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  1. My motor now has 70000 miles, I run an engine oil flush and oil change service every four to five thousand miles which helps to keep the engine oil burn at bay, the problem seems to be carbon build up in the engine and so the oil becomes contaminated. At the moment my thoughts are the EGR and DPF system cause the engine to soot up and in turn contaminate the engine oil with carbon, sticking piston rings and turbo failures etc seem to be common which result in oil burn, when a failed engine is stripped and inspected heavy carbon deposits seem to be a major factor. I'm dropping the service interval from 15000 back to 5000 miles and hopefully I will get some return with out the engine packing in.
  2. Just an update on my mothers car, I have sent the old clutch plate away for relining at C&C motor parts in Lisburn NI which cost around sixty quid, the car got a new clutch release bearing and pressure plate which were available through Toyota, no one could get the replacement clutch plate. C&C motor parts or Clarke brake & clutch services which I found them as on a goggle search reconditioned the old plate and the car is back up and running with a good clutch, Im very happy with the result.
  3. Hi All. My Mother has a 2010 urban cruiser with a clutch failure. I have tried to order a replacement clutch kit from our local Toyota dealer and also many other auto parts suppliers. The clutch plate seems to be unavailable with all suppliers stating that it should be available at some stage but cannot confirm a delivery date, I've been waiting since November 2021 but all my suppliers state that the delivery date could be next month or three months. The main issue seems to be that the 31250-0W140 clutch plate is not manufactured in the UK and no one can import it. The clutch kit for the 2WD seems to be available but it has a different clutch plate. Can anyone shed any light on this issue?
  4. That's a good point Joe. The reason i'm not changing is the loss i would make in selling the car after just four years. Apart from the oil burn I like the car, I bought it with only 15,000 miles and its now coming up to 70,000. With the cars current value i'm not far of new car payments if i sell just now, for that reason i am prepared to hold on to it. If the problem can be solved with a few engine flushes and bringing the oil change back to eight thousand miles rather then twelve thousand mile ill be running it well over 100,000 to get its true value. There doesn't seem to be to many comments regarding the exact reason for oil burn or oil sludge build up in this form at the moment and from what I've been learning the sludge leads to most of the mechanical issues rather than defective parts in the engine. On the Toyota built BMW unit the crank pulley and oil burn issue is listed a few times on here but no FIX is listed. I have managed to fix the crank pulley for £150/200 quid, i'm quite a stubborn sod so i'm not giving up on the oil burn issue just yet. 😄
  5. I think what has saved my motor from giving any DPF trouble to date is the fact that the misses drives on the motorway for her daily commute to work, this may allow sufficient time for exhaust temperatures to rise and a full DPF regen to occur which helps burn of the extra emissions due to the high oil burn issue. I wonder if the 1.6 engine is suffering from the same oil burn / sludge issue as the two litre engine? I can drive the car quite comfortably around 2000 RPM or less, Im assuming the 1.6 would need a slightly different driving style (higher RPMs) to get the car up to speed etc, if your an around town driver it would be very hard to get the exhaust temperatures up and allow the car to complete a full regen.
  6. Hi all N47 update after one single engine flush🤔 The oil burn may have slowed down a little,, I have just checked the oil level tonight after 970 miles and although it has dropped a little I don't think it is as bad. Previously it had started to use one full litre after just 606 miles. The car has been with Toyota for an EGR cooler recall, while in their care I requested they check out the oil burn issue, nothing obvious was found and an engine strip down was the only solution, as my warranty has passed I think ill run with another flush for now to see what happens. when dipping the oil level tonight I also noticed that the oil was not as black as before.. WHAT can cause a sludge build up within the engine oil and possibly lead to oil burn? OK,, BMW have run this engine for a very long time and it has some known faults from what I have read online, sludge build up and oil burn is not one of them, I'm assuming Toyota have designed the aftertreatment (DPF) unit for this engine, could it possibly maintain to much exhaust system back pressure between regens or cause the sludge build up in the oil?
  7. Not sure about being able to swap out the engine.. Is the gear box or mount points even the same never mind the electronic hurdles? Some good news.. I have replaced to crankshaft pulley, the 150 pound unit fitted straight on with no issues. As for the oil burn issue I am going to run the car around three hundred miles before i carry out another engine flush, I think the first oil flush may be helping things but its to early to be sure. The flush that I am using was recommended by another car manufacture a few years back for freeing up sticking piston rings in their engines and it had good success so for the price of two or three oil changes and an additive I think its worth a shot.
  8. Yea the car is bang on apart from the engine, nice to drive and in fairness the 2.0 means it is not struggling to get up to speed. Im afraid the hybird thing is just to new and a total money pit to repair, like every other new technology it takes time before the average bear can afford it.
  9. A quick update on the supper reliable BMW power house😜 I've decided to fit the crankshaft pulley as this could or will lead to a phone call from the wife with a knocking or screeching noise coming from the car and no steering etc. Done some research and i think I've got the correct pulley ordered for just over 150 quid.. not a Toyota part of course but it looks like the genuine pulley at almost 500 quid for the Avensis doesn't last anyway. On to the oil burn issue. After speaking to some skilled auto mechanics about my issue it has been said that the engines are noted for excessive carbon build up throughout the oil ways and piston rings, I've been recommended an engine flush which helps remove carbon build up from the piston rings etc. The flush has just been added and the oil changed after fifteen minutes of engine idling. I may repeat this flush procedure two to three times after the car has done a hundred miles or so to see if the oil burn starts to slow down. Lets wait and see!
  10. Unfortunately my car has been getting worse. This is my exact oil usage from the last service.. Full service at 62458 miles 1st top up (one litre) at 65418 miles = 2960 miles from service. 2nd top up (1.5 litres) at 67391 miles = 1973 miles from service. 3rd top up (one litre) at 67997 miles = 606 miles from service. The car is due in for an EGR recall and my local dealer is going to check out the oil consumption issue at the same time. Say the oil consumption is turbo related which is probably better than and engine strip down, your looking at about fourteen hundred pounds for an exchange unit. It also requires a crank shaft pulley which costs around five hundred quid.
  11. Hi all Just an update on the Avensis 2.0 business edition BMW engine. Stay clear of these engines may be the best policy... serviced at 62458 miles and monitored the oil consumption, over 5539 miles. it has required 2.5 litres of oil to keep the level at the full mark on the gauge. Is anyone else having the same issues with the BMW engines? The crankshaft pulley also needs replacing as its started rattling when the load comes on the alternator or A/C
  12. Yea that's what i though, i'm totally on my own with the engine oil usage problem. I Think it may be worth having a chat with someone within the BMW groups, the N47 engine seems to pop up quite a bit with common issues so the chances are i can get an accurate diagnosis and a rough price guide before i jump into major engine repairs , first i need to rule out crank case breather faults which seem quite common, I do like this car and don't want to let it go but it may end up being the best option.
  13. Thinks guys, I bought my car from mainland UK at 15000 miles, since then it has been serviced with genuine Toyota kit by my local garage so the five year warranty would not be invalid, as the warranty is now up i have carried out the latest service myself. Im assuming this may mean my car does not qualify for the Relax program?
  14. Willss, I never knew that a warranty was available for servicing work, surly it would just cover the service parts or a defect relating to the service? I have just serviced the car myself as the warranty period is over and intend to closely measure oil usage against mileage for now but maybe I should of had chat with my local Toyota dealer first.😨 I have used another engine oil brand with the same ACEA C3 spec as the genuine Toyota 5w-30 and also inspected the turbo via the air inlet for any signs of excess moment or wear which may cause oil usage , i know the engine will require deeper investigation if the fault persists but it seemed like a good idea to remove the air inlet line during the service as it only meant removing a few extra clips etc. Thankfully the car is running well with no other issues at the moment and it looks like the problem I am experiencing is not common on the forum..
  15. Guys, Sorry ive not been on here for some time but its great to see all the activity. My Avensis is still using engine oil and now requires a service, as the car is out of warranty i am thinking of servicing it myself and using a different brand engine oil just to see if anything changes, I also want to document the miles against the exact oil usage on a different brand oil to see if there is a difference. I assuming the oil burn may not be a common fault with this 2.0 BMW engine?
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