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  1. I hope the damage is not internal. A cousin was hit in a similar manner, but the inside of the headlight was messed up and the reflectors were missaligned. even though the outside seemed fine. I personally would use 2 piece epoxy and would reinforce it with some gauze on top, you need to put glue first, then push the gauze onto it. Dont use too much gauze, 2 thin layers maybe. Since epoxy sometimes needs up to 24 hr to dry, ideally do it during the weekend and make sure the headlight will not move at all during this time. Maybe secure it with tape to the rest of the bodywork until glue has been set. That's how i would attack the problem anyway.
  2. I would advise to stick with petrol. Easier to maintain and less potential issues. I dont know about your 1.3 one, but even my 1.6, with 91kw gets pretty decent consumption. Rural roads under 6L per 100kmh, city driving 6.5-7 in summer, 7.5 in winter (i wrote it in kmh since it's easier for you to to understand seeing as you are from Norway). Plus it always starts pretty easy since it's not a diesel, so i would not advise to look at a diesel at all.
  3. Do you turn off your wireless router when you are not using it, or your wireless home phone. Do you go to the other room, or wear some cover when operating the microwave? Is your home shielded against the wifi signals? You are way more exposed to the frequency used by bluetooth (2.4ghz) outside your car, than inside. This is, that frequency is free, that is why a lot of devices use it. Even now, your home is hit by maybe 10 wireless routers, if you go to a building, you will have 20+ wifi devices signals going through your body. Yes we are all still cancer free. Most bluetooth devices are class 2, meaning their range is up to 10 meters, and their power usage is around 2.5mw. Now, if you compare that to standard wifi router, which is 100mw, then your phones/cars bluetooth, it's 40x less. If you are worried about any of this, it would be more beneficial to not use a mobile phone at all.. As for the test, normal consumer microwaves operate at 2.4gh frequency, at which the bluetooth and wifi also work, but phone itself does not. Phone uses multiple lower frequencies in various bandwith ranges for communicating with the call tower, so the test is not really valid. Anyway, testing a phone with a tool that is tuned for microwaves is not really telling us much. Again, phones power output for bluetooth is so small it wont make any difference.
  4. Give it a tank or two and it should be more accurate. Winter kills the mpg, especially if you do short trips.
  5. Seeing the age, maybe there is a size limitation on the headunit side, and the flash drive you are using has too big capacity. Have you tried with for example 4gb flash drive, or reducing your partition size to under 4gb (in case for example 32gb drive) ?
  6. To me it looks more like the issue is with dual mass flywheel. It's purpose is to dampen vibration coming from the engine, but looks like it's doing the opposite. It's an expensive part, there's also an alternative of conversion kit to solid mass flywheel instead, which is cheaper. I do not know why your mechanic would just install 3 clutch plates when they have been ripped apart without much checking to the actual cause, unless you get a really nice discount, i'd maybe think about some other place.
  7. furtula


    When you enable bluetooth, you need to make your phone visible for other to see, if you want to pair it. Making it visible is not the same as just enabling bluetooth, it's a different button, usualy somewhere in the settings/bluetooth menu, and enabling it only works for 2 minutes or so.
  8. So you have problem getting it into gear, but once it's in gear, car drives fine? If you hold the clutch for 5 seconds, is it then possible to go into gear without vibration? Can you move through gears fine when car is off? Looks to me the issue is more likely with the dual mass flywheel since the clutch is basically ripped apart, and it's purpose is to dampen vibrations. If it was issue with the gearbox, you would feel it during driving, maybe some seizing, slowing down, bad bearing sound, etc.
  9. It literally ripped it apart.. What i meant with my question is, did they resurface the flywheel, did they inspect if it was level, no hotspots or anything? As said above, is your car a diesel?
  10. Press the button to switch the display to MPG, then hold that button for longer until it resets. Same procedure like you would reset the trip meter and etc.
  11. Breaking, as in breaking in pieces, or what? How the clutch looks like once it stops working? Any picture? What did you do with the flywheel when you replaced the plates?
  12. I have Bluetooth kit from Toyota, works fine, you use steering wheel controls to manage it. It plugs into the car radio, some models also support playing music through it. Or you can go with 3rd party stuff, like Parrot, but i think they have their own control buttons.
  13. Probably i has not been reset for a very long time. Try to reset it.
  14. There is a for sale section of the forum, it would be best to post there.
  15. That does not look like grease to me. They could have replaced both ball joints at the same time, and used oil when trying to install new one, did not clean up, and it accumulated dirt. I doubt the grease will drip, even with temperatures in +40 its still solid. Not really a reason to worry, worst case you replace them both, it's a cheap part, but as you said, there's no movement so should be fine.