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  1. furtula


    To start, you are using incorrect oil weight. If you want better mpg, you should use thinner oil, not thicker. 10W40 would give better lubrication, but worse mileage than what you have now, but it's like 1-2% maybe, tires would be more influential than that. Your issue with oil could be just low quality and/or improper weight.
  2. No need to waste good blades if the adapter does not fit. You can take the bought blade apart, pull the rubber out, and reinstall it on the one you have on the car now. I did it few times already.
  3. Inside the car fuse box, fuse number 25 is for the front fog lights.
  4. Could be an electrical issue, not just a dead bulb. Checked the fuses ?
  5. Worst case, you can unlock the doors using the mechanical key, drop down the seats, open the access panel in the boot, where the lock is, and unlock it manually.
  6. There have been several topics, use search, you can find details about bulb sizes and experiences there.
  7. a lot of genuine parts are faked, and made who knows where, it's a big market, especially if you are buying on ebay and alike
  8. You checked for bubbles in the expansion tank, to see if it pressurizes the system?
  9. Cant really tell as he's moving the camera around so fast, but it looks like just the end of the pipe needs replacing. Maybe just put a new fitting onto it. I once had a clutch line corrode from the slave cylinder, maybe some 10 centimeters up, that thing looked way worse, but held up fine until it was replaced. Maybe just ask if you can replace the ends, as those look to be corroded, not the rest.
  10. Not sure if you want to do a brass bushing upgrade, or it's just a picture of the general shape. That slack is normal, i have it also, and gearbox is fine. If you have rought shifting at cold, or in general, think about changing the oil. If you just want to get rid of the slack, you can instead get the measurements, and have someone 3d print the part for you, people do this as a service and it's not that costly. If you want a brass bushing instead, get some local shop to get it cut out for you, part is simple enough and should not be costly. I think both of these solutions should be cheaper, especially the 3d print one, than finding a part, ordering it online, shipping, etc etc. Or you can "rejuvenate" the original part with a brass sleeve, or something similar.
  11. Get your phone, turn the torch on, put it to the side, you should be able to see the level of the oil.
  12. Sadly pretty common issue, and quite expensive one at that. There were many topics like yours, but i don't recall any being about actually fixing the control unit, it was always whole part being replaced. You can try your luck with a used one, other than that, you don't have much choice.
  13. You can try to find a place that will overlook the light, for a small fee, i presume those exist.. I once has an intermittent issue with such sensor with my old car, found a shop that would fit a used one for a small price, and they had them in stock. Only after the 4th one was fitted, the light went out. Since they should be good for 100k when new, and i dont drive much, i figured it should be fine, lasted around 4 years, then i sold the car.
  14. You should get a wire diagram from Toyota-tech.eu It's payable access, cheapest one is 3 euros for 1 hour, but should be enough to get what you need. You can also print, or save the files. When the key is on, did you check if there is power to the wires on the pump? Maybe contacts are just bad, and need a bit cleaning?