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  1. And i here always thought the shields are aluminium, at least on 2004 or so cars and newer. I think older models in general did have steel.
  2. It's just a simple switch, besides the original parts for Toyota like those stalks are made by 3rd party anyway, and the price seems normal to me, unless you like being overcharged for a simple part.
  3. Do you mean it's not lightning up when you have the key in ON position, before cranking, or you shined some light there and did not see it? The instrument cluster should be the same as for the CC enabled cars, with the exception of missing the stalk in your case. When enabled, it should look like below, if i got the right image.
  4. Sounds like broken spring to me. What's the height difference?
  5. I had it on my previous car, more or less same situation as yours. They are clamped together to the body, during the time , this bond slowly fades as the shield works on bumps, wind, etc. In the end, it gives out and partially rests on the exhaust. Because of how it was connected to the car, it makes it hard to fix, as the original connections are now holes on the heatshield, as that metal is still clamped to the car. I fixed it using heat resistant silicone glue, and glued it to the car in 3 or 4 places, held for 2+ yrs, when i sold the car, it was still pretty solid. You can just drive under some crease and crawl underneath, if you dont mind getting dirty.
  6. When you start the car, do you have a message like VSC on, or VSC ok, or something?
  7. I also have higher biting point, had it similar on my older non Toyota car, i guess it's due to automatically adjustable clutch. Because of this you cant really compare the biting points etc with a non adjustable clutch. I would not worry much about it.
  8. furtula

    Oil Change Tool

    There were few similar topic with people posting pictures, and some links to ebay for correct tools, so it would be best to check those first.
  9. Probably for that spare hole, for a feature you don't have. You can try finding the electrical schematics for it.
  10. furtula

    Beep beep

    Bluetooth pairing with the phone maybe?
  11. With those assurances, i'd rather get another wheel, and sell the one i have. Breakers should have something for sure, seeing as you car is 2011. As for repair, they will probably repaint the whole wheel trying to match the original color, match will probably be around 90-95% correct. They probably have paint mixed based on the original color, so it's not from Toyota.
  12. People used to say the same for Chinese phones, but look at it now... I think a good unit will cost you around 180 gbp or so, with wheel commands being functional. If your main concern is music, usb/aux and bluetooth kits (all in one) are like 30-50 gbp or so, depending where you buy them, and should be easier to install.
  13. Welcome to the forum. First and most obvious, that thing is too cheap, and the pictures on screen seem to be photoshopped in. The reviews, although positive, seems a bit fake to me. Fitting might be a problem, due to being universal fit. They say: HD TOUCH SCREEN: This car radio MP5 player has a 7 inch digital TFT HD touch screen with 1080P video format and native resolution of 800 * 480pixels, provides you a clearer resolution and bigger display. So the actual display resolution is 800x480, on a screen that big, it's gonna look not the prettiest, but bearable. The device seems to be universal, so for random cars, meaning the connections will require a bit more hands on, and some experience, and maybe even an soldering iron. You have units being made specifically for Auris, which give a pretty good fit, interface with the steering wheel commands, etc, but they cost 2x more than this, or even more, but with them you usually get a front and rear camera, with the wiring and all, so you kinda get the dashcam with it. The CD player you have can read mp3, so that's around 160 songs per disc, or maybe an easier option for you would be adding usb / bluetooth capability for your unit, it's a cheaper alternative, and easier to setup.
  14. With water pump you should also replace the belt that's driving it, and the coolant, that should be it. As said above, just keep up with the regular oil change intervals, check the level occasionally, and that should be it. If the change gets stretched, and starts to rattle, then it's time for change, but this maybe happen after 150k or so miles.
  15. Could be bracket for adblue tank, for diesel version, if it's uses it.