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  1. I would contact Toyota directly first thing in the morning and explain the issue. They will probably persuade the dealer to take another look. The issue will probably just go worse with time if not fixed soon, could be a bad bearing, but also low oil level in gearbox, which could also explain problems first 1st gear, just a guess anyway.
  2. They are just avoiding the problem until the warranty expires, either insist on it being fixed, contact Toyota directly, or try another dealer. What you experience is not normal, especially since the car is just 5 years old.
  3. Do you still have your warranty, and when does it expire? You should insist on drive with their technician in order for them to acknowledge the issue,
  4. Alternator should produce at least 13.8V and up, so the output you have is on the lower end, even with DRL running, which considering it's led, is not a significant load. You are probably right that it's on it's way out, i guess the 17 minute thing is more triggered by the onboard diagnostics, maybe go for a short drive and when it trigers the light, measure the voltage then.
  5. Can you get some diagnostic connected to see why the light went on? The alternator should charge at around 14.4V or so, so yes 13.65 is at a low end, did you maybe had lights and radio on, maybe AC while it was measured? Maybe clean and re tighten contacts on the battery.
  6. I would not remove it, but use some hot glue to set it even firmer in place, it is flexible enough to have some give, and should hold it just fine, but if the time comes, could be easily removed.
  7. Maybe it just came from service and they overfilled the oil? I saw this happen, oil over max, but dont know what's the possibility of it getting into the cylinders.
  8. I really like the work put into it, especially the edge, looks really neatly done. Personally i'd prefer the rubber one since it's easier to clean, esp if you have dogs.
  9. Even if it's not a bolt on job, you should not have that much of a hard time making an adapter for the rails, it does not have to be that pretty anyway, since it's under the seats. I can measure the rails from the Auris 2007 front seats, mine are not leather, but maybe you can compare to yours and see if its fits or not.
  10. If the battery can physically fit in the battery bay, sure, you can put a battery with higher amperage, the car can only benefit from it, esp during winter times. You can measure the one you have now to get measures while shopping for new one, or check your owners manual (preferably online version from Toyota UK) for more info and recommended amperage.
  11. Have you started using different oil for service,or brand of filter? If you check the web for similar problems, you will find loads of them, some people tried to fix it spending bunch of money only to return in a week, or a month, some just live with it. Considering the car age, personally i would just live with it, i doubt any long term harm will come to the engine if the issue goes away in a second or two. As said before, maybe try using heavier oil. As for the chain tensioner, it should be spring loaded, not hydraulic, so should not be affected by the oil pressure.
  12. Oil seeping down to the sump and top of the engine not being properly lubricated until restarted and the oil is circulated around. Maybe try a bit heavier oil if it annoys you that much, but i don't know how much this will help and it might go away with colder weather. If you check a bit, a lot of cars have this issue, but if the sound goes away after few seconds, i would not worry about it.
  13. Doubt it, chains are made to last as long as the car, and there are no checks involved in owners manual regarding the chain. Regular oil changes is how you keep your chain in good working order.
  14. Insist that the dealer fixes the car, or reject it and get your money back, and have a clear head. Whoever sold the car probably sold it because of that issue. just FYI, these transmission often have issues with clutch actuator, i'd personally go for the manual.
  15. You need to keep the revs high to get more oomph from a petrol. Sometimes i think that ECU is configured for fuel savings or something, not really giving you the power that the car has. If you cruise let's say in 2nd at 3500 RPM for 10 seconds or so, like getting ready to take over someone, and hit the gas, there's more oomph than compared to normally accelerating until 3500 and you floor it then. If you drive it sharply for a bit, it gets more responsive, but as soon as you stop, the car gets back to it's old slow responsive self. I was also disappointed when i got my Auris, as i expected more of a kick from 124 bhp petrol, seems to me that older cars with same BHP had more grunt to them.