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  1. furtula

    Very Poor Fuel Consumption

    I do not know what do you mean by pressed on barked, but that should be it. Let the car idle for 10 minutes, then it's ready to be driven. You remove cable from battery for 10 minutes, then reconnect, that's it. ECU and Radio are separate units.
  2. furtula

    Help with kerbing wheel!

    Probably just broke the bead as said above, try inflating it, see if it holds air I'd take it to a shop to have it examined, but there's a good chance that the damage is only cosmetic.
  3. furtula

    Very Poor Fuel Consumption

    Does not hurt to do an ECU reset, disconnect battery for 10 minutes, reconnect, let it idle for 10 minutes, should be ready to drive after that. Removing negative cable should be enough for this (black one).
  4. furtula

    Help with kerbing wheel!

    If you go 2nd hand, everyone tries to sell it as a set, so getting 1 wheel only can be a bit of an issue. I dont know what kind of model you had, but a rough guess would be 100-ish gbp + the tire. Picture of the wheel + dmg would be nice for reference.
  5. furtula

    Very Poor Fuel Consumption

    When comparing on https://www.spritmonitor.de/en that mpg does seem pretty bad. Do you get the same MPG as your wife, to exclude maybe some bad driving habits she has?
  6. furtula

    Parking Brake Slipping Yaris 2016

    Is there slack in cable, have you tried tightening it up? Open the parking brake cover, and check for bolts to tighten it up. If this is not the issue, do give more elaborate explanation.
  7. furtula

    Very Poor Fuel Consumption

    If most of the drives are school runs where the engine does not even get to warm up properly, or let's say 10km per run, and in city, with cold weather, the mpg is there to stay. Do give more info about the duration of trips.
  8. furtula

    Clicking noise from steering

    You should grease the splines from the picture, and that should be it. Just dab some grease on it, reattach and tighten. Do mark it beforehand, and secure the wheel so it's not moving around.
  9. furtula

    Clicking noise from steering

    Solution is to unscrew the bolt, and apply lithium grease on the shafts, screw back on, tighten Clicking is usually due to dried up grease, and only occurs when driving slowly, for example parking lot driving where you turn left-right a lot. Not a security issue according to Toyota.
  10. furtula

    Number plate lamp body - part number required

    Just use some silicone, it's hard enough that it will seal it good + water resistant, but can come apart easily if needed to replace the bulb. Alternative would be hot glue. There's no need to waste money on a new part.
  11. furtula

    Noise from underside

    not many things in the middle of the car mate, maybe you partially grazed a rock with a wheel which sent it flying towards the car, or a branch or similar. I would not worry too much about it.
  12. furtula

    Rear light swap

    Try checking for used ones on ebay, they put good quality pictures there, you should be able to find some to compare the connectors. Nothing guarantees wires are in same order, so there's a possibility you would need to cut and re-solder the wires anyway
  13. furtula

    Climate control auto mode likes the windscreen

    I have the same, i presume it's programmed to do so at certain outside temp's. After it heats the inside of the car up, it automatically switches to front vents, or in colder months, feet and front vents. There is not same amount of air going to feet and other vent selected. This is because let's presume it's -10, you feet are a bit wet, you go for a long 2hr drive, but you feet are blasted with hot air for a long time, making the situation worse.
  14. furtula

    Oil change

    With cold weather approaching, it's normal to hear the intake manifold flaps until the car warms up. Therefore i ask again, sound still there when car warms up?
  15. furtula

    Right dash indicator light has mind of its own ???

    So, the outside indicators work fine, and clicks all work fine, but the light on the dash is not blinking? Could be just bad solder connection, so it works intermittently, but to fix this, or even to diagnose if it's not this, most probably you need to take the dashboard apart. If i were you, and you know it's working, and you hear the clicking sounds, then i'd ignore it, as long as it's clicking.