at let's say 3-4mm, because business, and yes, in the wet your braking path might be a bit longer. That's why i asked about the remaining thread, as i was interested how much you got left.
  8. Auris hybrid tyre wear

    Yes, i'm wondering how much thread wear is acceptable according to the dealer.
  9. Auris hybrid tyre wear

    How much thread is actually left on summer tires? Have you measured it yourself?
  10. 2006 Auris 1.6 Petrol Oil Dipstick Tube

    The dipstick goes directly into the oil sump, if it's actually loose, then i presume some oil would be leaking out. I presume your engine is 1ZR-FE, here's a picture where it's clearly visible how the dipstick tube i's attached to the engine. The tube should be flexible enough to be able to pop it out a bit, and just to slip a new ring. If the tube is moving, then see if it's possible to tighten that one screw, which holds it down.
  11. 2006 Auris 1.6 Petrol Oil Dipstick Tube

    I would ask at a local shop, just to compare prices.
  12. Auris 09 Clutch Bleeding

    Check the fluid in the reservoir, try to inspect master cylinder for leaks. As it appears, you car has the internal slave cylinder which at least from what i saw, cant be bled, so maybe try vacuum bleeding of the system, if possible.
  13. Auris 09 Clutch Bleeding

    Bleeding instructon at top of page, just select correct model, but procedure should be more or less same for all. I recommend tubing, have it slightly point towards, then go down, so when you bleed, there will always be some oil in the tubing sitting on top of the nipple preventing air getting in. http://www.autocats.ws/manual/toyota/auris_corolla_zze-zr-nde-ade/rm04f0e/index2.html Remove the bleeder plug cap. Connect a vinyl tube to the bleeder plug. Depress the clutch pedal several times, and then loosen the bleeder plug while the pedal is depressed. When fluid no longer comes out, tighten the bleeder plug, and then release the clutch pedal. Repeat the previous 2 steps until all the air in the fluid is completely bled. Tighten the bleeder plug.
  14. Auris hybrid tyre wear

    I was recently buying tires, and checked out some tests. Ended up buying Hankook ventus prime 3 K125, nice tires for decent price, they were imported from South Korea. Road noise slightly less than my old goodyear efficient grip.
  15. SR180 Rattling noise when accelerating at 1900rpm

    I can hear the rattling through the whole clip, not just the 20 s mark, except there it's the longest. It also sounds to me like loose plastic. Did you check the cabin air filter? If i remember correctly, you open it, then check on sides, you should be able to see hinges, pop them out, then push the glovebox a bit up, and it will pop out and can be removed.