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  1. Wow, 14 times.. gotta say he is a bit unlucky. Those cameras are pretty annoying, but as there is so many of them now I'm just not speeding anymore, both me and my friend already had our fair share of getting caught speeding :P
  2. Nice pics, I can tell you really enjoy it! My friend was rolling in one as well few years ago, very stable and fun to drive car. Cheers
  3. Yeah, that's a nice scene. Recently a friend recommended me a 2014 movie "Nightcrawler" and I gotta admit the chase scene was one of the best I've seen as it was very realistic and great filmed.
  4. Yeah, I recently got myself into Waze app and it works on all Androids. It was even pre-installed on my phone, but haven't used it.
  5. Looks really great! Congratulations. I have noticed, though not confirmed by any sorts that this model is really liked by women. I mean, that I see a lot of women driving those. It's like they dig its vibes :D
  6. That's an truly old school pick. Won't be easy to get one now, especially in a good price and condition.
  7. Great video, definitely people will find it helpful as I had my struggles with this feature as well at the beginning.
  8. ferox

    New tyre

    £56.95 is a really decent price. I remember being offered them for £50 by mate a while back, but deal expired I guess.
  9. I actually like the prius front end and my friend also told me that it's pretty nice looking, but maybe that' us only though :P
  10. Nice, welcome and congratulations on your purchase!
  11. A wife of my friend is owning one for over two years one and no further issues and I personally haven't heard much about problems with gen4
  12. Yes, it will catch on, but will it be as early as 2020? I would add few more years, but one thing I'm sure that it will be worth waiting for the breakthrough in this case, could turn out to be great investment/money-wise opportunity.
  13. Yeah, looks like really nice save! I talked to my friend and he himself stated that actually every Japan made version beats US/EU versions of Japanese cars. It's not that I'm surprised, but yeah, Japan makes really high-tech cars. I heard a lot of various opinions, but apparently the differences between US and Japanese Nissan versions are tremendous.
  14. I saw Solanke in-game, looks solid for 19 years old but it's too soon to say if he will become top.
  15. I watched this movie and I loved the car chase, but still you can call me childish, but f&f 1 chases were the best, just so climatic.