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  1. I have 1 Disc which is labelled DVD Navigation Europe A so as no previous experience I have no clue as to whether this is the right DVD Rom to get the system working
  2. Hi Konrad this sounds very helpful. I have one disc in the car but no others. Do you know whether I need to have the full set of discs to get the system up and running? If so can you or anyone advise if the set on eBay with the ad number 263055680291 and the heading Toyota Avensis Full European DVD Navigation System E13 (4 DVD's), is what I need? If so I will buy them. Thanks in advance for all your help
  3. Hi I just bought a 57 plate Avensis TS3 D4D at auction and when I went to collect it the battery was flat and required a jump start. I noticed straight away that the CD/Nav had an error message on the screen "A program cannot be read. Please consult to a dealer" followed by a load of Japanese characters. I had a new battery installed but that didn't make any difference to the message. Can anyone advise me how to resolve this problem...If I cant have music I might as well sell the car!!!
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