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  1. UPDATE Ok...spoke to local Toyota dealership, the service department gent told me that I must open with the key and lock it with the key to avoid the alarm sounding. There is nothing that I can disable that will improve this issue. My only hope would be to find the source if the interference. So there we have it.
  2. Thank you for your replies, very helpful, yet I was afraid this would be the case as where I am situated now it would be almost impossible to find the source of the interference. My key worry (pun) is that I am going to give birth in the coming months and for me to startle my baby every time I open the door using the key is going to be a nightmare. I cannot understand why using the key sets off the alarm. 😔 My sisters suggestion ..that this could be due to low battery or that my software hasn't been updated for two year? Does this ring true to anyone? Apparently you can get a dealer to get the auto locking feature disabled...but then my fob would be useless everywhere not just at if hands full etc. it will be another annoyance to put up with.
  3. Hi, I am hoping someone has some answers because I am really stumped. My remote key fails to operate at my new address. Initially I thought the battery might be the issue but it remains an issue. My sister said could be a strong wifi signal or that my computer software is out of date when remote fails and I have to use the key the alarm goes off, it's really frustrating thx