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  1. furtula

    Oil change

    Any parts shop has the washers, they are dirt cheap. I know some people heat them up, supposedly that makes them malleable again, so they can be reused.
  2. Buy a part yourself, and install at some local garage. If you get the part yourself, it might cost around 40 or 50% of that 1438.
  3. Maybe you can find some info here http://www.autocats.ws/manual/toyota/auris_corolla_zze-zr-nde-ade/rm04f0e/index2.html It should be just a simple pressure switch with 2 wires.
  4. Right then, that makes things much easier, i'll order the cable now, thanks Jim.
  5. Stick with your own part number, unless you have extra $$ to do experimenting. I think you would get a better price if you would contact some wreckers and ask for a price, instead of ebay and etc.
  6. Go to japan-parts.eu and enter your car VIN number for easier search, after that you should be able to locate the part number you need.
  7. This is from my 07 Auris user manual which also has smart entry and start system, so i presume the same rule applies to your model. It would be best to get an owners manual for your own model, and to verify. Have you considered getting some kind of protective cover for the button, like this below, but maybe in transparent option (if one such exists) ? The cover below is for Mustang, but maybe can be cut down and modified for your car, and maybe repainted black so it does not attract her (they dont sell any color except red)
  8. Get some baking soda, and pour around the wet parts to neutralize the acid. Check the battery caps and close them. I would not drive the car if i was you since the high voltage is popping the plastic caps. If you are lucky, you might find some local place with a spare part, or at a wreckers, and can replace it over the weekend. It's possible the high voltage is triggering the ABS errors as mentioned on 1st page. I wonder what caused this, and the only thing that comes to mind if they reversed the polarity of the battery installing, tried to start to move the car, nothing happened, and then switched it around, but damage to alternator diode was already done.
  9. Now, this instruction is for the Auris, but since it's an engine issue, it does not really matter, you need to find your engine code first, and hope it's in the list. If yes, you have nice instructions on replacing the injector, if you want to do it yourself. https://www.autocats.ws/manual/toyota/auris_corolla_zze-zr-nde-ade/rm04f0e/index2.html
  10. You can just google the codes, in this case it looks to be injector on 1st cylinder, and seems to be corespondent to your symptoms. If your OBD-II vehicle has stored a code P062D, it means that the powertrain control module (PCM) has detected a performance issue with the fuel injector driver circuit for engine bank one. Bank 1 denotes the bank of the engine which contains the number one cylinder.
  11. If you have a copy of the owners manual, it should be shown in there, but i have similar fuses, even more encased in such plastic and in my case it says go to Toyota. If you are down to those 3, and it still looks to be the alternator, check if you can disconnect the wires from it, so you don't have to take the fuse out. If after that the drain is gone, i guess a used or reconditioned one should not be that expensive, and should be easy to replace by yourself.
  12. The code you have is actually a copy of the original, which had the source code for V1 leaked. The original one costs couple of times more. Anyway the copy can still do basic code reading and it's what most people want. I think most of basic diagnostics dont work on ABS codes on newer cars, as in cant even read them, let alone try to erase, maybe some safety issues.
  13. You will be just fine. I do couple of round trips in few countries yearly, and never had a problem. The trucks wont be overtaking you because their speed is limited to 80kmh. In my Auris, which is 1.6 gasoline with 124, i drive 100 kmh on highways. I get around 6l consumption, and this speed load wise suits the car the most. Yes, your car has smaller engine, but the car itself is lighter, so power to weight ratio is better. My advice is just drive at the speed car is most comfortable at, and you will be fine. It's a long trip, so no need to rush it. I'd say the only ambitious thing in what you wrote is the 70mph cruising speed, as 60 is more realistic.
  14. Yep, that's it. And it seems to be standard OBD2 port, so normal diagnostic should work on it just fine. I would go to some local garage and ask them to check the error codes. Dont know why they told you their diagnostic wont work on your car, as this is standard since 1995.