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  1. The UK is a hotbed of unique thefts. I mean, moped gangs, guys stealing only cats, dressed as mobile mechanics, that's some dedication there. If the government does not care that much to enforce a law present in many European countries, which would kill most of these guys "business" activities, why should you bother respecting the law? If it does not hurt the car, i would straight pipe it, or put a cheapest cat i could find, thieves would not bother with that. Put the original back on for MOT.
  2. Everyone a bit disappointed we don't get to see pictures of mashed up gearbox and missing teeth 😕
  3. I think you need to remove the bumper to be able to take the headlights out.
  4. Sounds like a semi slipping clutch. Either do the test mentioned above, or while on the road, try to accelerate heavily, if the rpm's go up, speed stays the same, clutch is slipping. If it's goes on/of with the power, clutch could be sliping a bit, grabing on, and so forth. I don't really understand the "grinding second gear". Was it grinding when you tried to select 2nd gear, or was it grinding while already in 2nd, and you accelerated?
  5. If you mean, disassembling it into pieces, i doubt it's gonna go without the use of some force. Once the headlight is assembled in the factory, they usually glue the front and back pieces together, to prevent water getting in.
  6. How many miles does you Avensis have? Are you sure its not just the chain tensioner that needs to be replaced? The purpose of the tensioner is to reduce the slack. I don't see how it's relevant anyway. True, the chain wears out, but the number of links always stays the same. So if you have everything lined up, just wrap the chain around it, and the tensioner should do the rest, that is, reduce the slack. The tensioner should be spring loaded, if same one as used in Auris, so once you set, and line everything up, you can release the tensioner (has a tiny mechanism to keep it clos
  7. Or if you have access to the hoses, disconnect one, blow some pressurized air, or some water through it.
  8. Could be something simple like the old owner had/bought another car, and swapped the battery before selling it, and did not let the car re-learn idle. I would try the simplest solution 1st, disconnect battery for 10 minutes, reconnect, let it idle for 10 minutes, take for a drive, and let us know if it fixed it.
  9. Where are you get all those fancy manuals, now that, the only decent source i know of, autocats.ws is long gone. Unless you got some subscription?
  10. Have you checked the electrical connections to the sensor and the harness? Could be it's loosing connection for a bit, so the ECU assumes it's faulty and triggers limp mode. Recheck the cables. I tried searching on the link below, but weirdly that code does not exist in there. https://corolla-club.ru/doc2/rm04f1ru/index2.html
  11. Weird how when you search that part on ebay, prices are like 75 GBP or something, check on aliexpress, and they are like 70% cheaper, which is more realistic.
  12. Mate, let's simplify it, it's just a light, that makes the screen bright, so you can see the pretty colors, that's it. True, they are long life leds, and maybe some special brands, the ones i saw on TV's have special lenses, so that the whole screen illuminates evenly, and without any dark/white spots. If flash does not have the part, atleast you will have a part number to search online, beats getting a new unit.
  13. There are multiple antennas around the car, used for unlocking, however to unlock the car, or the trunk, you need to start very close to it. You can check this at night, when you come close to the car, the lamps will turn on, signalling that you are in range. From what i remember, the 1st gen had like 4 or more antennas, even though it only allowed you to be able to unlock it when standing just next to the drivers door (keeyless). However, to start the car, you need to have the key very close to the star button. For example, if i take the key and put it in my pocket, which is fu
  14. Could the the ECU is not able to communicate with the part, bad connection, broken wire, etc. Did you try to measure resistance with the multimeter on the part old and new? You can refer to this manual for instructions how to test the resistance, which pins, values, etc. https://corolla-club.ru/doc2/rm04f1ru/repair2/html/frame_rm000000wby02fx.html
  15. LED or CCFL, it still needs to be there to illuminate the screen. Here's how it looks like, in this picture it's LED, to give you a better idea how it might look like. The screen is then nested next to it. So could be in that metal casing that is not opened. Better wait for update from flash22 before tearing it apart tho, he might have more useful info.
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