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  1. furtula

    Weird Humming Sound on Cold Engine Start

    By AC i mean heater in general, not just the cooling. You did not answer regarding the throttle, if you press the pedal a bit, and the rpm's go up, does the sound increase, or stay the same?
  2. furtula

    Weird Humming Sound on Cold Engine Start

    Which engine? Was the AC on? Disable AC, try again. You said you were holding the rpm's steady, but sounds like the throttle was blipped a few times and sound increased with it. Was it exceptionally cold that time you started it? Cars also don't like cold weather, and cold start can bring a lot of weird noises. If when it heats up the sound is gone, and the car behaves normally, i would not bother too much,that way you will start obsessing with every tiny sound.
  3. furtula

    Underside engine tray required

    Same year/engine, i dont have the under tray. I'm inclined to think it does not have one because the open space is rather small, and it was always serviced at a Toyota dealer, but there is no mention of under tray replacement, but i did see smaller things being billed to previous owner. I dont plan on ever getting one, but you can check http://www.japan-parts.eu/ for it, enter your vin number, and it should list parts for it. Do let us know if you find it.
  4. If as you say you want the non folding version, i'd open up the mirror, and and cut the wires to the motor doing the folding, and insulate them. That would be easiest fix that should work for you. If it does not work, open the mirror, resolder the wires to the motor, and send the part back for replacement.
  5. furtula

    Key not detected

    Does the 2nd key act the same?
  6. furtula

    Hybrid oil grade

    I would not call 5w30 incorrect as you mentioned. There are grades of oil recommended as per vehicle usage, climate etc, and both oils are correct, though lighter oil should be better during cold starts, but the difference in mpg i would mostly attribute to cold weathers and car spending more time running lean. The actual difference between those 2 oils should be negligible in financial aspect of mpg consumption. Both oils are better in some degrees, but i would not call one more superior than the other, if they are both same brand. If 5w30 is stated in your manual, car should run just fine with it.
  7. furtula

    more auris problems

    They are just rubber plugs, which you remove when you are cleaning the boot, so the stuff can fall out of the bottom,or to drain the water, there is nothing underneath them Poking a tiny hole, around the size of a toothpick or a match will allow any water to drain, but won't let anything in. I also have 2007, and i patched the light clusters, i poured some water with all the boot plastic removed and it was going around the light cluster, towards the bumper, and somewhere there it was somehow seeping under the welds and going inside the boot, and quite liberally. From a 2l bottle of water, you would get like 100ml inside the car, and no, the car was never in an accident. Trying to plug this with silicone might risk the water getting trapped in the welds, perfect for some rust to form.
  8. furtula

    Bad rust on 2010 hybrid + Some questions

    Don't bother spraying wd40. The problem withj those undercoats is they often dont last very long, rust comes back, and they partially peal away, in the parts that don't they actually help the rust as they keep in moisture. If there was some oil or tar based undercoat, that does not typically dry, i'd go with that. Just my personal opinion.
  9. furtula

    Bad rust on 2010 hybrid + Some questions

    As someone who tried to battle rust, it's like cancer, it comes back fast. If you are sure the rust is only on the underside, the parts that can be fixed with some more solid metal, i'd consider keeping it. If the rust is showing on the bodywork, get rid of it asap. I tried undercoating, it looked to me it just made things worse, i know it's a bit of redneck solution, but some oil sprayed on the underside, and driving on the dirt roads did far better job for me, unless you have a leaky engine, then you dont have to do anything 🙂
  10. furtula

    more auris problems

    Since i have the same year, and same leak, the silicone did not fix it. When i put the water from the hose, and checked from the boot, the water goes down the tail lights, and somewhere under the bumper, it passes some holes in the bodywork and goes inside. If you remove the plastic trim, you can plug those holes with silicone, but it might not be a 100% fix. I think better would be to heat some wire, and poke 2 tiny holes in those plastic/rubber caps in in the boot, under the spare tire, so it just drains out.
  11. furtula

    Service interval for Cambelt on a 2007 Auris T180

    The chains have this feature where they let you know that they need a service, it's called chain rattle :). Just do regular oil changes as said above, and check the levels occasionally, and you should not have to worry about it at all.
  12. furtula

    SR180 60mpg? Yes!

    Nice figures for a 2.2 Job well done, hope the figures last long.
  13. furtula

    Sticking accelerator

    My old 1.6 mazda 3 used to blip the throttle a bit every time i wanted to change gears, it made for quite an enjoyable sound, esp at higher rpm shifts.
  14. furtula

    Reverse Camera - Water Ingress

    Clean it out, stick some clear silicone in there and you get a great seal. I had this problem of water being stuck in the middle stop light on old car, it started to rust, after repaint i stuck some silicone around it, wiped it out so it looks flush, you cant really notice unless you know it's there, and i think i even used some regular one for the bathroom that i already had opened.
  15. furtula

    Windows not operating

    Do the windows work if you use drivers side switches? Or they dont work using either driver side, or their own?