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  1. Manual says 0W20 is preffered, not that it's a must. I've been running 5W30 on my car for years, and still alive, still runs fine. 08880-80845 should be full synthetic, and it falls within the spec of the manual, so could be used. I don't see it listed at semi synthetic anywhere, but full synthetic. I would not advise putting semi synthetic oil into the car. With 5W30, you get bit better lubrication, on the expense of fuel economy (1-2% worse mpg). A bit thicker oil is better for cars hitting 120k miles or more. It's your choice to make. I believe both oils are fine, each has their personal preference. But saying to change the garage just because of advise to use different oil weight is a bit uncalled for. You can use any oil that falls within the spec API SL, SN or SM. This year i put MOBIL 5W-30 SUPER 3000 XE, before that i was using Champion New Energy also 5W30. As long as it falls within the required spec, any oil is fine, that does not mean just go for the cheapest.
  2. Despite many non UK members, this is a UK member forum. Are you searching for new, or used parts? Checked the breakers or e-bay? For part numbers, go to https://japan-parts.eu/ and input your VIN, find the parts you need, and try searching with part numbers instead.
  3. I had Mazda 3 before Auris, and the default speakers were way better. Clear, beautiful sound, no matter the volume.
  4. Plenty of topics on this subject, try using search. Should be some valuable info there. Speakers are just speakers, can replace with different ones, headunit can stay, door panel must be removed. Check the wattage on original one, maybe go with similar wattage, otherwise you might need an amplifier.
  5. Was seller aware of the code, or it only shown with a scanner, but does not indicate anything on the display? I'd give it a bit more time to hear other opinions on that engine before going for the purchase.
  6. Mud guard no, wheel arch also probably no. But those are cheap 2nd hand, and with winter approaching, you will have a bunch of salt moving around, i'd get a replacement and install it.
  7. You can spray some lube down there, works as a temporary fix, 6 months or so. I did it on mine maybe 2-3 yrs ago, clicks here and there, but steering always feels firm.
  8. Are you taking into account reserve fuel? Some 6-7l (probably 7l) of reserve fuel are not counted in the range, meaning you could do 1000km or more with full tank. When you hit reserve, the range will be 0 km left. It's just a rough estimate based on your driving style, no one really relies on it, and you top up when needed.
  9. It's summer time. AC is on high, lights on, radio on, EPS also uses a lot of power. That could be the reason. Does the problem happen with AC off, or at night when temperatures are colder?
  10. Only reason they did it is because of emissions. Small engine, heavy car, with more components on top to break down as opposed to NA engine. Consumption is not that better to justify it. I'd go with NA engine anytime. Putting turbo on a small engine makes no sense to me, big engine is a different story.
  11. Only lights over 2000 lumens need washers. It does not matter if its HID or LED, atleast in EU. HID loose brightness over time, recently replaced mine, same model, same bulb, night and day difference.
  12. I personally don't like turbo on a small engine, but that's what they had to do to meet the EU regulations at the time. NA is less parts, less things to wear, but kinda annoying on highways due to higher rpm. I think it's a myth, there's a bunch of VW group small block engines with turbo, and they are fine for years now. It all depends how you use/maintain the car, in the end.
  13. furtula

    Auris revs up

    Maybe it identified as a 6 speed Auris that were sold from mid 2009... Sometimes it will do things like that, or if you go downhill and put it into neutral, it will tell you to downshift... Don't know what you mean by car revving up. If you mean it revs up when you change gears, it's by design, revs some 150-200 rpm's, other car's do it too. Has something to do with emissions, and it also makes for a smoother gear change. Enjoy the car. Don't worry about problems that are not there.
  14. I have the same thing, and i don't know how a slight bump would knock it off, or even loose. When your lights are on, does the port work at all, did you use the cigarette lighter to verify there's power?
  15. Just anti rattle rubber. Mine is still rather soft and rubbery.
  16. 25km until empty actually means 25km until reserve fuel kicks in. As Frotstyballs said, reserve is around 7.5L, so you would be good to drive for 60 miles or more, with the board computer saying 0 km left.
  17. Describe problem in more detail, provide engine info. We are not allowed to use our bag of bones to guess the problems without sufficient info, only a few words. Well, not since that thing from last February anyway.
  18. Normal car USB charger will just keep your phone battery level the same while using waze, maybe slightly charge it. The ones that have QuickCharge will actually charge the phone, and really fast (atleast in my case). As said above, the usb port in your car is not really for charging, and i think it only offers some 0.5A, for comparison, normal charging on my car charger is 1.2A, and quick charge is 3A. Mirrorlink would be even more battery consuming, because the phone has to do all the work + stream the content to the car. Invest in a good charger.
  19. Maybe not the correct procedure? From the manual:
  20. I'd trust Tony with what he said. Personally, i'd change the oil and filter, should be a bit quieter after that. If there was any issue with chain tensioner, most probably the chain guides rather than the tensioner, well something will appear in the oil. Replace the oil, and check the old oil for metal flakes, or any parts. If the oil is good i'd drive it.
  21. I meant to say to turn the AC off, it's summer, people have it on by default. I have trouble understanding what you mean. The vibration is there even when the car is on ACC? (not turned on, but key in ACC position). Could be an engine or transmission mount. With the engine off, try to push the engine around with your hands, see if it moves.
  22. You mentioned it's there when the engine is on, so also when idling? All the pulleys, AC, and so on are on the other side of the engine. But if the car is not moving, can't be the wheels. Try turning the AC, see if the noise goes away. Knocking on low speeds is a known problem on Auris. Does this happen while driving straight, or only when turning?
  23. So, you have a 2018 car with 10k miles only?
  24. Sounds like rattling chain to me. How many miles on the car, which year?
  25. The model i have is like below, blade goes inside, like on newer ones.
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