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  1. Yea that's what i though, i'm totally on my own with the engine oil usage problem. I Think it may be worth having a chat with someone within the BMW groups, the N47 engine seems to pop up quite a bit with common issues so the chances are i can get an accurate diagnosis and a rough price guide before i jump into major engine repairs , first i need to rule out crank case breather faults which seem quite common, I do like this car and don't want to let it go but it may end up being the best option.
  2. Thinks guys, I bought my car from mainland UK at 15000 miles, since then it has been serviced with genuine Toyota kit by my local garage so the five year warranty would not be invalid, as the warranty is now up i have carried out the latest service myself. Im assuming this may mean my car does not qualify for the Relax program?
  3. Willss, I never knew that a warranty was available for servicing work, surly it would just cover the service parts or a defect relating to the service? I have just serviced the car myself as the warranty period is over and intend to closely measure oil usage against mileage for now but maybe I should of had chat with my local Toyota dealer first.😨 I have used another engine oil brand with the same ACEA C3 spec as the genuine Toyota 5w-30 and also inspected the turbo via the air inlet for any signs of excess moment or wear which may cause oil usage , i know the engine will require de
  4. Guys, Sorry ive not been on here for some time but its great to see all the activity. My Avensis is still using engine oil and now requires a service, as the car is out of warranty i am thinking of servicing it myself and using a different brand engine oil just to see if anything changes, I also want to document the miles against the exact oil usage on a different brand oil to see if there is a difference. I assuming the oil burn may not be a common fault with this 2.0 BMW engine?
  5. Sorry my mistake! Yes its a late 2015 2.0 BMW engine.
  6. Hi all, I wonder have many of you had issues with the 2015 2.2 Avensis burning excessive amounts of engine oil? The car has always been serviced with genuine Toyota kit and currently has 56000 miles, it always used a little oil between servicing but just required around a half litre top up over 15000 miles to keep it on the upper mark of the dip stick. since the last service it has required around two litres of oil to keep the level within range and the five year warranty has now passed.
  7. yea, there's no doubt that if you do happen to be the unfortunate sod that gets caught out by complicated engine issues it can mean the end of the road for a 100k plus motor. Your only hope is keep it well serviced and exercise the engine through its full operating range, after that its"hope for the best"with electronics etc.
  8. Hi Frosty, some good info on here which makes me wonder if I should stay clear of this N47 motor altogether, giving my current motor has 170000 thousand on it with just regular oil and timing belt services, I do like the avensis tho, I'm interested in buying from the mainland as this is the home of evey second motor over in my neck of the woods, it just means I'm cutting out the middle man and saving a little cash. With the Toyota five year warranty you would like to think they would cover the pulley issue if it arises? Apart from that the timing chain issue seams to be buried in BMW hist
  9. Hi Alan, I've got a thing for a diesel motor giving better economy over my twenty to twenty five thousand miles a year usage, never done the maths with current petrol versus diesel engines.
  10. Hi all, Thinking of changing motors, due to another child seat being required and a wife running out of clutter space the time has come to change my current "dare I say it on here" 2004 Seat Leon TDI 150 FR with 170000 pretty much trouble free miles on the clock. German engineering seams to come with a substantial price tag these days and I'm not convinced I can justifiy it, We have a Toyota urban cruiser in the family circle which seams to be trouble free and a nice drive. All other experience of Toyota is well build and reliable motors from the nineties, I've test drove a 2015 face li
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