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  1. Since you have a bumper already, you know where the clips are, and screws, if any, so it's an easy job. I have taken bumpers in the past, plastic trim, usually an easy job given nice weather and enough time.
  2. Glad it's fixed. Oil/air filter are usually replaced every 2nd service now, so shops usually ignore it, especially oil, as it makes it easier for them. Kinda shame really, as the parts are really cheap. I'd write the name of the kit, maybe someone else might benefit from it in the future. That should be allowed to post, but without links where to buy it, as that would be considered an ad.
  3. furtula

    Service !!

    Better sooner than later. I do my changes at 6k miles, and if driven a lot during summer the oil can be nasty. Would not recommend doing it as Americans do, every 3k miles or so, i don't know if they use cooking oil in their cars or something, needing to change it that often. Looks more like some enforced trend by oil changing places, and people being too naive to believe them.
  4. Mine is also rather good, with maybe 3-5% deviation. There's a certain technique to driving a hybrid, there were more topics about that.
  5. Could be parking sensors, if you have them, or radio, if it was auto tuning a station. According to Auris manual, there's no beep for anything serious. Not in the manner you described.
  6. OEM fake parts industry is a rather big one. I think sometimes dealers also sell them unknowingly. Everyone is cost driven, and they do a really good job at fabricating identical packaging and similar looking parts.
  7. I got the same one, bought it 3 years ago for 15 gbp on aliexpress. Used few times, has enough info for a handheld device, and i like the screen, so you don't have to bother with phone connection. Always keep it in the car.
  8. Just to mention how much it sucks to have it set to top brightness with headlight on, because DRL are a must. Only to change it back at night, because it's bright as the damn sun, and bothers you while driving in the dark. I wish there was just a scroll wheel on the side, so you can adjust to your prefference. Here you have, 1-4 are dim, and 5 being crazy bright, no in between. I think this is what bothers me most on the car. Luckily i don't drive at night that much.
  9. I think you can just look at the bottom of the spark. If it's pointy, then it's iridium. It it's chunky, big, then should be copper. The price should also let you know, iridium ones cost like 8-10GBP per piece, whil copper ones are maybe that much for all 4.
  10. I think the final drive gear ratio is not same on diesel like on gasoline. So it's not really worth it. Even if you change the 5th gear only to get a drop on RPM's, it will probably cause the car to bog down a bit, and increase consumption. Best solution would be to actually calculate the ideal gear ratio to benefit from good mpg, and lower rpm at higher speeds, and get only that sprocket made, for 5th gear. As others said, not worth it. I would just sell the car and get a newer one (but from 2012, or when was it, that they fixed the vvti issue).
  11. I'm not sure about exact dates, but mid 2009 is when Auris got 6th speed on 1.6 engine, and also when 1ZR-FAE replaced 1ZR-FE. But being based on 1ZR-FE, might mean the gearbox sits. I don't think you will get any better MPG due to high wind resistance when using 6th. Only advantage might be some 200-300 rpm drop in 6th speed, as opposed to 5th, on highway. I doubt anyone here can give you a straight answer, if you are lucky and have access to the gearboxes, you can make a quick cardboard template of old and new, and see if it sits. Looks similar, but can't be sure without a template. There's also the difference in clutch setup, old one seems to be using a normal fork, 6 speed seems to slave cylinder inside the clutch (must be nice when it start to leak). I think i read on someone doing similar thing on Avensis forum, but it was a diesel. No issues apart from shift up/down getting a little confused as it does not know there's a 6th gear. Left is 6 speed, right is 5 speed.
  12. Try using search, i think there were similar topics on that subject. But to me it's just a placebo effect, at least on an Auris.
  13. I think even the copper plugs are to be changed 20k miles or so, so not every oil change. Copper plugs would probably work just fine, but iridium ones are not that expensive, to go with copper ones. Also, iridium ones are good for 100k miles.
  14. I don't have a newer versions because i have an older model. But it should work with win10. I remember some workaround being needed few years ago. Worst case, you install virtualbox with older windows, and install the tool there, it can work like that also.
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