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  1. It's easiest to get it to work on XP, but there are workaround (in many steps) for W10 for example. I think you can just install a virtual machine on your laptop, and put XP there, instead of installing it physically, should work fine. As for the SW, just get the latest one you can, though when you buy the cable, they usually ship the disc with it.
  2. Would be cheaper just to have a car towed and tire replaced, than to bother with these things, from what i read on the forum so far, it's just problems. Seeing as some manufacturers are trying to force cameras instead of rear view mirrors, but you still have to look towards the place where the old mirror was, i'm starting to look at older cars who were more mechanic with nostalgy. If i was not in a rust prone area, i'd be holding on to something from mid to late 90's when cars still looked good, had performance to match, but without the ton of electronics put in todays cars.
  3. You need to remove the big plastic silver like ring that goes around the gear lever, it's on a couple of clips. Use plastic trim removal tool, or if you dont have it, flat head screwdriver with some tape wrapped around it. Once the plastic ring is taken off, i'm guessing there will be a few screws there, and that should be it.
  4. Smart key (keyless entry/stop start button) or normal ?
  5. If you unlock via fob and don't open any of the doors for 30 seconds, the car auto locks itself. I guess they put it as a feature if you open/close boot only and don't enter for 30 seconds, it auto locks, as people often just get stuff out, but dont use the car.
  6. furtula

    Engine rattle

    Would you describe the feeling as clutch engaging and disengaging rapidly, or like it's slipping, then got a grip, then slip again ? Try releasing the clutch slower, and at lower rpm's, and see if that helps
  7. I guess all those winters with wet feet left a mark. I might have the same issue, thought the smell comes from boot heaving leak issue, but it was dry, have to get this checked out then.
  8. Seems to be the same age/engine and to quote "the D-Cat is thirsty - it's that 5th injector. Typically 38mpg or less in an Avensis even as a manual so your 13km/l is pretty much bang on (~37mpg)" Maybe try to reset the ECU as they suggested there, have it re-learn, see if it lowers consumption. Dont forget to let it idle first 10 minutes, then go for a drive.
  9. Was the steering rack replace because of some serious issue, or just because they said it needs replacing? Many of steering rack, mine included now original on 105k miles no issue, does click during slow speeds when maneuvering on parking lots.
  10. I checked on sprintmonitor and even the worst cases dont really get the same awfull mpg like you do https://www.spritmonitor.de/en/overview/49-Toyota/981-Corolla_Verso.html?fueltype=1&power_s=170&power_e=190&powerunit=2 Have you checked the car for any leaks from the gas tank and fuel lines?
  11. Mine just gets stuck at whatever position i leave it in. When it's really hot, it opens all the way by itself, while i stare at it full of joy like some child.
  12. Maybe you can find something here https://www.autocats.ws/manual/toyota/index.html
  13. Sounds to me like they knew the car is problematic and tried to ensure against you rejecting the car, or asking to get it fixed after it was sold. I'd seek legal help on the matter.
  14. I had same problem on my old car, which was non toyota, and now on a Toyota, tried putting different antena etc, still the same. I guess the FM stations got their output power reduced, when i go to non EU countries, radios are loud and clear for 2x the range that i would get in EU. If you want to fit another antenna, maybe better put it somewhere inside the dash or similar, instead of trying to use the old one, which you claim is not working anymore. Anyway in my case it's the same, as soon as you leave the city, radio is more or less useless.
  15. What do you mean by you took a chance with no warranty? Did you sign some paper renouncing your 6 months period on used car?
  16. It's hard to say from the video, but it looks like you are giving it gas and then letting go of the pedal? Or are you keeping your foot constant on the gas pedal, in the video from 0:10?
  17. Get yourself a multimeter. Start the car, don't turn lights or anything, check battery voltage, should be around 14.5, bit more or less it's fine, it means the alternator is charging. If that's all ok, i would do a parasitic drain test, basically you use multimeter as a middleman to see how much current your car is drawing from the battery when off. If car is drawing over 30-50 milliamps or so, then you have a parasitic drain. So you take fuses one by one, checking the numbers until you find the culprit. It could also be possible your alternator is the one draining the battery when the car is off.
  18. furtula

    parts catalog

    You can use http://japan-parts.eu Once you locate part number, click on it, and it will send inquiries and you get some quotes on part prices back. Never personally used it to buy stuff, so i don't know how long you need to wait before you get reply from them.
  19. Maybe it can be repaired, same way they repair the glass, by inserting some epoxy and forcing it into the cracks, that is if the damage is not too severe.
  20. Valvematic lift controller is a pretty common issue on cars from those years, sadly the fix is to replace the controller. You might get off cheaper buying the part yourself online, they are even sold on ebay, and fitting at some local garage, but the cost is still 800 GBP and up (unless you get lucky with the part price)
  21. The battery is drained even if the car is off. Car should start fine after 3 weeks of sitting, but you need to drive it for 30 minutes or more to recharge the battery propperly (considering you will have lights on, radio etc, at least 30 minutes). If you just start the car to check if it's alive, then shut it off after a few minutes, combined with car not being used, it's a great recipe how to drain the battery. Healthy car battery should be around 12-4 and up.ay ca Anyway, if you dont have a booster pack or etc, you can wait for a nice sunny day, and try to start it then, it should start even with such low voltage, drive it around for an hour-ish to recharge the battery. Below you have a general chart to see how charged is your battery.
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    Did you disconnect/change the battery recently?
  23. furtula


    You can check on https://www.wheel-size.com if you want to be sure, i used this site when buying new rims, info was always spot on.
  24. You can buy a non OEM sensor for much less than what Toyota wants, after all it's just a sensor, not some complicated electronic module. You can drive the car just fine even if the sensor is currently not working, replacement should be pretty easy, you just unscrew it, screw another one in, and it's just a simple plastic connector, go for a few miles drive to clear the code. The car is using the data from the sensor to adjust the mix of air to fuel, and to keep emissions in check, but i guess once the sensor is broken, it goes to some default mode, i had it broken and fixed, i never noticed any difference in performance.
  25. I had the whole dash taken out recently, and it's not a hard job to do. First you need to remove the part in blue, wedge plastic trim removal tool, or flathead screwdriver wrapped in tape, push out, it pops out easily. Now you need to pull on the red part, you only pull from the side which is marked on the picture, i think that should be enough, as you only need some clearance to get the glovebox out. After this you open the glovebox, you take the small plastic tray which is inside, you have 2 screws, unscrew, take the glovebox out. This video should also be helpfull https://youtu.be/l1Cd1Ru7FD0?t=159