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  1. In these types of filters, they are usually part of the pump module, so you take the backseat off, undo a few screws and pull the whole thing out. Any special reason you want to replace it? Tank filters are usually there for the lifetime of the car, if the car is low mileage, i would not bother, unless your car has like 200k miles?
  2. That filter looks like it goes in the tank, so you would need to take the fuel pump module out to replace it. Don't know if it's worth the trouble in that case, it would depend on your mileage on the car.
  3. Immobilisers have been mandatory in all new cars sold in the United Kingdom since 1 October 1998. It was pretty standard on a car even 10 years ago, why do you doubt yours might not have one?
  4. Local places can mix the color for you, in any quantity you need. Worst case scenario, you can get touch up paint which is cheap, bring it to your local paint place, and they can mix any amount you need. I think this would also be cheapest option (unless your car is already this color, in that case you can bring fuel filler cap to them and they mix it on site)
  5. https://toyota-tech.eu Toyota's portal offers it, but it's paid, you can print/save all the info 1 hour is 3 euros.
  6. I'm guessing only thing they removed was the inside trim, instrument panel is connected just by 1 single connector, so there's no possibility of something not being connected. I'm not sure if there is a separate light, but for sure it would be either that, or you would get yellow triangle in the dash and message oil pressure low or something. Owners manual says the following, so i presume in Optitron you would get a message instead (Optitron is digital cluster).
  7. I think it automatically switches to KM when in Europe, seeing you are from the south of Englang, and the car was in the garage, maybe the navigation got a bit messed up. Next time it happens, try taking the car outside until it gets the GPS lock, then it should switch back by itself.
  8. How long does 1L of oil last? How log has it been doing it, has it been going worse recently? How many miles? How long do you own it, and how often have you been carrying out oil changes?
  9. So the noise is there in 5th gear, but over 60 mph it just goes away? I would do the following test, drive around 30 mph or so, when noise can be heard clearly, then press the clutch so that the transmission is not connected to the engine, is the noise still there? While clutch is still depressed, rev the engine a few times, does the noise appear? I know you can just do this while sitting, but better to replicate driving conditions. Considering the age of the car, you can just get a used box and throw it in at an independent garage, with significantly lower cost than what Toyota quoted you for, if need be that is.
  10. Disconnect the battery again for 10 minutes. Then reconnect battery, turn the car on, let it idle for 10 minutes, then go for a short drive, drive normally. Idle issue should be then solved, hopefully also the backward roll problem.
  11. You can use USB adapter that only has + and - wires connected, so your iphone should only charge then, like this. Note that it says it does not work with Original Apple cable, so you might need to get a 3rd party cable to go with it. The price is only few pounds for this, and it might be what you need, if you want to take a better look, just search for power charging cable extension.
  12. I think Iphone does not have charge only option as the Android, so it will be hard to go around this. As a temporary solution you can use cigarette lighter charger, this will just charge the phone, and you should be able to play music just fine. Hopefully someone comes up with a solution that lets you use your car USB instead.
  13. You can try going to japan-parts.eu and entering your VIN, then finding the part, maybe it will give you some alternatives.
  14. They expect miracle solution, none is presented within the ever shortening attention spam we now have, they leave the forum and drive the car until it breaks.
  15. Numbers should be the same, even if it's Japanese. Take your phone, open google translate app, set the translation from Japanese to English. Then select the camera option, take a picture of the text, it auto translates it to English automatically. If you have owners manual, the info on the battery is in there too.
  16. Does it happen in all gears/neutral, does the sound become louder with RPM? Manual gearbox? If you hold the clutch, does the sound go away?
  17. Some numbers would be nice, i'm curios of the impact it made on the engine.
  18. Google translate on your phone does the same thing, no need to install additional stuff on your phone. Open it, adjust the language, click on camera icon, take a photo, it recognizes the text and auto translates, or you can just swipe your finger on the part of text you want to translate.
  19. Since you don't have a spare key, there are alternatives, but all of them cost somewhere near the new key price.
  20. You can go to japan-parts.eu and check the difference in ECU parts number, if they match, maybe you can just reprogram your old one. Bust most likely you will need to change ECU aswell. ECU's are around 100 euros on ebay's and alike, and you can sell your old one to make up for the cost,not so terrible.
  21. There's no consumption there, it's normal usage. I also passed my emissions a month ago. Cylinders are lubricated with car oil, and on downward stroke, some traces of it are not wiped, and left on the walls, due to the age of the car, this goes boom, and goes out the exhaust. I'm using 5W30, which is thicker than 0W20, but i'm guessing with 0W20 it would use even less.
  22. I have the 2007 1.6 1ZR-FE with 91kw and runs pretty fine, there are no oil consumption issues. Oil consumption is around 1L per 10k km, half of my driving is highway, otherwise car would probably use a bit less oil. I think you will be pretty satisfied with the engine. Consumption figures are: city driving ~7l/100 km (8L in winter with plenty of short stop starts) rural driving with 50 mph/90 kmh 6L (AC on or off, makes no difference) highway crusing with 60mph/100kmh 6.3L, around 7 is you do 20% faster.
  23. Euro 6 starts from September 2015. Meaning, models produced on Sept 2015 and onwards should be compatible with Euro 6, but an August 2015 need not be. It could be that Toyota was already compatible Try to get confirmation of production date from them. Which engine exactly do you have in your car? 2012-2018 Rav4 came with these diesel options, check your paperwork for details
  24. Looks like a leak to me, apart from the obvious greasy stain, the color under the UV is also correct. The AC uses it's own condenser, so no need to replace the car radiator. Here's the AC parts location, to get a better overview (for automatic AC system)
  25. You can reprogram it yourself using Toyota techstream software, you just need an adapter cable, ~10GBP or so on ebays and alike. Workshop manual >> https://www.autocats.ws/manual/toyota/auris_corolla_zze-zr-nde-ade/rm04f0e/index2.html